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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 19 May 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 13: Churches of Shortlanesend to Highertown

Shortlanesend Wesleyan Methodist Chapel & Sunday School, Shortlanesend, Cornwall

Shortlanesend Wesleyan Methodist Chapel & Sunday School is opposite its replacement (see related links). The Sunday school is at the front. The first evidence of sixteen Methodists here comes from the 1814 Truro circuit records. A meeting place is unknown until the first chapel was built in 1818 (possibly the later Allet Mission Chapel - see links). In 1840 this large chapel was built at the other end of the village. It was sold in 1996 and is now residential.

Idless Mission Church of the Good Shepherd, Idless, Cornwall

Idless Mission Church of the Good Shepherd sits in the small hamlet of Idless, to the east of Shortlanesend, on the western side of the start of Idless Lane which connects the two locations. This mission was possibly built in 1881 as 'The Good Shepherd Mission' (also known as 'The Sanctuary of the Good Shepherd' and the 'House of the Good Shepherd'). Its altar went to St Keyne's Church, Kenwyn (see links) when it closed and surprisingly little can be found about it.

Idless New Connexion Methodist Chapel, Idless, Cornwall

Idless New Connexion Methodist Chapel sits about forty metres to the south of the mission chapel (see above), and on the eastern side of the lane. It was built as Idless Methodist New Connexion Chapel at some point between 1840-1861. A later conveyance document (1872) mentions land and chapel. It was known as Idless United Methodist Church in 1907-1932, then Idless Methodist Church from 1932. It was closed and sold around 1963, and is now residential.

Trelwaney Chapel, Penmount Crematorium, Truro, Cornwall

Trelwaney Chapel is situated within the grounds of Penmount Crematorium, on the outskirts of northern Truro, as the Cornish churches tour circles back around its starting point. The crematorium is accessible from the Newquay Road (A39), and has two chapels. The Trelawny chapel which is shown here in a photo which comes courtesy of Cornwall Council has seating for a total of one hundred and twelve people, and comes with an electronic organ.

Kernow Chapel, Penmount Crematorium, Truro, Cornwall

Kernow Chapel is also located within the grounds on Penmount Crematorium which sits on the western side of the A39 as it heads into northern Truro. The smaller and more intimate of the two chapels on the site, it contains seating for a total of fifty-five people, as shown by this photo which comes courtesy of Cornwall Council. As with Trelawny Chapel, it has its own electronic organ (the pipes can just be seen at the top right-hand corner of the photo).

All Saints Church, Truro, Cornwall

All Saints Church can be reached by skirting westwards around the northern edges of Truro, past Kenwyn Hill to reach Highertown. The church sits at the south-east corner of the A390 Highertown road and Navigator Way junction. It was built in 1888 as a mission. By the 1960s it had become an Anglican church with the church hall enlarged but in two distinctly different buildings. A new building was erected in 1979, with the old chapel making way for the car park.

Four photos on this page by Jo Lewis, and two courtesy of Cornwall Council.



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