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Season One

Encounter At Farpoint (Part 1)

Stardate 41153.7: The recently-commissioned USS Enterprise NCC1701-D heads for Farpoint to collect its new First Officer, Commander Riker. Farpoint has been built miraculously fast to replace the inhabitants' previous rough dwellings, and the planet is applying to join the Federation. But all is not as it seems, and Counsellor Troi feels something is wrong there. An added menace is the appearance of Q, of the Q-Continuum. He puts the human race in the embodiment of Picard on trial for crimes against the galaxy. A 130-year old 'Bones' McCoy makes a guest appearance.

Dr Leonard McCoy DeForest Kelley
Q John de Lancie
Zorn Michael Bell

Encounter At Farpoint (Part 2)

Stardate 41153.8: The mystery of Farpoint station is uncovered, much to the dismay of the shifty Zorn, and Q apparently reaches a verdict of 'not-guilty' on Picard.

Q John de Lancie
Zorn Michael Bell

The Naked Now

Stardate 41209.2: A direct sequel to Captain Kirk's The Naked Time, in which the crew catch a variant of the same virus, the symptoms imitating intoxication. Once infected, the crew begin to enjoy themselves, from Tasha with Data to Beverly and the captain. Then a nearby sun finally goes supernova and they are ill-equipped to save themselves and the ship.

Chief Engineer McDougal Brooke Bundy
Engineer Jim Shimoda Benjamin W S Lum
Transporter Chief Michael Rider

Code Of Honor

Stardate 41235.25: Lt Tasha Yar is kidnapped by a non-Federation race called Ligonians, who have a semi-tribal civilisation mirroring that of Western Africa on Earth. Lutan, the local chief, with whom Picard is supposed to be trading for a vital medical supply, wishes Yar to become his first wife, but the present incumbent is naturally upset and challenges the security chief to single combat.

Lutan Jesse Lawrence Soloman

Where No One Has Gone Before

Stardate 41263.1: While on engine refinement tests, the Enterprise is shot out of the galaxy at a tremendous speed. How do the crew work out what happened and match that speed to get the ship back home in their lifetimes?

The Traveller Eric Menyuk
Chief Engineer Lt-Cmdr Argyle Biff Yeager
Kaszinsky Stanley Kamel
Picard's Mother Herta Ware

Lonely Among Us

Stardate 41249.3: Delivering mutually hostile delegates to a peace conference on Parliament, Enterprise begins to suffer systems failures. Initial suspects are the delegates, who are at war, but when an energy force, which has already affected Worf and Dr Crusher, kills Lt-Commander Singh, suspicion turns to the energy cloud through which the ship has just passed.

First Security Guard Colm Meaney
Antican Ambassador John Durbin
Assistant Chief Engineer Lt-Cmdr Singh Kavi Raz

The Last Outpost

Stardate 41386.4: In this first physical encounter with the Ferengi, Picard is chasing one of their ships after equipment was stolen from a Federation outpost. Suddenly, both vessels are held powerless in space. Riker and an away team beam down to the nearby planet and find themselves held captive by something far more powerful than the Ferengi.

Ferengi Damon Tar Armin Shimmerman
Portal Jake Dengel
Mordak Tracey Walter

The Battle

Stardate 41723.9: Picard commanded the USS Stargazer at the Battle of Maxia, nine years before, in which a Ferengi ship made an unprovoked attack and was destroyed because of it. Now, the derelict remains of the battered Stargazer have been found by Ferengi Damon Bok, and is presented to Picard. But Bok's motives are of revenge - his son was the commander of the ship Picard destroyed.

Damon Bok Frank Corsentini
Kazadah Doug Warhit


Stardate 41294.5: Deanna's mother, Lwaxana, arrives on the Enterprise and announces her daughter's impending marriage. Deanna isn't too pleased about it, but she must obey tradition. However, her intended groom is distracted by dreams of a beautiful woman, whose likeness he continually reproduces in sketches and paintings. At the same time, a Tirellian plague ship is heading for the planet Haven with the object of Wyatt's dreams on board.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Mr Hom Carel Struycken

Hide And Q

Stardate 41590.5: On the way to aid a stricken colony, the crew run into the Q entity again. Riker is offered the power of the Q Continuum, while his colleagues face the threat of Q's "Napoleonic Game".

Q John de Lancie
Injured Woman Ellen E Nanceen


Stardate 41255.6: When Wesley is accused of a crime that was more of an accident that a capital offence, a sentence of death on Rubicam III comes as a complete surprise on the seemingly idyllic planet.

Iban Brenda Bakke
Leotor Jay Louden
Conn Josh Clarke
Mediators David Q Combs and Richard Lavin
Edo Girl Judith Jones

Too Short A Season

Stardate 41309.5: An ageing and crippled Starfleet admiral is using an experimental drug to restore his youth and health while on the way to negotiate the release of terrorist hostages. But his past hides a dark secret that involves him personally in the negotiations.

Admiral Mark Jameson Clayton Rohner
Velum Jamieson Marsha Hunt
Karnas Michael Pataki

The Big Goodbye

Stardate 41997.7: Set on the holodeck, Picard plays out one of his detective novel fantasies, and gets caught up in a world of crime and double-dealing. He and his companions soon find they are trapped in a fake 1941 San Francisco.

Weylan Harvey Jason
Jessica Bradley Carolyn Allport
Madelaine Rhonda Aldrich
Cyrus Redblock Lawrence Tierney
Felix Leach William Boyett
Desk Sergeant Mike Genovese
Vendor Dick Miller


Stardate 41242.4: Data finds the base of his own creator twenty-six years after he was first found there, and discovers his own 'brother', his prototype version. Strangely, the planet's colonists are now all gone and the soil is lifeless. Data's brother, Lore, was active for a while, forming an alliance with the Crystalline Entity, which he led to the colonists. The Entity's next target is the Enterprise.

Lore Brent Spiner
Chief Engineer Argyll Biff Yaeger

Angel One

Stardate 41636.9: A matriarchal society on Angel One finds that survivors of a stricken cargo freighter upset their comfortable way of life by advocating the benefits of sexual equality. When the Enterprise crew arrives to effect a rescue, they find the men have already settled with their new families and don't want to go.

Mistress Biarta Karen Montgomery
Ariel Patricia McPhearson
Ramsey Sam Hemmings


Stardate 41365.9: The Enterprise docks at Starbase 74 to upgrade the ship's computer system and holodecks, but the Bynars, a species interdependent with computers, hijack the ship. Picard eventually discovers that their intentions are not completely bad.

(Cast unknown)

Home Soil

Stardate 41463.9: Terraformers on the sand-covered planet Velara III are shocked by the sudden death of one of their number. Examining the mystery, the Enterprise crew discover that the death was caused by intelligent particles of sand, who, because the terraformers were unwittingly killing them by changing the planet, have declared war on humankind.

Director Mandell Walter Gotell
Louisa Kim Elizabeth Lindsey

When The Bough Breaks

Stardate 41509.1: A sterile population on the planet Aldea kidnap some of the Enterprise's children, including Wesley, to guarantee their furthered existence as a race.

Radue Jerry Hardin

Coming Of Age

Stardate 41416.2: Wesley sits his first exams for eventual entry into Starfleet Academy, but he is not prepared for their intensity, or for the apparently all too real tests that follow. Back on the ship, in a prelude to the episode Conspiracy, Picard is visited by Admiral Quinn, who uses his ADC, Remick, to check Picard's trustworthiness by questioning the crew. When Quinn knows he can trust the captain, he voices suspicions of treachery at Starfleet HQ, and asks Picard for co-operation.

Admiral Quinn Ward Costello
Lt Commander Remick Robert Schenkenman


No Log. The population of the second of twin planets is being fed with addictive drugs to keep them pacified. Two such addicts threaten Riker when their supply is cut off, and they think they are dying.

Captain T'Jon Merrickk Butrick
Sobi Judson Scott
Romas Richard Lineback

The Arsenal Of Freedom

Stardate 41798.2: On Minos, a planet denuded of its arms-dealing civilisation, the crew find that the equipment they left behind is still functioning, and its efficiency is what caused the civilisation's destruction. They must fight to stop it causing theirs. While Picard is stranded on the planet, Chief Engineer Logan tries to take command from Lt LaForge when the ship comes under attack.

Arms Salesman Hologram Vincent Shiavelli

Heart Of Glory

Stardate 41503.7: A bunch of rogue Klingons, in suspended animation for some decades, are rescued from their crippled ship, and end up fighting their way through the Enterprise. Worf finds his loyalties divided between his duties as a Starfleet officer and his powerful Klingon heritage.

Commander Koris Vaughn Armstrong
With: Charles H Hyman

Skin Of Evil

Stardate 41601.3: On Vagra II a black amorphous blob refuses a rescue team entry to a crashed shuttle with Troi aboard. When they try to force the issue, Tasha Yar is killed, making for the most sickly, over-sentimental memorial epilogues ever seen on tv.

(No guest cast)

We'll Always Have Paris

Stardate 41697.9: A scientist's experiments are causing serious time distortion. Picard is feeling broody and uses the holodeck to recreate an event from his past: spring in Paris with the woman he loved.

Jenice Menheim Michelle Philips
Dr Paul Manheim Rod Loomis
Transporter Chief Herbert Lance Spellerberg
Gabrielle Isabel Lorca


Stardate 41775.5: The conspiracy that Picard was warned about in the episode Coming Of Age has finally come to fruition. Admiral Quinn, who warned Picard of the coming dangers, is now under the parasite creatures' control, and Picard gets suspicious, before returning to Earth and taking spectacular action.

Admiral Keel Jonathan Farewell
Admiral Savar Henry Darrow
Admiral Aaron Ray Reinhardt
Admiral Quinn Ward Costello
Lt Commander Remick Robert Schenkenman
Captain Rixx Michael Berryman
Captain Tryla Scott Ursaline Bryant

The Neutral Zone

Stardate 41986.0: The year is 2364. Enterprise finds a small ship in deep space with a crew from centuries ago in suspended animation. Then, following the complete disappearance of Federation bases along the Neutral Zone border, there is the first contact with the Romulans in many years. Their bases along the border have also been attacked by forces unknown, but, that aside, the Romulans announce their return to galactic affairs, and Starfleet is delivered a warning of future conflict.

Tabok Marc Alaimo
Romulan Number One Anthony Jaraes
L Q 'Sonny' Rippons Leon Rippy
Claire Raymond Grace Harrison
Ralph Offenhouse Peter Mark Richman


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