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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 23 October 2019

Restormel (South) Part 11: Churches of St Stephen-in-Brannel to St Dennis

St Stephen-in-Brannel Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Stephen-in-Brannel, Cornwall

St Stephen Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is on the western side of Fore Street in St Stephen-in-Brannel, opposite the northern end of the cemetery. It was constructed in 1870 according to its datestone and was refitted in the 1890s. A Sunday School was added in a small extension at the back which still exists. The church closed in August 2010, with documents and baptismal records ending at the same time. Plans were made to put it up for sale.

Trethosa Bible Christian Chapel, Trethosa, Cornwall

Trethosa Bible Christian Chapel on the eastern side of Trethosa Farm, around 180 metres from the 'Trethosa Turn' bus stop on the northbound Trevisco road from St Stephen. Early 1800s Methodist activities were at the farm itself. The chapel was built in 1876, with a Sunday School attached. Jack Clemo, the deaf blind Cornish poet, was christened and married here. The Chapel organ was still playable in 2013 but the chapel closed in the same year and is now a horse stud.

Treviscoe Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Treviscoe, Cornwall

Treviscoe Wesleyan Methodist Chapel lies on the northern side of Treviscoe High Street, a short way west of the St Dennis branch railway. An early building here was small, set at the rear of the site and shown on the OS 25-inch map of 1892-1914. The present chapel was built 1911 by Sampson Hill of Redruth who produced a very unusual design for an area that is dominated by granite. The church was still active in 2017 but its last service was given in August 2018.

St Denis Hendra Road Methodist Chapel, St Denis, Cornwall

Hendra Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Dennis, sits back from the western side of Hendra Road, just ninety metres south of the Hendra Prazey junction on the south-western edge of the town. This was its second Wesleyan chapel, built in 1904 (possibly on a pre-existing site). It is a simple one-cell rendered building with segmental arched windows and a flat roofed porch. Planning was granted in 2013 for conversion into a private residence and the chapel was sold in 2016.

St Denis Whitepit Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Denis, Cornwall

St Denis Whitepit Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is on the eastern side of Fore Street, angled towards the Robartees Road junction. The junction's creation swept away any signs of the former St Denis Reading Room. The chapel was built in 1837, later becoming a United Free Methodist Church. Between 1907-32 it was a United Methodist Church and then, in 1932, St Dennis Providence Methodist Church. It closed in 1969 and is now (2019) a holiday home.

Carne Hill Bible Christian Chapel, Carne Hill, Cornwall

Carne Hill Bible Christian Chapel stood on the east side of Carne Hill and the eastern side of St Dennis, about 120 metres north-west of the Hall Road junction. It was built in 1872, later becoming Carne Hill Methodist Chapel (probably in 1932). Serious dry-rot problems emerged in 2016, with access being prevented before the chapel was confirmed closed in the same year. It was demolished in 2017-2018. St Dennis (New) Church replaced it in 2019 (see links).

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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