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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 9 March 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 9: Churches of Goonhavern, Rose & Perranporth

Goonhavern Bible Christian Chapel, Goonhavern, Cornwall

Goonhavern Bible Christian Chapel (Second Site) is on the south side of the Newquay road in central Goonhavern. The original chapel (see links) is on the left here. The new chapel was built in 1876, perhaps replacing an existing building. Between 1907-1932 it was Goonhavern United Methodist Church and, in 1932, Goonhavern Methodist Church. Its last service was on Sunday 15 October 2006. The school room is to be converted for private use but the church is untouched.

John Nicoholls Funeral Services Chapel of Rest, Goonhavern, Cornwall

John Nicoholls Funeral Services Chapel of Rest is on Halt Lane (Bodmin Road) in Goonhavern. Originally there were plans to site this chapel at Penrose Farm. It now sits next to Penrose Holiday Park. John Nicholls Funeral Service was originally established in the village in 1962 by Mr John Nicholls. In 1989 the business expanded into Newquay and another office was opened in Perranporth in 1994, allowing the chapel to be added to the rebuilt original site.

St Piran's Round (Perran Round), Rose, Cornwall

St Piran's Round (Perran Round), between Rose and Lower Rose, north of the B3285, is a circular earthwork, perhaps originally an Iron Age enclosure. Counted as the finest remaining example of a playing place or 'Plen-an-gwary', a medieval amphitheatre in which to perform the Ordinalia (Cornish miracle plays), it was enclosed in 1852. The Methodists could fit 1,500 people here. In 1880 it was described as being 'kept exceeding neat... [with] a small house inside'.

Rose Old Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Rose, Cornwall

Rose Old Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is easily spotted when entering Rose on the road from the B3285. A chapel was first built almost overnight in April 1839, its members previously meeting in a barn at Mount Farm and a building in Lower Rose (now a house). Baptisms started in 1848. A gallery and porch were added in 1865 due to increased attendance, and a Sunday school (below) was added in 1907. It closed in 1983, with the school replacing it. It is now residential.

Rose Methodist Church, Rose, Cornwall

Rose Methodist Church is the former Sunday school for the Wesleyan chapel (see above). It sits next door to the original chapel, having been built in 1907. In 1983, when attendance was low in the original chapel, it was decided to close the site entirely. A good deal of consultation with villagers meant that the school was refurbished as Wesley Hall to serve as a smaller chapel. The old site was sold, while the new one opened on 1 August 1987 and seems active still.

Perranporth Chapel of Rest, Perranporth, Cornwall

Perranporth Chapel of Rest is on Station Approach in Perranporth, reached via The Old Station Business Park. Perranporth itself lies to the immediate west of Rose, but the railway is long gone. A C Richards & Son funeral directors are located on the right. The chapel is theirs, and is covered on their own website. This funeral company was established in 1972 and the firm remains a fully independent business in today's Perranporth and surroundings.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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