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Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 7 January 2020

Restormel (South) Part 12: Churches of St Dennis to Roche

St Dennis (New) Methodist Church, St Dennis, Cornwall

St Dennis (New) Methodist Church, Carne Hill, is the brand new (in 2019) replacement for the old Carne Hill Methodist Chapel (see links), and sits on the same site, albeit an enlargened site. The old chapel closed in May 2016 following an outbreak of dry rot. Then the Church Council agreed to redevelop the Carne Hill site with a new building which opened on 2 June 2019, replacing three previous chapels in the village - Providence, Hendra Road, and Carne Hill.

St Denys Church, St Dennis, St Dennis, Cornwall

St Denys Church, St Dennis, sits on the crest of the hill at the northern end of Church Road, on the site of an Iron Age fort. This parish church was dedicated to St Dionisius (Dennis) before 1327, and the original structure was Norman, erected in the eleventh century. The tower was added in the thirteenth century and is now the oldest part of the building. The rest was quite dilapidated when it was rebuilt in 1847, and a fire of 1985 almost succeeded in destroying it all.

Enniscaven United Methodist Chapel, Newmoor, Cornwall

Enniscaven United Methodist Chapel is on the northern side of the Enniscaven road from St Dennis, opposite the southbound Gothers Road, immediately east of Enniscaven itself. It replaced the original chapel (see below) in 1907, being built as Bible Christian but having become Methodist by the time the doors opened. It may also be the Newmoor United Methodist Chapel mentioned elsewhere for this area. It closed in 2004 and was converted in 2007 into a holiday home.

Ennniscaven Bible Christian Chapel, Ennniscaven, Cornwall

Enniscaven Bible Christian Chapel is on the north side of the Enniscaven road, just a hundred metres west of the road turning northwards into the centre of the hamlet. Initial meetings were held in private houses and barns in the 1820s. Land was leased for the chapel in 1840 and it was quickly completed, with later extensions. With membership increasing, a new chapel was built down the road in 1907 (above). The old chapel has recently been rescued from a ruin (see link).

Tregoss Bible Christian Chapel, Tregoss, Cornwall

Tregoss Bible Christian Chapel stood on the western side of the main lane in Tregoss, no more than fifty metres north of the central green. Archived records exist to show that it was registered in 1861. Kellys of 1893 notes its existence, and lease records of 1910 show that it (like others locally) had amalgamated, becoming Tregoss United Methodist Chapel. Online references suggest that it was replaced or became a cow barn. Today a modern barn occupies the site.

Roche Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Roche, Cornwall

Roche Wesleyan Methodist Chapel stands on the north side of Chapel Street, around a hundred metres east of the junction with Victoria Road. Now officially titled St John's Methodist Church, it was founded in 1835, with a school room being added in 1874. A full restoration was carried out in 1877 when Silvanus Trevail undertook the work and extended the school house at the same time. The building was refurbished again in 2017 and it and the school are listed.

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