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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 8 June 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 15: Churches of Threeburows to Mithian

Threeburrows Primitive Methodist Chapel, Threeburrows, Cornwall

Threeburrows Primitive Methodist Chapel is clearly seen from the A30 when heading west, just after Chiverton Cross. Access, though, is only through Acland Farm onto which it backs. The building of the A30 divided Threeburrows in two, with the chapel now isolated on the northern side. The chapel was built in 1859, becoming Three Burrows Methodist Church at the Methodist union in 1932. It closed and the premises were sold in 1979, to be converted into apartments.

St Peter's Church Mithian, Chiverton, Cornwall

St Peter's Church Mithian is found just to the north of the Chiverton B3277 roundabout, turning right at the Chiverton Arms to find the church on the lane's right-hand side. It was built after 1861 to serve Blackwater and Mithian, using stone in the Decorated style by the architect, William White. Early in its life, the tower was damaged and had to be taken down, in 1898. A replacement arrived in 1928, but the church closed in 2008 and is now in residential use.

Silverwell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Silverwell, Cornwall

Silverwell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel lies not far from St Peter's (see above), continuing north to take the second left-hand turn (towards Greenacres Farm) and then turning right up a bumpy track. The former chapel is on the left, close to Fern Cottage. Built in the 1800s, it was in disrepair by the 1890s. An application was submitted in 1899 to replace it, and this opened in 1903. In 1932 it became Silverwell Methodist Church. It closed in 1982 and is now in private hands.

Silverwell Primitive Methodist Chapel, Silverwell, Cornwall

Silverwell Primitive Methodist Chapel sat at the top end of the same lane (see above), about two hundred metres to the north and on the right, in this field which belonged to Mount Pleasant Farm. The chapel was positioned slightly to the left of the gate. The 1851 census states that it was erected in 1843 as a separate building, used exclusively for worship and with a Sunday school. It seated 208 with room for another 180 standing. It closed in 1883 and was sold.

Whitestreet Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Whitestreet, Cornwall

Whitestreet Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is reached via the St Agnes road which heads north past Silverwell Farm, a little way north and west of the previous location. The next right-hand turn is for Whitestreet. This tiny chapel was on the northern side, a short way east of the farmhouse. It is shown on early maps but is no longer marked by the 1960s. It became a farm building but is now an overgrown ruin. The 'Cornish Story' site shows it as a derelict building.

Mithian Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Mithian, Cornwall

Mithian Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is reached via the St Agnes Road to head towards Mithan. Turn right at 'Sunnyside' (which is on the left), and the chapel can be found down the end of this lane, on the right. Built in 1836 it is marked on old maps, with a Sunday school. There is reference to Sunday school gatherings before this, in 1815. In 1932 the chapel became Mithan Methodist Chapel. It and the Sunday school were converted into private housing in the 1980s.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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