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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Berkshire

by Peter Kessler, 22 November 2019

West Berkshire Part 6: Churches of Newbury

Salvation Army, Newbury, Berkshire

The Salvation Army Hall, Northcroft Lane, is a neat, flint-fronted building at the north-eastern corner of the lane and a short, unnamed street which lies immediately east of Pembroke Road. Newbury in the 1800s was strong in industries, including ironworking, brick-making, silk manufacture, papermaking, and brewing. The SA was very unpopular when it first came to the town in the 1880s due to its being firm teetotallers. A temperance hall is next door.

Bartholomew Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, Newbury, Berkshire

Bartholomew Street Primitive Methodist Chapel stood on the west side of the street, around twenty metres south-west of Market Street. Primitive Methodism here found an early base in Ebenezer Chapel. Then Union Chapel, as it was better known, was opened on this site in 1837. A new chapel replaced it in 1877 - extended in 1897. Post-war this was demolished and replaced by a retail premises set further back from the street. Around 2018 that too was demolished.

Newbury Baptist Church, Berkshire

Newbury Baptist Church is set back from the west side of Cheap Street, partially hidden behind retail premises fronting that street. Baptist worship began here some time before 1640. Initial meetings were in an old house on Northbrook Street, then one on Northcroft Lane. Then a chapel was built here on Cheap Street in 1859, the site previously having been occupied by a private residence. This was replaced by the present building in 1940, with an attached school.

Newtown Road Cemetery Chapel, Berkshire

Newtown Road Cemetery Chapel was built as one of a Victorian pair, with the other being the Dissenter's Chapel. It stands within the cemetery grounds on the western side of the road, about thirty metres north of the junction with Porchester Road. The lost chapel still stood in 1950 but was demolished later in the century. A temporary building was also erected in the cemetery grounds to serve for the bombed St John's Church from 1943. The cemetery closed in 2000.

Stroud Green Primitive Methodist Chapel, Newbury, Berkshire

Stroud Green Primitive Methodist Chapel is on the western side of Greenham Road, facing south over the Eeklo Place junction. It was built in 1874. If Stroud Green is the same place as the early Victorian 'Stroud Common' then a chapel opened here in 1853, having been established around 1841. The 1874 date would therefore be a rebuild. It was closed and converted into a private dwelling in 1989. The society amalgamated with Northbrook Street Methodists (see links).

St Joseph's Catholic Church, Newbury, Berkshire

St Joseph's Catholic Church is on the south side of London Road, overlooking the junction with Hawthorn Road and immediately west of the Western Avenue roundabout. A Catholic mission existed in Newbury when the 1864 church building was erected (now the church hall). The present church building was erected next to the hall in 1923-28 by W C Mangan. It is neo-Romanesque, with a separate campanile, and a very visible statue of Jesus on the roof.

One photo on this page by P L Kessler, with two kindly contributed by Normann 'Vikingman' and one by Bill Boaden, all via the 'History Files: Churches of the British Isles' Flickr group, and one photo copyright © N Chadwick, and reused under a cc licence.



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