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MapCity State of Der

Der (modern al-Badra in Iraq) was a city state which was situated to the immediate east of Eshnunna and Sippar, as well as the Tigris, in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains. It apparently emerged as an independent state following the fall of Sumer, so it may have been controlled by the Amorites who were ascendant at the start of the second millennium BC. The city god was Ishtaran, whose earthly minister was the snake god, Nirah. Unfortunately, despite its longevity (at least 1500 years), records for it or any of its kings are extremely sparse.

fl c.1940s BC


Eshnunna is sacked, possibly by Anum-muttabbil, and may temporarily be a subject of Der.

Babylonian stela
This stela and boundary stone of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar I (1126-1103 BC) mentions Der, 'Siru, the bright god, the son of the temple of Der'

c.1883 BC

The first king of Babylon, Sumuabum, is driven into exile in Der by Manana of Kish.

720 BC

Assyrian king Sargon attempts to attack Elam but is defeated by the Elamites and Babylonians near Der.