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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 6 March 2020

Restormel (South) Part 16: Churches of Bugle to Rescorla

Bugle Methodist Sunday School, Bugle, Cornwall

Bugle Methodist Sunday School adjoins the Methodist chapel which sits to its immediate left at the edge of this photo (see links). Maps of 1881 show the chapel in its original format as a Bible Christian chapel, with the Sunday School appearing next door on the 1907 map. The chapel itself was built in 1854 with the Sunday school being built in 1896 according to the Historic Cornwall report (although there is date variation). The hall is still actively used by the community.

Bugle Primitive Methodist Chapel (Molinnis), Bugle, Cornwall

Bugle Primitive Methodist Chapel (Molinnis) was on the west side of Molinnis Road, flanked to the south by the level crossing shown here. The OS 25-inch map of 1892-1914 confirms this. By 1908 it had been rebadged as Methodist and was still on this site in 1938 (although it probably ceased in 1932 when the Fore Street chapel was taken). By 1963 maps had ceased labelling it. Council planning states it was opened by 1840. Church records cover the period 1908-1920.

Lockengate Mission Church of the Ascension, Lockengate, Cornwall

Roughly three hundred metres to the north of Bugle on the A391, and on the right-hand side (opposite The Bungalow), is Lockengate Mission Church, set back along a short driveway. Various reports mention this mission, naming it as The Church of the Ascension at 'Locking-gate', a chapel-of-ease. It was built in 1889 at a cost of 600 - raised by public subscription. The building consists of nave and transept, but it closed in 1972 and is now a private dwelling.

Bodwen Ebenezer Chapel (Bible Christian), Bodwen, Cornwall

Bodwen Ebenezer Chapel (Bible Christian) now sits on the western side of the lane to Menadue, opposite the 'Tulip' home of the Gammon Company (Danish Crown), and immediately east of Bodwen itself which is a short way south-east of Lockengate. It was built in 1859, later becoming Ebenezer United Methodist Church and then Ebenezer Methodist Church, with records lasting until 1979. Since then it has served for a time as a grain store and is now Grade 2 listed.

'The Retreat' Chapel, Higher Menadue, Cornwall

'The Retreat' Chapel, Higher Menadue, lies amongst the buildings of Higher Menadew [sic] Farm, on the western side of the lane that leads south from Ebenezer Chapel (see above). The 'Retreat' is based in the old farmhouse itself. It is a 'setting for anyone who seeks a little quiet time...'. Established and maintained by a resident Catholic priest, the house has a separate, tiny chapel, with a daily mass. It may have ceased operations fairly recently by 2020.

Rescorla Primitive Methodist Chapel, Rescorla, Cornwall

Rescorla Primitive Methodist Chapel lies on the southern side of the main road, at the centre of this hamlet which is on the same southbound road that leads past Higher Medadue, and goes through Lavrean and Bowling Green. It dates from around 1873 but was closed in April 2001 after it had fallen into disuse. The Friends of Rescorla subsequently purchased the building and began refurbishing it. In 2012 the building was re-roofed and is now the 'Rescorla Centre'.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis. Additional information from Stone Crosses in Mid-Cornwall, A G Langdon (Second Ed, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, 2002), and from Kelly's Directory of Cornwall (1902).



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