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Season One


Clark Kent, new to the City of Metropolis, joins the Daily Planet and teams up with Lois Lane, ace reporter. Together, they uncover a plot by reclusive billionaire Lex Luthor to sabotage the Prometheus space station project so that he can put forward one of his own and become the saviour of the space administration. Once Clark has been helped by his foster-mother to create a costume, he emerges as Superman to save the day.

Lucy Lane Elizabeth Barondes
Chairperson Persis Khambatta
Asabi Shaun Toub

Neverending Battle

Lex Luthor, the evil, reclusive billionaire who uses Metropolis as the base for his nefarious activities, decides that the town isn't big enough for both him and Superman. With assistants Albert, Asabi, Jules and Monique, he decides to test Superman's powers by working on the principle that he cannot be in two places at once. Of course, at The Daily Planet, Lois hasn't tumbled that mild-mannered colleague Clark Kent is not all that he seems. She is determined, with the help of Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant, to reveal Superman's true identity.

Lucy Lane Elizabeth Barondes
Asabi Shaun Toub

Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)

Lois and Clark have to battle xenophobic military UFO investigator Jason Trask who is determined to destroy Superman on the grounds that he is the advance scout for an alien invasion force. Clark also learns a little of his extraterrestrial origins whilst searching through Trask's Bureau 39 warehouse.

Lucy Lane Elizabeth Barondes
Jason Trask Terence Knox

I'm Looking Through You

Superman is presented the Key of the City by the previous recipient, Lex Luthor, but the caped crusader is not at all comfortable with the public adulation that greets him. Meanwhile, an invisible man terrorises Metropolis, staging violent robberies and helping vicious criminals to escape. But the real invisible man, a charitable do-gooder, is not pleased that his spare 'invisibility costume' has been stolen and manages to recruit Clark and Lois to help him.

Asabi Shaun Toub

Requiem For A Super Hero

Lois and Clark investigate the nefarious activities of Lois' estranged father, Doctor Sam Lane. When Lois discovers he is inadvertently helping a corrupt boxing promoter create an army of cybernetic athletes, Superman has to step into the boxing ring.

Dr Sam Lane Denis Arndt

I've Got A Crush On You

Lois and Clark go undercover to try to solve the mystery of a spate of arson fires. When Lois goes undercover as a nightclub singer, and Clark saves the Manageress' life while posing as a barman, things gets complicated.

Toni Taylor Jessica Tuck

Smart Kids

A group of children who's minds have been enhanced by a chemical experiment use their intelligence to hold the whole of Metropolis hostage. Lex is behind it all, and when the doctor he used to conduct the experiments is found out, he reveals an extremely ruthless and cold-blooded side to his nature.

(Guest cast not known) 

The Green, Green Glow Of Home

Accompanying Clark to his parents' home in Smallville, Lois discovers a glowing green meteorite. Unfortunately, the meteorite appears to be deadly to Superman, and Jason Trask is in charge of the operation, a position which, ultimately, proves fatal for him when he attempts to murder a powerless Clark Kent and his parents.

Jason Trask Terence Knox

The Man Of Steel Bars

When the citizens of Metropolis blame Superman's energy for causing a heat wave, he's forced to stop using his super powers - not that it's quite that easy.

(Guest cast not known)

Pheromone, My Lovely

When Lex Luthor romantically rejects a jealous chemist, she threatens to spray Metropolis with a new perfume that will free everyone's romantic inhibitions, with potentially disastrous consequences. As an experiment, she tries it out on the staff of the Daily Planet.

Miranda Morgan Fairchild


Lois visits a reclusive scientist who plans to reveal a powerful industrialist's scheme to destroy the Amazon rainforests. She finds herself in danger when the man is killed.

(Guest cast not known)

Honeymoon In Metropolis

Lois and Clark pose as a honeymoon couple to keep watch on a power-crazed businessman who plans to sabotage a dangerous weapons experiment. It takes all Superman's powers to prevent a massive tidal wave striking Metropolis when the sabotage wreaks havoc.

Sore Throat Richard Libertini

Illusions Of Grandeur

Lois and Clark investigate a magician whom they suspect of kidnapping the children of Metropolis' wealthiest families. When then discover the true motivator behind the crimes, they realise that her plans are far more diabolical than mere kidnap, especially when she hypnotises Superman.

(Guest cast not known)

All Shook Up

After trying to deflect a gigantic meteor on a collision course with Earth, Superman falls back to the planet in a state of amnesia. When found by Jimmy Olsen, without his costume, he is looked after by Lois while she helps him remember what happened. Meanwhile, a large chunk of the asteroid is still bound for Earth. Where is Superman when the world needs him?

(Guest cast not known)

The Ides Of Metropolis

Lois and Clark help a computer programmer who has been falsely accused of murder. His 'dead' wife has set him up, and has used his computer skills to aid his rival in infiltrating a deadly computer virus into every network in the city. The detective working on the accused's case was more readily recognisable as Thirtysomething's Melissa.

Detective Reed Melanie Mayron
Henry Harrison Paul Gleason


Superman learns that a small globe retrieved from his spacecraft many years ago, and which he discovered at Bureau 39's warehouse in Strange Visitor, contains all the secrets of his alien origin. However, a teenage burglar innocently sells it to Lex Luthor, just as it's beginning to reveal extracts from the diary of Superman's father, shortly before Krypton's destruction. Lex comes a step closer to discovering Superman's secrets. The last shot of the episode is of the globe sitting on a desk in Clark's old treehouse at home, with a sign on the door which reads 'Fortress of Solitude'.

Jor-El David Warner
Lara Eliza Roberts

The Rival

A rival for Lois, Linda King, arrives. She works for another newspaper which is suddenly cornering the market in lead stories. It transpires that the publisher has arranged the tragic accidents so his reporters can be the first to write their stories. This episode features a cameo by American basketball star Bo Jackson. He dazzles Clark Kent with his various skills, finishing each display with the phrase "Bo knows spins," or whatever. When Clark, by this time just a little frustrated by his opponent, flies to the hoop to intercept the ball, Bo has to admit, "Bo don't know that."

Preston Carpenter Dean Stockwell
Bo Jackson Himself
Linda King Nancy Everhard


Clark gets trouble from a clone created by Lex Luthor, who has ordered the original Superman destroyed. But the clone is imperfect, and is slowly dying. Clark's problem is convincing the clone that his creator is not the perfect father the clone thinks him to be.

(Guest cast not known)

Fly Hard

Terrorists take over the Daily Planet and search for a gangster's secret vault whilst holding the newspaper staff hostage. The young boy, Jack, seen in Foundling is now working as a runner at the Planet, and notices a couple of things about Clark that don't quite add up.

Fuentes Robert Beltran

Barbarians At The Planet

First episode in a two-part season climax. Luthor buys out the Daily Planet corporation and destroys the building with incendiary bombs. The staff are dismissed and the paper closed down. Luthor has also gained a chunk of Kryptonite, the last surviving piece from the episode The Green, Green Glow Of Home, and makes plans for its use. As if that wasn't enough, when Superman is unable to declare his love for Lois, she accepts Luthor's marriage proposal. Superman, keeping a watchful eye on Luthor, sees his enemy placing an engagement ring on Lois' finger, and feels it's the last straw. He flies to the Pole to vent his anger and despair on the icy wilderness.

Divane Chris Demetral
Mrs Cox (Lex's PA) Beverly Johnson

House Of Luthor

Lois' mother (played by Phyllis Coates, who was TV’s first Lois Lane) arrives for the impending wedding, but Lois' friends from the Daily Planet won't be there. They are busy looking into evidence concerning the threatened fall of the paper; Perry is looking to a media mogul to help rebuild the Planet, whilst Superman is fighting for his life, trapped in a cage of Kryptonite. But things are not looking up for Lex.

Media Mogul James Earl Jones
Mrs Cox Beverly Johnson


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