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Season Four


The season begins with new titles featuring various dates from MacLeod's life and associated scenes. Duncan returns to Scotland, to his ancient homeland of Glenfinnan, on the shores of Loch Shiel, to return a Gaelic amulet which he had buried with the body of his first love in 1618, and to face the Immortal who killed his father.

Rachel MacLeod Kristin Minter
Constable Forbes Angus
Donal Andrew MacGregor
Debra Campbell Laurie Holden
Robert MacLeod Scott McNeil
Ian MacLeod (father) Matthew Walker
Mary MacLeod (mother) Anna Hagen
Angus John Tierney
Kanwulf Carsten Norgaard

Brothers In Arms

Charlie is back, and he attempts to assassinate a man who served with Joe Dawson in Vietnam (a flashback in which is told the story of how Joe lost his legs and was recruited into the Watchers). Unfortunately, the man, Cord, is an Immortal who killed Charlie's lover, Mara. Charlie has sworn revenge, but it could be a fatal mistake.

Charlie De Salvo Phillip Akin
Mara Leone Liliana Komorowska
Andy Cord Wolfgang Bodison
Young Ian Bancroft Jeffrey Renn
Young Joe Dawson Chris Bradford
Vietnamese Woman Mercedes Tang

The Innocent

An Immortal idiot-savant becomes an unwitting killer when a friendly Immortal is slain. MacLeod and Richie must take a tough decision about Mikey's future.

Mikey Callum Rennie
Tyler King Pruitt Taylor Vince

Leader Of The Pack

Kanus, an Immortal with a penchant for Mastiffs, hunts MacLeod more than two hundred years after he shot one of the dogs to defend a boy's life. Richie is also hunting - for Mark Roszca; the murderer of Tessa NoŽl.

Mark Roszca Justin Louis
Peter Kanus Venus Terzo
Alicia Jenafor Ryane
Julie Kim Restell
Gerald Yee Jee Tso
Detective Sheridan Greg Rogers
Immortal Travis MacDonald
The Duchess Rachel Hayward

Double Eagle

In San Francisco 1888, Amanda makes an enemy of Kit O'Brady by winning his casino off him at cards. 1995, and the two find themselves partners in a horse racing deal, with only Mac to keep them apart.

Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Kit O'Brady Nicholas Campbell
Jim Rainey Tim Henry


In a sequel to the episode The Lamb the 800 year-old child Immortal, Kenny, has for once tried to sucker the wrong guy. With Ann's help, MacLeod and Amanda (who met him when he became Immortal in AD 1182, and she was already 300 years old), fall into a trap set by Kenny to get himself out of trouble.

Dr Ann Lindsay Lisa Howard
Kenny Myles Ferguson
Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Terence Kincaid Mike Preston
Merriman Luc Corbeil
McPhee Joel Wirkkunen
Sheriff Ryan Michael
Kenny's Mother Lisa Butler

The Colonel

France, 1918, and MacLeod makes an enemy for life in the trenches when he attempts to put a stop to a mad officer's bloodlust.

Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Colonel Simon Killion Sean Allan
Melissa Lisa Butler
Andrea Henson Christine Upright-Letain
Cisco Dave "Squatch" Ward
The General Antony Holland
Sgt Merton Sean Campbell

Reluctant Heroes

MacLeod and Richie bump into Immortal hitman Paul Kinman while he is busy at work.

Paul Kinman Peter Outerbridge
Gayle Brooks (FBI) Jill Teed
Alice Markum Eileen Barrett
Cop Peter Bryant
(England 1712)
Dennis Kevin McNulty
Queen Anne Nicola Cavendish
Earl of Welsey Kevin Lesmister

The Wrath Of Kali

In India, 1764, MacLeod rescues a woman from suttee only for her to sacrifice her life to her belief in Kali. In the US, an Immortal Thuggee is hunting the long-lost statue of Kali, recently sold to an American museum. An old enemy crosses MacLeod's path.

Chandra Devane Sue Mathew
Martin Millay Alec Willows
Kamir Kabir Bedi
(India 1764)
Colonel Nigel Ramsey Brett Stait
Alice Ramsey Molly Parker
Vashte Veena Sood


In 17th century Normandy, the Highlander is introduced to Kristin. She suffocates him with affection, but when he finds real love elsewhere she has the girl murdered. 300 years later, Kristin meets Richie and his childhood friend Maria...

Adam Pierson/Methos Peter Wingfield
Maria Alkabar Emmanuelle Vaugier
Kristin Ann Turkel
(Normandy 1659)
Louise Barton Beverley Hendry


Mac bumps into classical pianist Claudia Jardine, an Immortal who hasn't yet died. Both Methos and MacLeod recognise her, however, as does Walter, an Elizabethan actor who thinks that Claudia's talents should live forever.

Methos Peter Wingfield
Walter Ron Halder
Alexa Bond Ocean Hellman
Claudia Jardine Rae Dawn Chong
(England 1663)
Jeremy Beaufort Brent Fidler
Gremio David MacKay

The Blitz

Whilst rescuing a heavily pregnant Ann from a Subway disaster, MacLeod reminisces on the Blitz in "Merry Olde England".

Dr Ann Lindsey Lisa Howard
Paramedic Duncan Fraser
Subway Woman Beverly Elliott
(London 1940)
Diane Terrin Allison Mar
Mike Robert Iseman
Harry Tim Dixon
Lord Sewell Tracy Olson

Something Wicked (Part 1 of 2)

In a link to the episode Line Of Fire, Mac Recounts how Kol'Tek spiritually saved him after the Indian massacre in 1879, absorbing the Highlander's negative feelings. In the present day, he takes on one bad Immortal's black spirit too many and erupts into violence - a "Dark Quickening". MacLeod has to stop him, but will he fare any better?

James Kol'Tek Byron Chief-Moon
Harry Kant Darcy Laurie
Denise Carla Temple
Captain Carl Chase
With: Benjamin Ratner and Dan Muldoon
(Greenwich Village 1958)
Ranter Bruce Kerland

Deliverance (Part 2 of 2)

The evil Duncan MacLeod has worked passage to Le Havre, where he begins a reign of terror and destruction. Even his friend from 1917, Saun Burns, can not stop him, and dies trying.

Captain Davies Carl Chase
Methos Peter Wingfield
Saun Burns Michael J Jackson
Rachel MacLeod Kirstin Minter
Dominique Davies Valeria Cavalli
Claude Massenat Geoffrey Boutan


Mac and Rachel MacLeod are taking things easy after their recent experiences - until Duncan foils an assassination attempt and finds himself honour-bound to complete the job himself.

Kasim Ricco Ross
Rachel MacLeod Kirstin Minter
Nasir al Deneb Ben Feitelson
Prince Salim Vernon Dobtcheff
Aliya Soumaya Akaaboune
Inspector Peta Wilson
(North Africa 1755)
Reza Tomer Sisley
(North Africa 1466)
Boadin al Deneb Karim Salah

Methuselah's Gift

In AD 850 an illiterate Amanda is given a piece of Methuselah's Crystal by her mentor, Rebecca. In a sequel to an earlier episode, Luthor's Legacy lives on when a young Watcher thinks he can join the Immortals by reassembling the crystal.

Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Methos Peter Wingfield
Nathan Stone Anthony Hyde
Dan Giger Jamie Harris
Rebecca Nadia Cameron

The Immortal Cimoli

MacLeod has to deal with two new Immortals; one in England of 1795, one in France of the present day. The former a Gallic lover of many women and fighter of duels, the latter Danny, a would-be Houdini. Evil Damon Case is the common link.

Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Danny Crispin Bonham Carter
Jean-Phillipe Patrick Mille
Damon Case Simon Kunz
Lina Cimoli Louise Vincent

Through A Glass, Darkly

Methos returns after the woman he befriended has died of her illness. He witnesses the sorry tale of an Immortal clansman who couldn't let the Stuart cause die with its last prince.

Methos Peter Wingfield
Warren Cochrane Dougray Scott
Andrew Donnelly Gresby Nash
Nancy Goddard Laura Marine
(Scotland, 1745)
Bonny Prince Charlie Struan Rodger

Double Jeopardy

The protťgť of Xavier St Cloud (the latter, we learn, was born in Morocco in 1160), Morgan, continues a crime spree in his dead mentor's style - until he crosses MacLeod's path both in Late Napoleonic France and Paris of the present.

CIA Agent Renee DeLany Stacy Travis
Morgan Destang Marc Warren
Inspector Dufey Jean-Paul Etaine
(France 1815)
Xavier St Cloud Roland Gift
Philippe Destang Philippe Becket

Judgement Day (Part 1 of 2)

Dawson has been kidnapped and put on trial by the Watchers, accused of treason, he must suffer a series of flashbacks to past stories.

Methos Peter Wingfield
Jack Shapiro Stephen Trombley

One Minute To Midnight (Part 2 of 2)

A Watcher-Immortal war threatens while Joe and MacLeod are on the run, whilst another Immortal is punishing all Watchers for the crimes of James Horton.

Jakob Jesse Joe Walsh
Irene Romina Mondello
James Horton Peter Hudson
(Rest of cast as before)


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