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Season Three

The Samurai

Back in America, MacLeod honours a commitment made in 1776 to a Samurai and his family in perpetuity. When Ishara, the warrior's descendant, thinks she has killed her husband, she goes to the Highlander for help.

Akira Yoshida Hiro Kanagawa
Midori Koto/Akira Maia Tamlyn Tomita
Michael Kent Stephen McHattie
Hideo Koto Robert Ito

Line Of Fire

Dawson has become a bar owner, Richie finds he may be a father, and Duncan is faced with an enemy from a century ago, an enemy who caused the destruction of an Indian family the Highlander was living with at the time.

Kern Randall 'Tex' Cobb
Donna Chandra West
Little Deer Michelle Thrush

The Revolutionary

After MacLeod disposes of a violence-loving Immortal, Charlie leaves the Dojo with foreign attaché Mara Leone to help the peace project in her home country.

Paul Karros Miguel Fernandes
Mara Leone Liliana Komorowska
Dr Ann Lindsey (intro) Lisa Howard

The Cross Of St Antoine

When Dawson's new girlfriend is murdered after the opening night of his new blues club, Duncan and Amanda promise to find the killer.

Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Armand Thorne/John Durgan Brion James
Priest David Longworth

Rite Of Passage

When Michelle discovers she is still alive after a fatal car crash, MacLeod must help her through her first frightening days of immortality.

Axel Rob Stewart
Michelle Webster Gabrielle Millar
Greg Webster Alan Scarfe
Amanda D'Arie Elizabeth Gracen
Nancy Webster Marie Stillin
Sharon Alexa Gilmour


An old friend of MacLeod's is burnt out from centuries of playing The Game and being challenged as one of the best swords. He has turned to drugs in an effort to regain his nerve.

Brion Cullen John Pyper Ferguson
Alan Kelly Jonathan Scarfe
Katherine Jennifer Copping
Lazlo Mark Acheson

The Lamb

MacLeod and Richie take in a ten year-old boy who asks for their protection. He is in fact 800 years old and has survived by fooling other Immortals into caring for him.

Charlie De Salvo (re-intro) Philip Akin
Kenny Myles Ferguson
Ross Eric Keenleyside


MacLeod finds an enemy with an obsession, and is reminded of his ordeal in the episode Line Of Fire.

David Keogh Cameron Bancroft
Jill Pelentay Nancy Sorel
Sarah Carter Sherry Miller


MacLeod is tormented by very real visions of his own death. Ann Lindsey is beginning to find Mac's secretive streak a little too much to bear, and calls time on their relationship.

Garrick Garwin Stanford
Hag Margaret Barton
Marcia Catherine Lough


When MacLeod is caught on videotape taking another Immortal's head, he finds himself the victim of blackmail. But the blackmailer wants more than money - he wants a murder committed.

Robert Bruce Denismore
Barbara Barbara Tyson
Johnny Kelly Fiddick


Benny Carbassa, an Immortal con-man and raconteur, lands MacLeod in trouble with an old-time gangster. There is added trouble when the gangster's wife recognises Duncan from fifty years ago. Ann decides she made a mistake in walking out, and Duncan gladly welcomes her back.

Simon Lang Ken Pogue
Benny Carbassa Tony Rosato
Peggy McCall Tamara Gorski
Margaret Lang Stella Stevens

They Also Serve

Immortal Michael Christian has been on an incredible run of what looks like good luck - but his time could soon be up. Rita, a misguided Watcher, is helping him by picking out weak Immortals, but he wants Duncan MacLeod.

Rita Mary Woronov
Michael Christian Barry Pepper
Ian Bancroft Michael Anderson Jr
May-Ling Shen Vivian Wu

Blind Faith

A religious leader dies on Anne's operating table and then returns from the dead. Unfortunately, it's something he makes a habit of.

Matthew Conrad Dunn
John Kirin/Cage Richard Lynch

Song Of The Executioner (Part 1 of 3)

Kalas, an Immortal sneak-killer, is determined to destroy those close to MacLeod, and then the Highlander himself. Eventually, with Ann thinking she's lost him after seeing his 'dead' body, he has to leave the country and head back to France.

Kalas David Robb
Brother Paul Eugene Lipinski
Marcia Catherine Lough

Star-Crossed (Part 2 of 3)

MacLeod returns to his barge home where he is reunited with old friend Hugh FitzCairn. Kalas is hot on his trail, and FitzCairn's life is changed forever by the evil Immortal.

Hugh FitzCairn Roger Daltrey
Kalas David Robb
Maurice (re-intro) Michael Modo
Naomi Valerie Zarrouk
Arianna Elodie Frenck
Inspector Virginie Peignien

Methos (Part 3 of 3)

Kalas is closing in on the Highlander, but both are distracted by the appearance of Methos, a legendary Immortal, supposedly the oldest of his kind, who took his first head over 5,000 years ago.

Kalas David Robb
Methos/Adam Pierson Peter Wingfield
Maria Campolo Carmen Chaplin

Take Back The Night

Ceirdwyn, a Celtic warrior princess who became Immortal in AD 61 (during Boudicca's revolt against Roman occupation), takes vengeance on the street killers of her lover. Duncan becomes involved through the brother of one of the killers, but he has other concerns - he has decided to bring Ann Lindsey back into his life, despite the fact that she thinks him dead.

Ceirdwyn Kim Johnston Ulrich
Boy Benjamin Pullen
Paolo Marc Edouard Leon


MacLeod tells Ann the truth about his immortality, whilst at the same time dealing with a Cossack Immortal turned drug dealer.

Tasha Selina Giles
Kristiv Alexis Daniel

Mortal Sins

Daimler, an Immortal whom MacLeod met in occupied France, is haunting a priest who, as a boy, helped 'kill' him. Ann is pregnant, and while Mac decides he is looking forward to being a surrogate father, Ann realises she cannot face any more of his lifestyle and flees back to the States.

Daimler Andrew Woodall
Father Bernard Roger Bret
Young Bernard Georges Janin
Young Georges Laurent Deutsch

Reasonable Doubt

Young Irish Immortal, trained for a life of crime by his former mentor, and involved with Maurice's willful niece Simone, gets on MacLeod's bad side by stealing a friend's da Vinci sketch.

Franklin Robert Cavanah
Simone Geraldine Cotte
Lucas Paudge Behan
Mistress Dolores Chaplin
Tarsis Richard Lintern

Finalé (Part 1)

The end of life as Immortals know it is threatened when the wife of a murdered Watcher gains access to his computer files and passes them onto a leading newspaper editor. The situation is further complicated when Amanda breaks Kalas out of prison in order to kill him for MacLeod - but she bungles the job.

Amanda Elizabeth Gracen
Kalas David Robb
Methos/Adam Peter Wingfield
Maurice Michael Modo
Xavier St Cloud Roland Gift
Christine Salzer Sian Webber
Nino Emmanuel Karsen

Finalé (Part 2)

Amanda is still trying to fight MacLeod's battles, and the two realise they have deep emotions for one another. Kalas has gained control of the Watcher database, and plans a final showdown.

Jacques Vemas George Harris
Martin Matthew Gecay
Sultan Karim Salah
(Rest of cast as before)


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