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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 23 October 2019

Restormel (South) Part 10: Churches of Trewoon to St Stephen-in-Brannel

Trewoon Kingdom Hall, Trewoon, Cornwall

Trewoon Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses sits on the northern side of Carne Hill, around sixty metres north-west of the junction with the Westbridge Road. There seems to be little history available for this modern building. It is not marked on the Ordnance Survey maps of 1992 but planning documents suggest that planning was approved in 1988. Given the likelihood that it may have taken a year or two for it to be included on maps. It was probably built in 1990-1993.

Lanjeth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Lanjeth, Cornwall

Lanjeth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel can be found further along Westbridge Road from Trewoon, on the eastern side of a minor lane between Coombe Road and the Burngullow branch line to Imerys Minerals at St Dennis. The chapel was built in 1867, and was enlarged in 1887. There is a register of baptisms from 1830 (which implies an earlier build or building) to 1979, with inspection reports until 1998. In 2001 planning was granted for conversion into private residences.

High Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, High Street, Cornwall

High Street Primitive Methodist Chapel is on the south side of the B3279 road, about 180 metres north-west of the junction with the A3058 at Long Lane. The chapel is marked on early maps (1881), becoming a Free United Methodist Church by 1907, and is labelled simply as 'Methodist Church' by 1932. It was disused by the time of the Second World War when American troops camped nearby. Planning permission was sought in 2004 to alter it to a holiday cottage.

Trelion Bible Christian Chapel, Trelion, Cornwall

The site of Trelion Bible Christian Chapel can be found by skipping straight through St Stephen from High Street via the A3058. The Terras Road turn-off at the River Fal crossing leads to this spot at a junction which heads south. The bench seemingly marks the location of what seemingly was a box-like chapel (possibly temporary). It is marked on maps of 1880, becoming Trelyon Methodist Church in the 1930s. It closed around 1965 and was soon demolished.

Scarcewater Bible Christian Chapel, Scarcewater, Cornwall

Scarcewater Bible Christian Chapel lies even further to the west along the A3058, on the northern side just a hundred metres east of the Penhale and Grampound Road crossroads. It was built in 1869, later becoming Scarcewater Methodist Church at the Methodist union of 1932. According to the BBC's 'Domesday Project' it was still active in 1986 but was no longer in use by 1992. Planning was approved in 1994 for conversion into a private dwelling.

St Stephen's Church, St Stephen-in-Brannel, Cornwall

St Stephen's Church, St Stephen-in-Brannel is on the east side of Fore Street, with Churchtown Road on its north flank, and the A3058 just ninety metres or so to the south. It was dedicated on 20 August 1261 by Bishop Bronescombe of Exeter, probably replacing an earlier structure dedicated to St Helen (Elent). The tower was damaged by lightening in 1784, after which the old spiralet was replaced by a fourth pinnacle. Restoration took place in 1854-71 and the 1900s.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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