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Season Six

Avatar (Part 2 of 3)

MacLeod vows to wreak his revenge on the Zoroastrian demon, Ahriman. Sophie Baines lends her assistance after Duncan rescues her from a watery grave, but can she be trusted?

Ahriman/Horton Peter Hudson
Sophie Baines Rachel Shelley

Armageddon (Part 3 of 3)

MacLeod faces Ahriman in a final battle, determined to end his torment once and for all.

Ahriman/Horton Peter Hudson
Father Beaufort Dudley Sutton
Ahriman/Kronos Valentine Pelka

Sins Of The Father

MacLeod’s hunt for the murderer of a friend, killed in a car explosion, leads him to a beautiful Immortal seeking to fulfil a 50-year-old promise at whatever cost.

Alex Raven Dara Tomanovich
Grant Thomas Charles Daish
Max Leiner Ian Richardson

Diplomatic Immunity

An Immortal conman’s mortal wife is murdered during one of his machinations and he seeks MacLeod’s help in finding her killer.

Willie Kingsley Jasper Britton
Edward Banner Ed Bishop
Steve Banner Alexis Denisof

Patient Number 7

Mac runs into Kyra, an amnesiac woman on the run from killers who are after her head. MacLeod tells her she is a Immortal, and his warrior lover from 300 years ago. She does not believe him.

Kyra Alice Evans
Milos Vladic Michael Halsey

Black Tower

Duncan’s former pupil, Devon Marek, seeks retribution on MacLeod for forcing him to give up his land and aristocratic title when he became an Immortal 400 years ago.

Marek Andrew Bicknell
Margo Rochelle Redfield
Dice Alexi K Campbell

Unusual Suspects

In 1929 Immortal Hugh FitzCairn enlists MacLeod to find his murdered. It is one of his most trusted friends, but which one?

Hugh FitzCairn Roger Daltrey
Juliette Cleo Rocos
Tynebridge Hugh Simon


The murderer of Immortal Cara’s adopted daughter is allowed to go free by the courts. Cara seeks vengeance even if it means crossing swords with MacLeod.

Katya Justina Vail

Deadly Exposure

Bounty hunter Reagan Cole spends her holiday in Paris with MacLeod and ends up becoming involved in an international incident involving an underwear model and a terrorist with a huge price tag on his head.

Reagan Cole Sandra Hess

Two Of Hearts

Immortal Katherine seeks the head of Bartholomew, who was responsible for the death of thousands during the Crusades, but she also has to prevent her husband Nick from interfering.

Katherine Claudia Christian


Methos finds himself pursued by Immortal DePasqua, while MacLeod and Joe Dawson attempt to prevent the worst.

Methos Peter Wingfield

To Be (Part 1 of 2)

Immortal Liam O’Rourke seeks revenge on MacLeod for being responsible for he and his mortal wife’s capture and conviction for terrorism 50 years ago.

Not To Be (Part 2 of 2)

O’Rourke continues his vendetta against MacLeod by turning his vengeful attention to Duncan’s mortal friends.


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