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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 2 March 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 8: Churches of Zelah to Goonhavern

Zelah Mission Church & School, Zelah, Cornwall

Zelah Mission Church & School sits at the northern end of Zelah, on the south-west corner of the High Road and Bank Terrace junction. Built as a mission church, possibly in 1883, it may have been constructed to make up for the remoteness of St Alleyne (see links). It was used for evening services, especially in winter and on special days. In 2017 it was granted planning permission to be converted into a residence, with no progress being achieved by 2023.

Wheal Frances Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Zelah, Cornwall

Wheal Frances Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is quite tricky to access. It can be found by turning left down a signposted track before reaching Woodlands Farm, on the Polgoda road from Little Callestock, and then turning right. It is shown on 1880 maps. It became Wheal Frances Methodist Church in 1932. Documents and accounts between 1898-1970 suggest closure at that time. Planning records show conversion into a garage or workshop before it became residential.

Carnkief Mission Room, Carnkief, Zelah, Cornwall

Carnkief Mission Room may once have been been accessible by travelling north from Perranwell Wesleyan chapel (see below), but these days visitors will have to return to the road from Wheal Francis and then take the Woodlands Farm turn before turning right, and then left, to find this building on the right-hand side. This former mission room is marked on 1907 maps. A building still exists on the site which may be a new build or a conversion. No other information is known.

Perranwell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Perranwell, Cornwall

Perranwell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (and Sunday school) can be reached directly via footpaths from Carnkief. It can also be found on the north side of the A3075 (on the right in the Goonhavern direction). The chapel opened in 1843, and was enlarged in 1867 when the school next door (a former First World War wooden munitions factory building which was moved from Cligga), the yard, and the porch were all added. The site closed on 21 December 1986.

Chapel Widdin, Perranwell, Cornwall

The lost Chapel Widdin, near Perranwell was formerly located on the other side of the A3075, almost directly opposite Perranwell Wesleyan Chapel (see above). The site is marked on old maps but very little information can be found about it. It is, though, noted as a chapel in Cornish Archaeology, with reference to Lake, and is documented as Chapel Widden. Also noted elsewhere is the fact that the chapel was near St Piran's Well, famous for curing rickets in children.

Goonhavern Bible Christian Chapel, Goonhavern, Cornwall

The first site of Goonhavern Bible Christian Chapel sits next to its replacement (see links), on the southern side of the Newquay road in central Goonhavern. It was built in the 1860s, to be succeeded by the main building next door. Maps show differing locations, suggesting that it was an earlier chapel which became a Sunday school. This one is listed as an early 1800s schoolroom and possible chapel. It has planning for conversion but with no progress made by 2023.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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