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Season Three

We Have A Lot To Talk About

As Lois reels from her realisation of Clark's true identity, Superman begins to feel redundant as Metropolis becomes crime free.

Bill Church Snr Peter Boyle
Bill Church Jnr Bruce Campbell
Mindy Church Jessica Collins
Bobby Big Mouth Sal Viscuso

Ordinary People

Lois wants to get to know Superman as an ordinary person before she decides whether or not to marry him.

Spencer Spencer David Leisure


Bob Fences, a mad computer genius abducts and hypnotises Lois and makes her believe she was captured by aliens. Under hypnotic command Lois puts her own life at risk and distracts Superman while Fences lays plans to take over the world.

Bob Fences Patrick Labyorteaux
Star Olivia Brown
Dr Martin Solsvig Larry Hankin
Simone Rochelle Swanson

I Am Completely In Love With You (aka When Irish Eyes Are Killing Me)

Lois' former lover arrives in Metropolis in search of an ancient Celtic crown with mystic powers. Meanwhile, Clark considers ending his relationship with Lois because her life is continually endangered when he adopts his alter-ego.

Veronica Kipling Ilana Levine
Colleen Sheelagh Cullen
Star Olivia Brown
Shamus/Robber Tom Todoroff
Mr McCarthy J Patrick McCormack
Woman Annie Gagen
Richie Kelly Christian

Just Say Noah

When happily married couples start vanishing from Metropolis Lois and Clark pose as an "item" to investigate the disappearances. They discover a would-be Twentieth Century Noah preparing for a new flood.

Michelle Sitkowitz Nancy Cassaro
Arnold Sitkowitz Rob LaBelle
Betty Erin Donovan
Kathy Jennifer Hooper

Don't Tug On Superman's Cape

A wealthy couple with a passion for collecting rare objects want to add Superman to their trophies. The problem is, how do they convince him to stay in his display cage?

Tim Lake Jonathan Frakes
Amber Lake Genie Francis
Bad Brain Johnson Michael Harris

Ultra Woman

An experiment with red Kryptonite by the scheming Newtrich sisters turns Lois Lane into a superhero, at Superman's expense.

Lucille Newtrich Shelley Long
Nell Newtrich Mary Gross

Chip Off The Old Clark

A Metropolis woman claims Superman is the father of her superchild. What will Lois think?

(Guest cast not known)

Super Mann

Three German soldiers, placed in suspended animation during the Second World War, revive and plan to take over Metropolis.

Steve Law Sean Kanan
Hank West Paul Kersey
Lisa Sandra Hess

Virtual Destroyed

In an episode written by Dean Cain, Lois and Clark are tricked into entering a Virtual Reality world by computer genius Jaxon Xavier, the son of criminal mastermind Lex Luthor.

Jaxon Xavier Andrew Mark Berman
Kombat Andrew Bryniarski
Computer Voice Paul Poundstone
Man Thomas Bailey

Home Is Where The Hurt Is

Mindy Church, now that her familial rivals are safely out of the way, takes control of Intergang, employing an unseen viral weapon against the Man of Steel.

Ellen Lane Beverly Garland
Sam Lane Harve Presnell
Joey Bermuda Robert Carradine
Mindy Church Jessica Collins
Baby Gunderson Cathy Tragesar

Never On A Sunday

Baron Sunday, a ruthless magician out for revenge on Clark Kent, arrives in the city, complete with travelling stage act.

Baron Sunday Cress Williams
Ellen Lane Beverly Garland
Beverly Lipman Carol Lawrence
Star Olivia Brown

The Dad Who Came In From The Cold

Jimmy Olsen's prodigal father, secret agent Jack Olsen, returns to Metropolis to retrieve a computer disk.

Jack Olsen James Read
Sweet Tut Una Damon
Travenian Ben Slack

Tempus, Anyone?

Time travelling villain Tempus kidnaps Lois and takes her to an alternate present where Clark is dating Lana Lang, and isn't allowed to use his super-powers.

Tempus Lane Davies
H G Wells Hamilton Camp
Lana Lang Emily Procter

I Now Pronounce You (Part 1 of 3)

Lois and Clark embark on their biggest challenge yet - marriage. To take their minds of it, Perry gives them a story revolving around cloning, replacing the President, and frogs. (This episode was dedicated to Jerry Siegal, the last remaining of the two Superman creators.)

Dr Mamba Tony Curtis
US President/Clone Fred Willard
Ellen Lane Beverly Garland
Cindy Ria Pavia
Sam Lane Harve Presnell
Lex Luthor John Shea

Double Jeopardy (Part 2 of 3)

With the evil Lex Luthor on the loose and Lois acting strangely, Clark is finding "married" life a tough test of his superpowers. (Unnecessary pop music by Elton John.)

Lex Luthor John Shea
Red Billy Dean
Bibbi Troy Evans

Seconds (Part 3 of 3)

Lois' clone causes trouble for Superman as he tries to rescue his beloved from Luthor's clutches. Lex and Lois, the latter believing herself to be a singer called Dallas after losing her memory, are hiding out in Lex's subway lair, ready to change bodies to escape the Man of Steel

Lex Luthor John Shea
Asabi Saun Tobe
Luthor's Mole Kenneth Kimmins

Forget Me Not (Part 1 of 2)

While Lois is being treated in an expensive clinic for amnesia, Clark investigates a series of baffling murders. His concentration is broken when he suspects Dr Deter wants to get closer to Lois than just being her doctor.

Dr Maxwell Deter Larry Poindexter
Dr Mendenhall Charles Cioffi

Oedipus Wrecks (Part 2 of 2)

The devious inventive baby brother of Big Brain Johnson is trying to control Clark and Lois with his electro-magnetic wave machine, while they attempt to sort out Lois' memory problems and shrug off clinging Dr Deter.

Dr Maxwell Deter Larry Poindexter
Herkimer Johnson Daniel Roebuck
Rowena Johnson Renee Taylor

It's A Small World After All

The spouses of Lois' high school friends are vanishing, thanks to the miniaturising oil that bitter and twisted Annette Westman is using on those who snubbed her for the school prom.

Annette Westman Elisabeth Anne Smith
Joe Malloy Steve Young
Dr Klein Kenneth Kimmins
Hans Don Brunner

Through A Glass, Darkly (Part 1 of 4)

Two mysterious characters cause problems for Superman when they test his powers and integrity to the limit. They appear to know who he is and where he originates from.

Ching Jon Tenney
Sarah/Zara Justine Bateman
Dr Klien Kenneth Kimmins

Big Girls Don't Fly (Part 2 of 4)

Superman faces the most harrowing decision of his life when he discovers that a surviving Kryptonian colony depends on his marriage to a noble woman for its survival.

Ching Jon Tenney
Zara Justine Bateman
The Assassin Roger Daltrey
Jor-El Francois Grodacy


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