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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 1 June 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 14: Churches of Gloweth to Tregavethan

Gloweth Bible Christian Chapel, Truro, Cornwall

Gloweth Bible Christian Chapel sits on the A390 Tresawls Road out of Truro, opposite the Treliske Retail Park. It was built as a Bible Christian chapel around 1880, but union with Methodists renamed it Gloweth United Methodist Church in 1907-1932. Then in 1932 it became Gloweth Methodist Church before closing and being sold in 1971. It was bought by non-denominational Christian group around 1984 which continues to meet regularly in today's Gloweth Chapel.

Grace Church (Truro College Meeting), Truro, Cornwall

Grace Church (Truro College Meeting) meets on Sundays in Truro College's Kenwyn Building. This sits in the middle of the main college site on the southern side of the Chyvelah Vale roundabout. When using the Chyvelah Vale road, turn left (north) at the first mini-roundabout and the Kenwyn Building will be on the right-hand side. Grace Church is a modern apostolic meeting which has joined with the Advance Movement and which appears to be highly active.

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust Chapel, Truro, Cornwall

Visiting the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust Chapel means returning to the A390 heading towards Truro, and taking the northbound exit at the first roundabout (Penventinnie Lane) for The Royal Cornwall Hospital which is known as Treliske. The chapel is found on the first floor of Tower Block which is accessed from the hospital stairwell. The hospital chapel is open to all, while the hospital also possesses other prayer rooms and quiet rooms in its main buildings.

St Mary's Old Chapel, Tregavethan, Cornwall

The lost St Mary's Old Chapel used to stand to the north of Barton House (also gone). The site can be reached by heading north on Penventinnie Lane towards Treworder. Continue north at the staggered crossroads, ascending the hill to a t-junction before turning left, and taking the left-hand Tregavethan turning. The chapel site is on the right, about 300 metres down, in a solar farm field. It had its own cemetery, with ruins recorded as still surviving in the mid-1700s.

Tregavethan Primitive Methodist Chapel (First Site), Tregavethan, Cornwall

Tregavethan Primitive Methodist Chapel (First Site) lay south of St Mary's (see above), further down the hill. The site can be approached by turning right after the River Kenwyn, heading west. After the Trevaskis site on the right is an old crossroads which is gated on the southern side. This path led to the chapel - marked only on very early maps - in the corner of a field (by 1884). It survived past 1886, but was gone by 1907, probably succeeded by the next site (below).

Tregavethan Primitive Methodist Chapel (Second Site), Tregavethan, Cornwall

Tregavethan Primitive Methodist Chapel (Second Site) was located a little way west of the first site (above), shortly before reaching the next right-hand turning. Archived documents show that the chapel 'now in course of erection' would be for Primitive Methodist use (1877). It became Mount Horam Methodist Church in 1932. Minister correspondence exists up to 1961 and maps show the building in place until 1971. The site is now a thick copse.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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