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Season Five


MacLeod finds a link to an Immortal woman trying to save his life and a witch who lived near his Highland village when he was a boy.

Mary MacLeod Anna Hagen
Neil MacGregor Allan Clow
Old Tom Tom Heaton
Robert MacLeod Cluny MacPherson

The End Of Innocence

Ryan is back and MacLeod struggles to rebuild the trust between them as they take on Haresh Clay in combat.

Richie Ryan Stan Kirsch
Haresh Clay Real Andrews


Carl Robinson (Season Two's Run For Your Life) returns: he faces both a murder charge after beating another Immortal, and Immortal FBI agent Mathew McCormick.

Carl Robinson Bruce A Young
Mathew McCormick (Unknown)

Glory Days

Teenage mobster Johnny K, a cocky hit man from the prohibition days of the late 1920s, is determined to stay alive, and he doesn't acknowledge the rule of The Game.

(No cast available)

Dramatic License

MacLeod wanders into farce as he comes across a best selling historical-romantic novelist who has put his life history into print.

Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Carolyn Marsh Sandra Bernhard
Coventry Alastair Duncan
Debra Campbell Laurie Holden
Robert MacLeod Scott McNeil
Ian MacLeod (father) Matthew Walker
Mary MacLeod (mother) Anna Hagen
Angus John Tierney

Money No Object

Amanda meets old pal Gregory during a hold up, and the two reminisce about the shoot-outs in which they were involved in the 1920s.

Amanda Elisabeth Gracen
Detective Tim Henry
Grindoff Tom McBeath
Corey Raynes Nicholas Lea


Richie discovers he killed the Immortal husband of Jennifer Hill, and she is now in love with him.

Gerard Kragen Kevin John Conway
Richie Ryan Stan Kirsch
Alec Hill John Novak
Jennifer Hill Kathy Evison
Genevive Lisa Butler

Little Tin God

An Immortal who set himself up as an Inca god has death in mind for MacLeod, who destroyed his little kingdom.

Reverend Bell Nathaniel DeVeaux
Dereck Roger R Gross
Gabriel Larca Andrew Divoff

The Messenger

Preaching love and peace, an Immortal finds it works until he meets the blood-drenched Colonel Colbraith.

Methos II Ron Perlman
Methos Peter Wingfield
Colonel William Everett Colbraith Robert Wisden
Richie Ryan Stan Kirsch

The Valkyrie

Immortal Ingrid Henning had a chance to kill Hitler in 1944 and failed. Ever since, she has been trying to atone for her mistake.

Methos Peter Wingfield
Ingrid Musetta Vander
Inspector Jan Triska

Comes A Horseman (Part 1 of 2)

Cassandra's adopted tribe in the Middle East Bronze Age, c.3000 BC, were put to the sword by the four horsemen, a ruthless band of brigands who assumed legendary status. Methos, she discovers, was one of the four.

Kronos Valentine Pelka
Methos Peter Wingfield
Cassandra Tracy Scoggins

Revelations 6:8 (Part 2 of 2)

Kronos holds the world to ransom and Methos must decide his own future by finally taking sides as the stakes get higher.

Silas Richard Ridings
(Rest of cast as before)

The Ransom Of Richard Redstone

Richie is kidnapped to raise cash for a crumbling chateau and its beautiful young owner.

Marina Sonia Godhunt
Eduardo Gary Hetherington
Baron Frank Middlemass
Richie Ryan Stan Kirsch


Madrid 1853 and MacLeod lost his love to Comsone, a ruthless Spaniard. Now the same Spaniard plans to marry the daughter of a man he murdered 25 years before - a flamenco dancer of MacLeod's acquaintance.

Comsone Anthony de Longis
Anna Hildago Carmen du Sautoy
Louisa Hildago Dolores Chaplain
Teresa Deborah Epstein

The Stone Of Scone

Mac, Hugh and Amanda spend fifteen minutes playing golf, and then steal the symbol of Scottish royalty.

Hugh FitzCairn Roger Daltrey
Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Andy Michael Culkin

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

An Englishman from 1745 comes seeking revenge on a Highlander who murdered his beloved lord during the rebellion.

Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Methos Peter Wingfield
Steven Keen Chris Larkin

The Modern Prometheus

The famous poet Lord Byron is alive and well but lives an empty and meaningless life as a rock star. Yet in 1816, his apparent death gives Mary Shelly the idea for an unforgettable story.

Lord Byron Jonathan Firth
Methos Peter Wingfield
Mike Jeffrey Ribier
Mary Shelley Tracy Keating
Maurice Michel Modo

Archangel (Part 1 of 3)

The unleashing of a satanic power causes MacLeod to experiences what appear to be visions of dead enemies. One of these visions cause him to mistakenly kill one of his closest friends.

Jason Landry Edward Jewesbury
Methos Peter Wingfield
Kronos Valentine Pelka
Allison Landry Emily Raymond
James Horton Peter Hudson
Richie Ryan Stan Kirsch
Foster Richard Temple


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