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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 11 September 2018

Carrick (South-East) Part 8: Churches of St Mawes & Threthewell

St Mawes Old Chapel, St Mawes, Cornwall

St Mawes Old Chapel is at the north-western corner of Chapel Terrace and Grove Hill. The chapel's precise use is uncertain - it may have served as an early home for Independent Calvanists, although by 1798 they certainly had a site of their own elsewhere in the town (see below). The lower stone portions may also have provided the core of the town's fifteenth century parish chapel which was named for the Celtic St Mawes (Mauduit or Maudez).

Our Lady Star of the Sea & St Anthony Catholic Church, St Mawes, Cornwall

Our Lady Star of the Sea & St Anthony Catholic Church is on the western side of Grove Hill in St Mawes, midway between the Sea View Crescent and Chapel Terrace junctions. Mass was first celebrated here in 1938 after local Catholics had raised money to buy, extend, and restore the existing Bible Christian Chapel (built in 1875). By 1932 the Bible Christians had reunited with the Methodists and their congregation had moved to the Methodist Chapel (see below).

St Mawes (Wesleyan) Methodist Chapel, St Mawes, Cornwall

St Mawes (Wesleyan) Methodist Chapel is on the northern side of Chapel Terrace, about forty metres east of Gibraltar Terrace. The first Wesleyan chapel here opened in 1803. The current Grade 2 listed Georgian chapel was built in 1816, with a Sunday School in 1862. It became St Mawes Methodist Church in 1932 when the Bible Christians joined it (see above). The chapel was renovated by the owner of Tresanton Hotel and now functions as a music venue.

St Mawes Church, St Mawes, Cornwall

St Mawes Church is located on the western side of Church Road, midway between Lower Castle Road and Riviera Lane. The ancient chapel of St Mawes (Mauduit or Maudez) existed as early as 1427 (see above). Today's building was initially erected by Earl Temple in 1812 (he was later the duke of Buckingham), although it was not used until 1837. Then it became a chapel-of-ease to St Just in Roseland, and was rebuilt in 1883-84 in local stone in the Early English style.

St Mawes Independent Chapel, St Mawes, Cornwall

St Mawes Independent Chapel is at the top of a footpath leading up from Marine Parade, about twenty metres east of Church Hill. This distinctive red bricked chapel served an independent congregation, possibly Calvinists. A chapel here carried out baptisms between 1798-1837, staring in a small wooden house but replacing it with the current building in 1880. This was converted around 1981 to form two homes, the red brick chapel house becoming Chapel House East.

Trethewell Bible Christian Chapel, Trethewell, Cornwall

The former site of Trethewell Bible Christian Chapel can be found by returning to St Just and taking the A3078 Mill Hill towards Trethewell itself. The chapel site is on the left-hand side, forty metres south of the 'Moonfleet' private estate. The chapel's existence is recorded for 1884. In 1907 it became Trethewell United Methodist Church. Between 1929-1932 it merged with St Just's Methodists and this site was sold 1936, to be replaced with this modern building.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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