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European Kingdoms



Alpine Groups Index

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Map of Alpine tribes and groups

Map of Alpine Groups

Showing the immediate situation prior to first century BC Roman domination.

Alpine mountains

Alpine Tribes

This introduction to the Alpine tribes covers their general situation.

Modern Verona


The Euganei group could be found between the Adriatic and the Alps.

Ligurian coast


Ligurian tribes once occupied a deep swathe of the Mediterranean coast.

Lake Ticino in Italy


The Raeti dominated the Swiss alps following the Celtic invasion of Italy.

Lake Ticino in Italy

Raeti Tribes

Listed here in full, Raeti tribes were small and scattered.

Villanovan ceramics

Veneti (Adriatic)

The Adriatic Veneti arrived in the 1300-1200s BC to occupy Eugenei territory.

Chiemgau impact crater


The Vindelici group in the northern Alpine foothills may have started out as Ligurians.

French Alps

Celto-Ligurian Tribes

The Celto-Ligurian tribes of the western alps were formed through Celtic domination.

French Alps

Celto-Veneti Tribes

Some fringe Celtic groups in northern Italy seem to have intermixed with Veneti.

French Alps

Euganei-Raeti Tribes

At least a couple of southern Raeti groups seem to have become Euganei-dominated.

French Alps

Liguro-Raeti Tribes

The northernmost Raeti elements became Vindelici dominated and integrated.

Sicily cave paintings

Early Italian Cultures

The archaeological record describes the creation of the Italy known to history.

Brennius sacks Rome

Italian Iron Age

Italy's Iron Age saw the rise of Rome and the decline of the earliest groups.



The coming of the Celts into Italy in 600-300 BC wrought tremendous change in the Alpine tribes.

Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix


The slow rise of Rome as the dominant force in Italy saw all others swamped by Latin culture.

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