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Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 5 June 2019

Restormel (South) Part 3: Churches of Sticker to St Ewe

Sticker Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Sticker, Cornwall

Sticker Wesleyan Methodist Chapel lies on the right-hand side of Chapel Hill as Sticker is approached from the east, no more than fifty metres from the Modus Lane junction. John Wesley preached at Sticker in August 1785. The first local Wesleyan chapel was at Paramore, Lower Sticker, but this one was built in the centre of Sticker in 1876. It was renovated in 1904 and was Sticker Methodist Church from 1932. It went on the market as a private dwelling in 2014.

St Mark's Mission Church, Sticker, Cornwall

Immediately after the Modus Lane junction with Chapel Hill (heading west) is the right-hand turn for Church Hill, where can be found St Mark's Mission Church, Church Hill, Sticker. This large chapel was provided for the 'convenience of the people of Sticker' who were situated at a distance from the parish church at St Mewan. It opened on 27 April 1877. Until 1956 it had a parsonage house in the village attached to it. Today however there is only one service on a Sunday.

Trelowth United Methodist Chapel, Trelowth, Cornwall

Trelowth United Methodist Chapel lies inside the western corner of the junction between Trelowth Road and Rose Hill, at the western edge of Trelowth. There was an early meeting house on this site, as shown on the 1840 tithe map. The present building was erected in 1872 and is Grade II listed (1988). The date stone says UMFC 1872, but the chapel opened in November 1873. It ceased to be used in 2005, was sold in 2007, and is now a luxury holiday cottage.

Polgooth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Polgooth, Cornwall

Polgooth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel lies on the eastern side of Chapel Hill in Polgooth. In the 1600s and 1700s Polgooth village was influenced by some powerful Quaker and Methodist preachers. John Wesley was at Polgooth in 1755 and Chapel Hill's Wesleyan meeting house was later built and then enlarged as a Wesleyan chapel (1809-1841). It was demolished and replaced by this house when the members converted the school building and moved there (below).

Polgooth Methodist Church, Polgooth, Cornwall

Polgooth Methodist Church stands at the top of Chapel Hill, within a stone's throw of the site of the former Wesleyan chapel on the same hill (above). Methodism arrived in Polgooth in the sixteenth century, alongside Quaker attempts to recruit. An 1809 expansion of the former chapel provided too many seats for the decline in membership in the late 1900s. The 1873 Sunday School building was converted into the current chapel and the old one was sold.

All Saints Church, St Ewe, Cornwall

All Saints Church, lies at the centre of St Ewe, immediately south of Sticker via various country lanes. This parish church was initially dedicated to St Ewe, a female Celtic saint of whom very little is known. Ewe or Tua may have founded her community here thanks to a 'miraculous' well almost at the hill's top. It is still there, along the path to the left before reaching the main door. An early Norman building was here, being rebuilt in 1120. The tower was added in the 1300s.

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