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Season Two

Madame Ex

Feeling against Superman is running high after he apparently failed to save Luthor's life. But his ex-wife is planning to take matters further with some subliminal messages and a double of Lois.

Dr Arianna Carlin (Mrs Luthor) Emma Samms
Dr Haller Thomas Ryan
Gretchen Kelly Denise Crosby

Wall Of Sound

A criminal whose sonic weapon can halt even the Man of Steel holds Metropolis to ransom. Yet even before the city quakes, a gulf has opened up between Lois and Clark.

Lenny Stoke Michael Des Barres
Dr Camden Scott Colomby

The Source

A scoop for Lois places her informant in deadly danger when the story threatens the murderous schemes of an electronic company's powerful boss. Clark's involvement puts his adoptive parents in peril.

Eric Thorp Tim Grimm
Stuart Hofferman Peter Scolari
Vanessa Andi McAfee
Sheldon Bender Barry Livingston

The Prankster

The attentions of a secret admirer prove distressing to Lois Lane when it becomes clear the man is building a dangerous new weapon to exact revenge on her and Metropolis.

Victor Rick Overton
Edwin Griffin Harold Gould
Kyle "the Prankster" Griffin Bronson Pinchot

Operation Blackout

A supposedly dead weapons designer engineers a series of major malfunctions as a prelude to a hijacking. Is the man's former fiancé, a college friend of Lois, involved? The Daily Planet team investigates.

Colonel Fane J T Walsh
Ryan Wiley Charles Rocket
Molly Flynn Melora Hardin

Church Of Metropolis

Superman becomes the target of a powerful criminal organisation. With his friends under threat, the man of steel faces a deadly dilemma: he knows who the wrongdoers are, but is powerless to stop them alone.

Martin Snell Bruce Weitz
Dept DA Mayson Drake Farrah Forke
Bill Church Peter Boyle
Uncle Mike Lane Michael Holden
Technician James Kiriyama-Lem

Bolt From The Blue

A graveyard encounter results in Metropolis gaining an irresponsible new guardian, and Superman lying to Lois about the incident. Meanwhile, Luthor's influence continues to be felt, thanks to his ruthlessly devoted minion Gretchen Kelly.

William Wallace Webster Waldecker Leslie Jordan
Wandamae Wingfield Waldecker Cindy Williams
Gretchen Kelly Denise Crosby
Police Officer Fric Don Stanton
Police Officer Frac Dan Stanton

That Old Gang Of Mine

Resurrected and running amok, some of America's most infamous gangsters pose a lethal threat to Metropolis, resulting in the death of Clark Kent.

Clyde Joseph Gian
Bonnie Amy Hathaway
John H Dillinger John Pleshette
Al Capone William DeVane

Seasons Greedings

Out to ruin Christmas, a vindictive toymaker unleashes dolls laced with a drug that makes children greedy and adults misbehave childishly - even Superman.

Miss Duffy Isabel Sanford
Mr Shaw/The Toyman Sherman Hemsley


Having failed in their first attempt to build a 'RoboThug', two twisted scientists try to obtain a human brain with which to control their Kryptonite-powered robot. The 'donor' is a petty criminal who is dating Lois Lane's sister.

Johnny Corbin Scott Valentine
Lucy Lane Roxana Zal
Emmet Vale John Rubenstein
Rollie Vale Christian Clemenson
With: Louis Mustillo, Dee Dee Rescher and Mary Pat Gleason

The Eyes Have It

Seeking a pen-like device hidden at Lois Lane's apartment, a shifty scientist and his henchman try to stop Superman interfering by blinding him. Meanwhile, Clark Kent has received a seductive offer from Assistant DA Mayson Drake.

Harold P Light David Bowe
Mayson Drake Farrah Forke
Munch Gerrit Graham

Chi Of Steel

A string of robberies by a martial arts expert leads to a confrontation between good and evil exponents of the ancient Chi discipline.

Harlan Black Brian Doyle-Murray
Chen Chow Yuji Okumato
Grandfather Chow James Hong
Lin Chow Leila Hee Olsen
Doorman Steve Eastin

The Phoenix

Clark finally asks Lois for a real date, unaware that Lex Luthor is back from the dead - and he's changed for the worse.

Lex Luthor John Shea
Gretchen Kelly Denise Crosby
Nigel St John Tony Jay
Bobby Bigmouth Barry Livingston
Rollie Vale Christian Clemenson

Top Copy

Predatory tabloid TV journalist Diana Stride plots to expose Superman's secret identity. Lois, meanwhile, has at last agreed to date Clark, even though Mayson Drake is still intensely interested in him.

Diana Stride Raquel Welch
Mayson Drake Farrah Forke
Mr Darryl Robert Culp

Return Of The Prankster

Devious Kyle Griffin is back and he has an ingeniously evil flash photography device that is able to halt people in their tracks. With this he plans to kidnap the President.

Kyle "the Prankster" Griffin Bronson Pinchot
Victor Rick Overton

Lucky Leon

Lois and Clark's first real date is overshadowed by a series of disasters and mishaps as Jimmy is accused of murder.

Lucky Leon John Kapelos
Mayson Drake Farrah Forke
Mr Darryl Robert Culp


A mad scientist plans to wipe out Metropolis with a killer virus. Lois and Clark's investigation is dogged by a dashing federal agent who becomes a rival for Lois' affections.

Dan Scardino Jim Pirri
Albie Swinson Curtis Armstrong
Stanley Gables Dennis Lipscomb

Tempus Fugitive

A villain from the future plots to kill the baby Superman in 1966, thus preventing a future Utopia created by the marriage of Superman and Lois.

H G Wells Terry Kiser
Tempus Lane Davies
With: Robert Costanzo, Don Swayze and Joshua Devane

Target: Jimmy Olsen

The unwitting subject of a medical experiment, Jimmy and two other youngsters are revealed to be sleeper assassins.

Dan Scardino Jim Pirri
Dr Catherine Wilder Claire Yarlett
Sarah Goodwin Alaina Reed Hall
Claudette Wilder Michelle Phillips
With: David Sage

Individual Responsibility

Intergang's new boss is out to gain control of The Daily Planet, armed with a chunk of mysterious red Kryptonite - which means Superman is in no mood to stop him. Perry White is kidnapped and Superman decides to visit a psychotherapist.

Dr Friskin Barbara Bosson
Bill Church Jr Bruce Campbell

Whine, Whine, Whine

While Superman is sued by someone he saved, Lois tires of Clark's lame excuses, so each one must make a major decision about the future.

Dan Scardino Jim Pirri
Dr Friskin Barbara Bosson
Calvin Dregg Jason Carter
Elise Michelle Abrams
Constance Hunter Kay Lenz
Bill Church Jr Bruce Campbell
With: Sal Viscuso, Martin Mull, Ben Stein, Frank Gorshin, Adam West and Richard Portnow

And The Answer Is...

Clark finally takes the plunge and asks Lois to marry him. But can he tell her of his Superman identity? Try as he may, something always seems to crop up.

Jace Mazik Maurice Godin
Nigel St John Tony Jay


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