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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 23 March 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 10: Churches of Perranporth

Christ the King Roman Catholic Church, Perranporth, Cornwall

Christ the King Roman Catholic Church is on Perranporth's Wheal Leisure Road. The much-loved Father John Jeffrey built this little timber-clad church in 1931 on land which had been donated by Lord Falmouth. The few Catholics in Perranporth worked hard to raise funds for the building. As the Truro parish (see related links) already had a dedication to St Piran, the saint of Perranporth, the present dedication was used instead. It contains stained glass from Buckfast Abbey.

Perranporth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Perranporth, Cornwall

Perranporth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was erected in June 1893, on Ponsmere Road in Perranporth. It can be seen on 1907 maps and, in line with many other Wesleyan Methodist chapels, from 1932 its designation changed at the Methodist union to become Perranporth Methodist Church. The church building has increased in size since opening, with the addition of meeting rooms which are in use every day of the week to cater for village activities.

Chapel Rock, Perranporth, Cornwall

Perranporth's Chapel Rock is clearly visible on the main beach in Perranporth. Near the manor house of Tywamhayle (Tywarnhayle in Perranporth) is a small island upon which formerly stood a chapel which was known as Engarder. Its ruins were visible in 1733 and the site is marked on old maps. The rock is also known as Lion Rock, Sphinx Rock, or Chapel Engarde, but mostly as Chapel Rock. The medieval chapel itself has long since been lost.

Perranporth New Wave Church, Perranporth, Cornwall

Perranporth New Wave Church is an Elim church. New Wave is a mission community which is based in Perranporth, serving several local villages and being connected to Wave House, Newquay (see links). It was established in 2013, specifically aiming to reach out to the surf community. It is described as a 'church without walls', although in January 2017 it gained an exciting resource in the form of a part-converted 1977 Leyland Atlantean double-decker bus.

St Michael's Church, Perranporth, Cornwall

St Michael, Perranporth is at the end of Boscawen Road in Perranporth. It was built in 1872 as a chapel of ease for St Piran in Perranzabuloe (see links). It was built in Early English style, complete with lancets. It was originally installed with benches, but these had to be replaced as early as the 1920s as they had succumbed to woodworm. Smaller benches replaced them, with blue-padded backs and seats. In March 1909 the bell-turret was rebuilt and a new bell hung.

St Michael's Church, Perranporth, Cornwall

The east window of St Michael's Church was originally fitted with clear glass like all the others in the region. Vicar's daughter, Alexandra Boyd, actually painted a large picture of St Michael in 1920 which obscured the window, but this was later removed. The church acquired a new pulpit in 1961 which still survives in use to this day. The modern church building is used for two weekly services and is also a community cinema, twice a month, fully supported by the diocese of Truro.

Five photos on this page by Jo Lewis, and one kindly contributed by Roy Reed via the 'History Files: Churches of the British Isles' Flickr group.



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