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Season One

The Gathering

Teenage burglar Richie breaks into Duncan MaCleod's antique shop only to bump into an explosive confrontation of immortals: the evil-minded Slan, cast from much the same mould as The Kurgan, is making his presence known to Duncan. Conner MacLeod, on Slan's trail is also there. Slan temporarily backs down, only to return later, tormenting Duncan by intimidating Tessa. A showdown is inevitable, but Conner takes Duncan's place. In flashback, it is shown that Duncan's previous wife, a Native American, was killed when the tribe was massacred, and Duncan now doubts that he should continue with any relationships with ordinary humans.

Conner MacLeod Christopher Lambert
Slan Quince Richard Moll
Sergeant Powell Wendell Wright

Family Tree

Richie is searching for his long-lost father, whom he finds all too easily. But the man is an imposter with debts who plans to steal from Duncan's wealth of antiques. It reminds Duncan of how his own father rejected him in the Scottish Highlands.

(Cast not known)

Road Not Taken

Richie is horrified to discover that one of his friends has died, apparently as a result of drug abuse. Duncan's recognition of the symptoms is the cue for a flashback to Medieval China, where an Immortal invented a drug that induces obedience from its users. In the present day, the creator's supplies of this narcotic have been stolen by a former apprentice who plans to use it for his own criminal ends.

Sergeant Powell Wendell Wright
Angie Christianne Hirt
Kiem Sun Soon-Teck Oh
Chu Lin Dustin Nguyen

Innocent Man

Duncan investigates the murder of his Immortal friend Lucas, which has been blamed on a down-and-out found at the scene of the crime. The true culprit is in a much more responsible position, one that Duncan and Lucas both knew from their days in the American Civil War. A different arrangement of Queen's Princes of the Universe track was used on the end titles for this episode.

Sergeant Powell Wendell Wright
Lucas Desiree Victor Young
Leo Atkins Vincent Schiavelli
Sheriff Crowley John Novack
Randi McFarland Amanda Wyss

Free Fall

A woman tries to commit suicide by leaping from the top of a tower block, but finds herself returning to full health after the attempt. Through Richie, Duncan takes her in, but does not trust her. As it turns out he is quite right not to, as she is an Immortal called Felicia who uses every dirty trick she can to defeat her victims.

Commissioner Cominski Jay Brazeau
Devereaux Eli Gabay
Devereaux's Woman Claudia Ferri
Felicia Martins Joan Jett

Bad Day In Building A

A gang attempt to rescue their leader from a court house, but this results in a hostage situation. No surprise, MacLeod and his two friends are among the hostages, and the results are quite bloody, with only a single, near-terminal mention of MacLeod's immortality.

Randi McFarland Amanda Wyss
Bryan Slade Andrew Divoff
Commissioner Cominski Jay Brazeau

Mountain Men

When Tessa is taken by a band of survivalists, MacLeod must hunt them down and fight their leader, a reclusive Immortal, to the death.

Sheriff Benson Wes Studi
Caleb Marc Singer
Carl The Hermit John Dennis Johnston

Deadly Medicine

MacLeod is struck by a speeding car. When he is rushed to hospital a doctor who is conducting unethical experiments into tissue regeneration kidnaps him. Reporter Randi McFarland is on Mac's trail, and comes close to becoming another victim.

Dr Wilder Joe Pantoliano
Randi McFarland Amanda Wyss

The Sea Witch

Richie tries to protect an old girlfriend from drug dealers, little knowing that the dealers' boss is an Immortal who has had dealings with MacLeod before, in Stalin's Russia.

Alexei Voshin Stephen Macht
Nikki Johannah Newmarch

Revenge Is Sweet

Some time before, MacLeod barely survives an encounter with Immortal Walter Reinhardt. Seeking revenge for the apparent death of her lover, Rebecca Lord toys with MacLeod before she attempts to kill him. But she has been duped by Walter.

Rebecca Lord Vanity
Sgt Bennett Tim Reid
Walter Reinhardt Christoph Ohrt
Angie Burke Christianne Hirt

See No Evil

A vicious serial killer, 'the Scalper', strikes a sinister chord in MacLeod's memory. He finds himself cooperating with Randi McFarland to trap a man whose methods duplicate those of an Immortal whom MacLeod killed in the 1930s.

Randi McFarland Amanda Wyss
Marcus Korolus John Hertzler
Sgt Bennett Tim Reid
Natalie Ward Moira Whalley


Tessa is eyewitness to a murder as a woman art critic is thrown from a bridge. The murderer is Sgt Bennett's boss, Chief Ballin, and he does his best to put the police off the trail.

Randi McFarland Amanda Wyss
Sgt Bennett Tim Reid
Chief Andrew Ballin Tom Butler

Band Of Brothers

Grayson, a former pupil of long-lived fellow Immortal Darius, is now intent on killing off all Darius' peace-loving protogés. But Duncan, who admires Darius for the strength of his beliefs, is determined to destroy Grayson and end his reign of terror.

Randi McFarland Amanda Wyss
Darius Werner Stocker
Grayson James Horan

For Evil's Sake

Kyler, an expert assassin whom MacLeod first met in eighteenth century France, is on the rampage again in Paris. Three top judges are killed at the same time in different locations throughout the city and Mac recognises the style. He, Tessa and Richie are now living on a barge on the Seine, close to the point where, twelve years ago, MacLeod was on the run from the police and jumped on board a Paris river boat, where he took a fancy to the young guide, Tessa Noël, and won her over.

Kyler Peter Howitt
Inspector LeBrun Hugues LeForester

For Tomorrow We Die

MacLeod has the awesome task of tracking down Xavier, an Immortal who has lived in hedonistic splendour all through the ages. He steals, cheats, and murders his way through modern day Paris exuding effortless charm.

Xavier St Cloud Roland Gift
Darius Werner Stocker
Inspector LeBrun Hugues LeForester
Renée de Tassigny Mapi Galan

The Beast Below

In a Phantom of the Opera rip-off, a wild man of the woods, Ursa, whom a young MacLeod rescued from peasants, is now living in the Paris Catacombs, and feels protective towards a has-been singer who is making her comeback in a new musical. But the singer, Carolyn, is not above using Ursa for her own ends.

Carolyn Dee Dee Bridgewater
Ursa Christian Van Acker
Darius Werner Stocker
Detective Francois Guetary
Jenny Harris Fay Masterson

Saving Grace

Grace is an Immortal and a friend of Duncan and Darius. While Richie is demonstrating his improving grasp of the French language, Grace's mortal lover is murdered by Carlos Sendarro, an Immortal who once had a relationship with Grace, and now won't let her go.

Grace Julia Stemberger
Carlos Sendarro Georges Corraface
Darius Werner Stocker
Inspector LeBrun Hugues LeForester

The Lady And The Tiger

Amanda D'Arie, a circus performer and high class Immortal thief, walks back into MacLeod's life with her ex-partner on her tail, and thirsting for Mac's head.

Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Zachary Blaine Jason Isaacs

Eye Of The Beholder

Richie has a run-in with Immortal fashion designer-cum-thief Gabriel, when the latter takes a fancy to Richie's latest girlfriend. Duncan has to step in to help and, although he doesn't want to be drawn into a fight with a man who was once a friend, at the episode's end we have another dead Immortal, with it still not being MacLeod.

Gabriel Nigel Terry
Maia Katia Douvalian

Avenging Angel

Cahill, an ex-RAF and SAS man discharged because of his mental instability, suddenly becomes an Immortal after a bar-room brawl leaves him with a knife blade through his heart. He begins to follow the edicts of the Bible, and plans to kill every prostitute and their customers in Paris.

Cahill Martin Kemp
Elaine Sandra Nelson

Nowhere To Run

When young rich boy Mark Rockford rapes a local girl, her father, Colonel Elliot, ex-mercenary and Immortal, brings his men along to the Rockford chateau demanding the boy's life in payment. Upon refusal he lays siege to the chateau, with MacLeod and friends inside. This leads to one of the bloodiest and most violent episodes of the entire series.

Colonel Elliot Peter Guinness
Allan Rockford Anthony Head
Mark Rockford Jason Riddington
Lori Elliot Marion Cotillard

The Hunters

Darius has been murdered and beheaded by a cult that is at least fifteen-hundred years old and is dedicated to ridding the world of the immortals, who they think want to dominate mortal Mankind. Duncan needs all the help he can get from old friend FitzCann and Richie, to ensure that no one else falls victim to the cult, but as a battle in a university quadrangle proves, it is to be no easy task.

Hugh FitzCann Roger Daltrey
Darius Werner Stocker
James Horton Peter Hudson


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