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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of North Yorkshire

by Peter Kessler, 17 July 2011

Hambleton Part 2: Churches of Northallerton & Romanby

Zion Church, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Zion Church stands on the leafy eastern side of Alverton Lane, 110 metres north of Romanby Road in Northallerton. This independent Congregational church first came into being following open air gatherings in 1796 at the Market Cross. The first building was opened in 1818 and dedicated in 1819. The present building was erected in 1858. It became a United Reformed Church in 1972 when the Presbyterian and Congregational churches were united.

Jehovah's Witnesses, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

The Jehovah's Witnesses meeting place stands on the north-western side of Romanby Road, opposite Weavers Green. The building was constructed on the north-eastern edge of the former Allerton Industries site, which has since been demolished. A housing estate was erected on the site, but the Jehovah's Witnesses building itself may not be much older, as the construction style appears to date from the 1990s or later.

St James Romanby Church, Romanby, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

St James Romanby occupies a plot at the south-west corner of Ainderby Road and Kirk Road in Romanby, which today is a southern suburb of Northallerton. The church was consecrated in 1882 to serve the growing village. It was designed by Charles Hodgson Fowler of Durham, a well-known Victorian church architect, and consists of a nave without aisles and chancel in the Perpendicular style. The cupola and spire above the chancel arch house a single bell.

Romanby Methodist Church, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Romanby Methodist Church is on the south-east corner of Harewood Lane and The Fairway in Romanby. The name of this former village is thought to derive from the Danish name, Hromund, probably during the period in which York was at the centre of a Scandinavian kingdom. There seems to be absolutely no information available on the history of this church, although the architectural style would suggest that a date in the 1950s or 1960s would be most appropriate.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Sacred Heart Catholic Church stands on the eastern side of Thirsk Road, opposite Racecourse Lane in Northallerton. Until 1871, when a school chapel was established, Catholics in Northallerton had to go to Aiskew or Bedale. The school chapel was dedicated to All Saints by 1889, perhaps in imitation of the parish church itself. By 1905 the dedication had been changed to its current form and by 1909 it had its own priest. The present building was opened on 27 June 1934.

Northallerton Chapel, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Northallerton Chapel lays on the western side of Valley Road, midway between The Crescent and Central Drive. It was built as Northallerton Baptist Chapel in 1958, to replace an older building that was too small. It was also known as Valley Road Church. The chapel eventually became too small for its growing meetings and was effectively abandoned in 1993, with New Life Baptist Church being opened instead in 1997. The old building now houses a playgroup.

All photos on this page kindly contributed by Colin Hinson.



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