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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 25 August 2021

Restormel (North) Part 3: Churches of Talskiddy to St Wenn

Talskiddy Bible Christian Chapel, Talskiddy, Restormel, Cornwall

Talskiddy Bible Christian Chapel stood on the eastern side of Rosedinnick Road, to the north of Talskiddy (also Tolskedy). It was built in 1834 and was part of St Columb Major parish. It is marked on 1881 maps and also on recent OS maps. Following the Methodist union it became Talskiddy Methodist Church, but it seems to have been sold in 1989, for conversion. The building shown here may have been attached to the chapel, whose lines are marked by the fence.

Rosenannon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Rosenannon, Restormel, Cornwall

Rosenannon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, sat back from the main road through the village, on the northern side, and slightly east of the Bible Christian Chapel (see below). The site can be accessed via a small footpath. The chapel is absent from maps by the 1960s. Side-by-side OS maps suggest that it was lost, demolished. A new-build of 2013 called 'The Wesleyan' now stands on the site, which has exactly the same footprint of the original chapel.

Rosenannon Methodist Church, Rosenannon, Restormel, Cornwall

The first site for Rosenannon Bible Christian Chapel may have been on this site north of the road, opposite its successor, or possibly sat just in front of the second chapel which was built in 1888 (see below). A modern building was built opposite this second chapel in 1953, originally with a plaque marking it as the Methodist Sunday school. When the second chapel was sold in 2015, the old Sunday school was converted into the current Rosenannon Methodist Church.

Rosenannon Bible Christian Chapel, Rosenannon, Restormel, Cornwall

The second Rosenannon Bible Christian Chapel was built in 1888 to replace the earlier site (above). Active worship remained there until 2015 when spiralling maintenance costs forced closure. The church council decided to sell the chapel for conversion into a dwelling and take on a refurbishment programme of the Sunday school opposite which was built in 1953. The Sunday school became the village's Methodist church and third place of Methodist-related worship.

St Mary Magdalene's Old Chapel & Well, Carenza Wartha, Restormel, Cornwall

St Mary Magdalene's Old Chapel & Well, Carenza Wartha, lay to the north of Rosenannon and the hamlet of Cransworth, on the western side of the lane (on the right of the photo looking south, at the corner). The well, remarkable for its pure water, is still called 'Chapel Well'. The well is largely destroyed but the lost chapel existed nearby and both were surrounded by walls. The chapel was destroyed during the English Civil War by parliamentary troops. Nothing remains.

St Wenn Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Wenn, Restormel, Cornwall

St Wenn Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is on the north side of the Treliver road, at St Wenn's eastern edge. It existed by 1880, with Kellys 1883 noting that the Wesleyans and Bible Christians (likely of Tregonetha - see links) had chapels here. By 1907 it had become St Wenn Free United Methodist Church. Kresen kernow notes suggest the original building was rebuilt or upgraded around 1890. By the 1970s it was Church Town Cottage, having been sold in the 1960s.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis. Additional information from Kelley's Directory of 1883.



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