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Season Two

The Watchers

Complete with new titles and a different narration to open it, the programme returns with the conclusion of last season's cliffhanger ending. MacLeod meets Joe Dawson, a Watcher who has been following his exploits and travels for fifteen years. The Watchers belong to a secret organisation which has existed for centuries. They know all about the immortals and the Quickening, but some of their number, under Horton, have gone rogue and see the immortals as a threat to the continued freedom of ordinary Mankind, and plan to stop them. It was Horton who murdered Darius, and very nearly FitzCann and MacLeod, too. And now, as the trail leads Mac, Tessa and Richie back to their old home in the US, a showdown between the evil Horton and Duncan MacLeod is inevitable. Afterwards, the real Watchers vanish, leaving no trace behind. But they are still watching...

Joe Dawson (intro) Jim Byrnes
James Horton Peter Hudson
Lynn Horton Kehli O'Byrne

Studies In Light

Gregor, a young Immortal is having problems, having become emotionally numbed by so much death and destruction over the decades. His quest for feeling threatens to drag Richie to his death. MacLeod, meanwhile, is facing a dilemma of his own. An old woman whom he once lived with has recognised him, but she doesn't have long to live herself. Should he reveal his true self to her?

Gregor Joel Wyner
Linda Plager Sheila Moore


Quentin Barnes was executed for murder 70 years ago. But he is an Immortal, so when the graveyard in which he is buried is redeveloped, he escapes to plague another, weaker, Immortal, Michael Moore, the lover of the woman Barnes killed. Or so MacLeod is led to believe. But Michael is schizophrenic, and he is Barnes without even knowing it.

Charlie DeSalvo (intro) Philip Akin
Barnes/Michael Geraint Wynn Davies

The Darkness

A psychic discovers Tessa's fate in the brush of a hand, and in a moment of doubt about his and their futures, MacLeod asks Tessa to marry him. Then she is kidnapped by a man with a fixation for ridden the world of the 'menace' of immortals. In a shock ending, Tessa and Richie are gunned down and killed. But then Richie opens his eyes...

Greta Traci Lords
Pallin Wolf Andrew Jackson

Eye For An Eye

Mac has sold the antique shop and bought the gymnasium, above which he now lives. Still mourning Tessa, he decides he must toughen up new Immortal Richie Ryan. And Richie will need all the help possible, because Irish terrorist/Immortal Annie Devlin is after his blood when he foils an assassination attempt.

Annie Devlin Sheena Easton

The Zone

Trouble flares up in Charlie's old neighbourhood when a flash young gangster called Canaan moves in and tries to take over. Predictably, when Charlie falls down on the job, MacLeod also moves in to put a stop to the violence.

Canaan Santino Buda
Asia Sandra P Grant

The Return Of Amanda

Amanda is back, and she has a rogue FBI agent on her trail, looking for some Third Reich printing plates which are in her possession. Mac arranges for the corrupt agent to be captured on film. Amanda also has designs on MacLeod, but he politely refuses her advances.

Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Agent Robert Wisden

Revenge Of The Sword

Jimmy Sang, a young martial arts film star is under threat of death by an oriental gangster, and, unwillingly, MacLeod is dragged in to act as bodyguard.

Jimmy Sang Dustin Nguyen
Film Producer Debbie Potowski
Tong Leader Robert Ito

Run For Your Life

Carl, a black Immortal, suffering from decades of racial prejudice, has fallen foul of the law, at least of one particular representative of the law, who is another rogue Watcher. MacLeod must help him in the face of insurmountable odds.

Carl Bruce A Young
Rogue Watcher Gezca Davis

Epitaph For Tommy

An ambitious company vice-president arranges the murder of her father to secure control of the company, but her hit-man is an Immortal, and she is unprepared for the surprise she gets when she double-crosses and kills him.

Anthony Galen Roddy Piper
Susanne Honecker Andrea Roth

The Fighter

MacLeod becomes involved in the noble art when he discovers fellow Immortal Sully has taken quite a fancy to bar owner Iris. There's trouble afoot, however, when a rival manager, Coleman, decides he wants to manage Sully's boxer. Sully uses unscrupulous methods to ensure it doesn't happen.

Tommy Sullivan Bruce Weitz
Iris Cali Timmins
Coleman Tom McBeath

Under Color Of Authority

Laura is on the run after stabbing her violent husband during one beating too many. Richie gets involved after saving her from a bounty hunter, Mako. But the hunter is an Immortal who relishes his job far too much to let one small obstacle get in the way, and, despite Duncan's warnings, Richie fights and defeats Mako. MacLeod then informs him their friendship is at an end and Richie must leave.

Laura Daniels Deanna Milligan
Mako Jonathan Banks

Bless The Child

MacLeod and Charlie DeSalvo are holidaying in the hills when a young Indian woman stumbles by with a baby in her arms. She is being chased by three armed men who want the boy back. MacLeod takes the obvious course of action. But it's not that simple.

Sarah Michelle Thrush
Avery Hoskins Ed Lauter
Nora Carolyn Dunn

Unholy Alliance (Part 1)

Xavier returns on a killing spree. Aided by rogue Watcher Horton he uses mortals to gun down his Immortal victims before he takes their heads. His next target, quite obviously, is MacLeod, but Charlie gets caught in the crossfire and ends up in a critical condition.

Xavier St Cloud Roland Gift
Renee DeLany Stacey Travis
James Horton Peter Hudson

Unholy Alliance (Part 2)

MacLeod has followed Xavier to Paris, and returns to his river-bound residence. In a final showdown, Joe Dawson shoots Horton as a traitor to the Watchers, while MacLeod finally battles and kills Xavier, before handing the Dojo over to a recovered Charlie and deciding to remain in Paris.

Moris (intro) Michel Modo
(Rest of cast as before)

The Vampire

Mac finds an Immortal who poses as a vampire is on his trail. Mac remembers a time in the previous century when he aided Alan Baines, Vampire Hunter, in a similar chase.

Nicolas Ward Jeremy Brenell
Alan Baines Denis Lill
Henry Trevor Peacock
Helen Nathalie Presles
Juliet Jacob Tonya Kinzinger


In 1918, MacLeod promised the Immortal Drakov that he would not fight him in return for the lives if innocent people in the new Soviet Union. 76 years later, MacLeod is begged to break his promise, as Drakov has become a cruel puppet-master pushing Eastern Europe towards anarchy. Meanwhile, roving reporter Beth Vaughn puts her life at risk to investigate Drakov and MacLeod.

Drakov/Arthur Drake Peter Firth
Beth Vaughn Angeline Ball
Eli Jarmel Tom Watson
Maurice Michel Modo

Pharaoh's Daughter

MacLeod opens an ancient sarcophagus, releasing Nefertiri, Cleopatra's handmaiden. Much to MacLeod's anger, the female Immortal begins to pursue a 2,000 year-old vendetta against her former lover, Demetrius Constantine.

Nefertiri Nia Peeples
Demetrius/Martin Constantine James Falkner


Amanda D'Arie returns to say goodbye to MacLeod. She intends to fight Luther, a powerful Immortal responsible for the death of her mentor, Rebecca. When MacLeod discovers her plans, he decides he must face Luther first.

Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Luther Emile Abossolo M'Bo
Rebecca Nadia Cameron
John Bowers James Smillie

Prodigal Son

Richie returns, with a mysterious Immortal and a series of grisly murders behind him. When MacLeod's former pupil is arrested, the Highlander must clear his name and confront his pursuer.

Martin Hyde Michael Siberry

Counterfeit (Part 1)

When Richie is attacked by a group of Hunters, passer-by Pete Wilder comes to the young Immortal's rescue - or does he? MacLeod's doubts slowly drive a wedge between him and Richie, and results in Wilder's death. Little does MacLeod know that this is all the work of his old adversary, Horton.

Pete Wilder Martin Cummins
James Horton Peter Hudson
Lisa Halle Meilani Paul
Victim Dominique Jephcott

Counterfeit (Part 2)

In spite of Dawson's warning that Horton is coming for MacLeod's head, the Immortal is swept off his feet by Lisa Milton, a dead ringer for his former love, Tessa Noel. Is MacLeod walking into a trap or about to spring one?

Lisa Milton/Lisa Halle Alexandra Vandernoot
James Horton Peter Hudson


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