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Season Seven

Descent (Part 2)

Stardate 47025.4: Trapped by Lore's Borg, Picard, Troi and Geordi are placed in a cell and try to win Data around. Worf and Riker meet up with Hugh Borg who is forming an underground movement to counter Lore. Soon Borg faces Borg, and, with help in fighting the negative emotions being fed to him, Data defeats and deactivates his brother. Beverly Crusher, in command on the Enterprise, destroys the Borg ship and rescues the Starfleet personnel, while Hugh Borg, who cannot return to the Borg Collective, becomes the leader of his fellow individualistic Borg.

Lore Brent Spiner
Hugh Borg Jonathan del Arco
Crosis Borg Brian J Cousins
Ensign Tate Alex Datcher


No Log: Picard leaves the Enterprise with an alien ambassador while Worf and Troi have to deal with two others. Picard's shuttle crashes on a desolate planet and his ambassador is seemingly killed. The captain is injured but rescued by a human girl called Anna, who has been stranded for seven years. She keeps Picard a prisoner as she tries to help him recover. Picard soon realises there is more to Anna than just loneliness and misery.

Anna Barbara Williams


Stardate 47215.5: La Forge has a hard time believing that his mother is dead when the ship she captains is lost. While he is on a virtual reality-style investigation of a crashed ship, his mother appears to him, asking for help in freeing her and her crew. But appearances can be deceptive...

Dr La Forge Ben Vereen
Cpt Silva La Forge Madge Sinclair

Gambit (Part 1)

Stardate 47135.2: Picard has been killed on an undercover mission. With Riker now commanding the Enterprise, he must track down the art thieves responsible. Picard, of course, is not dead, but deeply embroiled with the villains he sought. He must convince them that he, too, is on the run from the Enterprise and arranges to destroy the Federation flagship as proof of his convictions.

Baran Richard Lynch
Tallera Robin Curtis
Vekor Caitlin Brown
Ensign Giusti Sabrina LeBeauf

Gambit (Part 2)

Stardate 47160.1: As Picard gathers new friends around him and tries to break Baran's grip over his followers, the Enterprise arrives in time to confront and apparently be defeated by Picard. Once again on the run, Picard slowly begins to realize that he is not the only Federation undercover agent in Baran's crew, but appearances can be deceptive, and he might fall for the double-bluff...

(Cast as for Part 1)


Stardate 47225.7: Data is having nightmares as a result of the new positronic impulses he uncovered in Birthright. Why are men dismantling the Enterprise? Why is Sigmund Freud giving Data advice? Why is Worf eating Deanna Troi-flavoured cake? When Data takes a knife to Troi in a turbo lift, the crew begin to suspect that Data might not be all right in the head after all.

(Guest cast unknown)

Dark Page

Stardate 47254.1: Mrs Troi is back aboard the Enterprise. Her role is that of Federation representative during talks with a telepathic race learning to use speech. Shortly after the dinner, Mrs Troi falls into a coma and Deanna has to try to delve deep into her mind to uncover the problem, which unfortunately is the Troi family's darkest secret. Because of this, Lwaxana doesn't want her daughter anywhere near her. A detail learnt is that Lwaxana married Deanna's father on Stardate 30626.1.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Deanna's Father Amick Byram
Kestra Troi Adreana Weiner
Maques Norman Large


Stardate 47304.2: Beaming down to Kesprit, a planet seeking Federation acceptance, Picard and Crusher are kidnapped and telepathically linked. As they try to escape their captors, they begin to learn things about each other which have lain unsaid and dormant for too many years. The problem is, when they are rescued and unlinked, where does their relationship go from here?

(Guest cast unknown)

Force Of Nature

Stardate 47310.2: Serova is convinced that every time Federation ships with warp capability pass her home solar system, tiny rips are appearing in the fabric of space. She will go to any lengths to convince the Federation that it will eventually rip the galaxy apart unless starship propulsion systems are changed. A disbelieving Federation is in no hurry to confirm this until Serova offers undeniable proof.

(Guest cast unknown)


Stardate 47410.2: A woman arrives on the Enterprise claiming to be the widow of Dr Noonian Soong. Data has no memory of her, but her claimed relationship effectively makes her his 'mother', and the android is thrown into confusion. Can she really be who she claims? Her description of life on the colony world where Data was found match his own recollections, but is there something more sinister behind her appearance?

Dr Noonian Soong Brent Spiner
Dr Juliana Taynor (née Soong) Fionnula Flanagan


Stardate 47391.2: Returning to the Enterprise, Worf suffers memory lapses and finds his perceptions are changing. People appear and disappear and situations alter with alarming frequency. When he discovers that he has been married to Deanna Troi for some years and has two children, Worf realizes that his problem is more than just a few blackouts. In fact, he has crossed dimensions into various alternate realities. When the realities start to merge he must find a way home. But which reality is home?

'Lt' Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton
'Dr' Alicia Ogawa Patti Yasutake

The Pegasus

Stardate 47457.1: The Enterprise is sent on a mission to recover the USS Pegasus, lost twelve years previously in mysterious circumstances. Amongst the few survivors after an apparently mutinous crew caused its destruction were Captain Pressman and Ensign William T Riker. Now an admiral, Pressman takes charge of the mission to retrieve a vital piece of experimental equipment and Riker is forced to betray his current captain and crew while under orders from Starfleet to remain quiet about Pressman's true purpose. There is also an explanation as to why the Federation doesn't use cloaking device technology.

Vice-Admiral Pressman Terry O'Quinn
Romulan Commander Sirol Michael Mack


Stardate 47423.9: Worf's human foster-brother, Nikolai, a Federation cultural liaison officer, has violated the Prime Directive by becoming involved with a doomed alien race that is not part of the Federation. In an attempt to save it, he has placed the survivors on the holodeck and all goes well until one of them accidentally gets out and discovers the truth.

Nikolai Paul Sorvino
Dobara Penny Johnson
Vorin Brian Markinson

Sub Rosa

No Log: After the funeral of her grandmother, Beverly becomes interested in her old diaries. They tell of a strange young lover whom no one else has ever met. No one, that is, except for Beverly, who then promptly resigns her commission to take her grandmother's place in more ways than one.

Ronin Duncan Regehr
Maturin Michael Keenan
Ned Quint Shay Duffin
Felisa Ellen Albertini Dow

Lower Decks

Stardate 47566.7: Four ensigns on the Enterprise are undergoing a promotion evaluation process. As they become more involved in their duties, they begin to realise that their friendship with one another is under threat. Then a top-secret mission involves the young officers, taking Ensign Sito on a dangerous trip into Cardassian space from which she is unlikely to return.

Nurse (Lt) Alicia Ogawa Patti Yasutake
Ensign (Lt) Sam Lavelle Dan Gauthier
Bajoran Ensign Sito Shannon Fill
Vulcan Ensign Taurik Alexander Enberg
Ten-Forward Steward Ben Bruce Beatty
Cardassian Joret Dil Don Reilly

Thine Own Self

Stardate 47611.2: Data is sent to the pre-technological world of Barkon IV to retrieve radioactive material from a crashed probe. However, when severely damaged on the planet, he loses his memory, becomes stranded and wanders into a village where he is believed to be a plague carrier, the result of contact with the radioactive material.

Talur Ronnie Claire Edwards
Gia Kimberly Cullum
Skoran Michael G Hagerty


Stardate 47615.2: Alien artifacts materialise on the Enterprise, and the ship is transformed piecemeal into the ancient alien society which created them. As the ship undergoes some severe redesign, Data becomes the pawn of multiple personalities determined to wage a centuries old war...

Eric Rickey D'Shon Collins

Eye Of The Beholder

Stardate 47622.1: The crew are shocked by the suicide of Lieutenant Kwan. Troi and Worf are assigned to investigate, and at the site of the lieutenant's death Troi feels panic and fear. Motivated by what he learned aboard the parallel universe Enterprise, Worf seeks more than friendship with Troi and amidst what becomes a dangerous investigation a new romance begins to blossom.

Lt Kwan Tim Lounibos
Walter Pierce Mark Rolaston
Lt Nara Nancy Harewood


Stardate 47653.2: Field tests of upgraded photon torpedoes force Picard and Data to venture out in a shuttlecraft to retrieve a rouge example. When they return, they find that something has caused all organic life aboard the Enterprise to regress to various stages of primeval states, from early amphibians to cavemen. Worf has given Troi a love bite, Riker is losing his higher mental functions, Nurse Ogawa is beginning to lose her posture, and Troi herself is feeling a desperate need for excess water. While Data tries to find an answer, Barclay sees the world through different eyes, and Spot the 'cat' gives birth...

Nurse Alissa Ogawa Patti Yasutake
Lt Reg Barclay Dwight Schultz
Ensign Dern Carlos Ferro

Journey's End

Stardate 47751.2: A disgruntled Wesley returns to the Enterprise, determined to leave Starfleet. He becomes involved with some Native American Indian settlers on a planet that is now within newly designated Cardassian space. However, this is just the start of a journey that will take him literally where no man has gone before.

Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton
The Traveller Eric Menyuk
Fleet Admiral Nechayev Natalija Nogulich
Gul Evek Richard Poe
Jack Crusher Doug Wert

First Born

Stardate 47779.4: An attempt is made on Worf's life and a distant cousin, K'Mtar, warns him that someone is trying to kill Alexander. The youngster meanwhile is none too keen on becoming a warrior and K'Mtar sets out to teach him everything he needs to know about Klingon life. But B'Etor and Lursa have some important evidence that Worf overlooks, and K'Mtar is not all he seems.

Quark Armin Shimmerman
Alexander Brian Bonsall
B'Etor Gwynyth Walsh
Lursa Barbara March
Eric Rickey D'Shon Collins
'K'Mtar' James Sloyan


Stardate 47829.1: An old Ferengi foe of Picard's returns, seeking vengeance once again for the death of his son. He announces that Picard also has a son and swears to kill him. It's news to Picard, however, who suddenly has to come to terms with having a son who isn't too keen on having a father after over twenty years.

Bok Lee Arenberg
Jason Vigo Ken Olandt
Security Lt Rhodes Amy Pietz


Stardate 47869.2: The ship seems to be playing tricks on everyone, and giving birth. By using the holodeck as an allegorical messenger, it suggests that bricks are important. While Data tries to stop himself being run over, Troi has a wall dropped on her and Geordi goes looking for a supernova to feed an emerging life form.

The Conductor David Huddleston
Hit-Man Vinny Argiro

Preemptive Strike

Stardate 47941.7: Returning to the Enterprise, a newly promoted Ro Laren is quickly given an undercover mission: infiltrate the Maquis and lead them into a trap so that Starfleet can avert war with the Cardassians. As Ro's new associates accept her, the Bajoran finds that there are two sides to every story. She must make a decision that will change her life - which side will she take in the conflict?

Lt Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
Fleet-Admiral Nechayev Natalija Nogulich
Gul Evek Richard Poe
Macias John Franklyn-Robbins
Santos William Thomas Jnr
Kalita Shannon Cochrane

All Good Things...

Stardate 47988.1: This final episode of the television series is a double-length special. While investigating a spatial anomaly in the Devron system, a region within the Neutral Zone, Picard finds himself inexplicably travelling between the Past, Present and Future. In the Past, seven years ago, Picard finds himself with Tasha Yar boarding the Enterprise for the first time on Stardate 41148 and beginning to relive the events during Encounter At Farpoint, while in the Future, 25 years away, he is a retired ambassador suffering from Irumodi Syndrome, a disease which causes mental deterioration. As his personal time warp continues, Picard learns that the key to his crises is the anomaly, which exists in a more dangerous form in the Past, and is undetectable in the Future. In that Future, Picard desperately attempts to convince Admiral Riker, the commander of the Enterprise, to investigate the rift with the help of Geordi LaForge, a best-selling author who now has electronic eye implants, and Cambridge Professor Data. When Riker refuses to help the 'insane' retired ambassador, Picard turns to his former wife, Beverly Picard, who is now captain of the research vessel, USS Pasteur, and Klingon Governor Worf for assistance. Then Picard returns to the Past, where he is once again charged with the crimes of Humanity by Q. Picard subsequently learns that his actions - not Q's - will destroy Mankind, and that Q is bouncing him around in Time to give him a chance to save his race. Ultimately, the Past, Present and Future Enterprises combine forces to fight the rift, with the fate of Humanity depending on their actions. The story is self-contained and neatly wraps up the tv series without dangling plot lines into the first of the films, entitled Star Trek: Generations.

Q John de Lancie
Tasha Yar Denise Crosby
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Tomalok Andreas Katsulas
Nurse Ogawa Patti Yasutake
Admiral Nakamora Clive Kusatsu
Jessel Pamela Kosh
Ensign Chilton Alison Brooks
Lt Gaines Tim Kelleher
Terellian Captain (cut from final take) Martha Hackett


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.