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Season Six

Time's Arrow (Part 2)

Stardate 46001.3: The search for Data continues in Earth's past. Picard meets Guinan for, what is for her, the first time, Mark Twain gets the wrong end of the stick, and gains a glimpse of his future, and Data discovers how he lost his head. The aliens, totally unrepentant, are destroyed by the Enterprise. 

Alien Pamela Kosh
(Rest of cast as before)

Realm Of Fear

Stardate 46041.1: An investigation aboard the deserted USS Yosemite brings new fears for Reg Barclay. Convinced that something is alive in the transporter beam, he tries to persuade the rest of the crew to investigate.

Lt Reg Barclay Dwight Schultz
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Nurse Ogawa Patti Yasutake

Man Of The People

Stardate 46071.6: Lumerian Ambassador Ramid Ves Alkar arrives on the Enterprise to mediate in a dispute in the Rekag Bironi system, and his embittered mother warns Deanna away. Confused, Troi becomes fascinated with the ambassador and begins to adopt new personality traits after the ambassador's mother dies.

Nurse Ogawa Patti Yasutake
Sev Maylar Lucy Boryer
Ambassador Alkar Chip Lucia
Leeva Susan French
Science Ensign Stephanie Erb


Stardate 46125.3: Outside a Dyson sphere, the Enterprise crew discover the crashed USS Jenolan. Trapped in the transporter buffer is former Enterprise Chief Engineer Captain Scott. On his way to retirement seventy years before, Scotty entered the transporter to survive when the Jenolan crashed on the Dyson sphere. When the Enterprise is dragged inside the sphere, Geordi teams up with his predecessor to mount a rescue.

Cpt Montgomery Scott James Doohan
Helm Ensign Raeger Lanei Chapman
Lt Bartel Stacie Foster
Ensign Erick Weiss


Stardate 46154.2 to 46191.2: Members of the crew start experiencing gaps in their recent memory, and they soon discover that they are being kidnapped and experimented on by subspace creatures. Riker must allow himself to be taken, but remain awake on the operating table.

Lt Shipley Scott T Trost
Helm Ensign Ciriel Raeger Lanei Chapman
Barber Mott Ken Thorley
Kaminer Angelina Fiordellisi

True Q

Stardate 46192.3: Whilst Picard and crew are trying to save the planet Tagra from disaster, a young woman on the Enterprise who possesses remarkable powers becomes confused when the sudden return of Q points to her being from the Q Continuum. However, Amanda Rogers does not want her powers, or to acknowledge her heritage - until Q shows her what she could achieve. She must choose between her humanity and becoming a member of the Q Continuum.

Q John de Lancie
Intern Amanda Rogers Olivia d'Abo


Stardate 46235.7: A transporter malfunction reduces a shuttle crew to pre-puberty just as the Enterprise falls into a Ferengi trap. With most of the crew besieged, the 'children' must find a way to return to their craft and regain their mature bodies.

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Child Picard David Tristan Birkin
Child Ro Laren Megan Parlen
Child Guinan Isis J Jones
Child Keiko Caroline Junko King
Alexander Brian Bonsall
Helm Ensign Tracy Walter
Damon Lurin Michael Snyder
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae

A Fistful Of Datas

Stardate 46271.5 to 46278.3: An eager Alexander convinces his father to join him in the wild west town of Deadwood whilst an engineering experiment on the holodeck's systems is being carried out. There they will seek out the bad guys as Sheriff Worf and his deputy. Worf is joined by Troi, but when all the characters in the town turn into replicas of Data and the holodeck cannot be switched off, it looks like curtains at sundown for the lawmen (and woman).

Alexander Brian Bonsall
Annie Joy Garrett

The Quality Of Life

Stardate 46307.2 to 46317.8: As work on an experimental station nears completion, a breakdown occurs. Station chief Dr Farallon sends one of her newly built Exocomps to repair the fault. As things return to normal, Data realizes that the Exocomps are acting independently to save themselves from damage. Hypothesizing that they are a new form of life, the android has to prove their sentiency to a skeptical crew, and to Dr Farallon.

Dr Farallon Ellen Bry
Transporter Engineer Kelso J Downing

Chain Of Command (Part 1)

Stardate 46357.4: Picard is ordered to stand down as captain. He, Crusher and Worf are sent undercover into the Cardassian zone, while the abrasive Captain Jellico assumes command of the Enterprise. When Picard is captured in a trap set up on Celtris III, the crew have to convince Jellico that rescuing their captain is as important as playing one-upmanship with the Cardassians. Meanwhile, the torture begins with details of Picard's life and the names of his parents, Maurice and Yvette Picard.

Vice-Admiral Nechayev Natalija Nogulich
Cpt Edward Jellico Ronnie Cox
Ferengi Lou Wagner
Gul Madred David Warner
Gul Lemek John Durbin

Chain Of Command (Part 2)

Stardate 46360.8: The Cardassian torturer, Gul Madred, is making life very painful for Picard, and he wants details of Federation defence strategies. Jellico, meanwhile, finds Riker's attitude too much and relieves him of his post, promoting Data. However, when he needs a good shuttle pilot to score a tactical victory over the Cardassian fleet, he has to swallow his pride. On Celtris III, Picard is close to collapsing.

Jil Oran (Madred's daughter) Heather Lauren Olsen
(Rest of cast as before)

Ship In A Bottle

Stardate 46424.1: Reg Barclay discovers Professor Moriarty, the sentient holodeck character Data once created to best him as Sherlock Holmes. Moriarty is anxious to leave the holodeck and to the astonishment of all, calmly walks into the Enterprise corridor. Enjoying his newfound freedom, Moriarty holds the ship hostage until Picard finds a way to free his sweetheart as well.

Lt Reg Barclay Dwight Schultz
Moriarty Daniel Davis
Countess Regina Bartholamew Stephanie Beacham


Stardate 46461.3: Aquiel Honore, a young lieutenant aboard a two-man space station, could be the cold-blooded killer behind an unspeakable murder. Geordi becomes fascinated by her and the two get closer, but could he be her next victim?

Lt Aquiel Honore Renee Jones
Klingon Governor Torag Wayne Grace
Klingon Cmdr Morag Reg E Cathey

Face Of The Enemy

Stardate 46519.1: Troi awakes to discover she has been kidnapped and surgically altered to look like a Romulan, and then forced to play the part of Major Rakal of the feared intelligence service, the Tal Shiar, in an elaborate scheme. Spock is behind the scheme, which aims to aid the defection of a top Romulan by means of Spock's under-ground organisation. (Worf has his hair tied back for the first time.)

Ensign DeSeva Barry Lynch
Romulan Cmdr Toreth Carolyn Seymour
Romulan Sub-Cmdr Nevek Scott MacDonald
Helm Ensign Pamela Winslow


No Log: After being attacked while on diplomatic duty, Picard is dying on the operating table, but Q is back and transports the captain back in time to his Academy days for his first mission. Picard has wished that he'd never become involved in the fight which caused him to have a plastic heart fitted, but with Q's help, avoiding the fight causes him to lose a lot more than simply an artificial heart.

Q John de Lancie
Ensign Corry Zwiller Ned Vaughn
Ensign Marta Patenades J C Brandy
Nausicaan Clint Carmichael
Picard Aged 21 Marcus Nash
Maurice Picard Clive Church
Penny Rae Norman

Birthright (Part 1)

Stardate 46578.4: The Enterprise calls at the newly liberated space station Deep Space Nine. There, Data discovers new levels to his mental powers after an accident with a piece of Bajoran hardware being experimented upon by Dr Julian Bashir, but first he has to discover just what is happening and why. Meanwhile, on the station, Worf is offered information on the whereabouts of his father, Mogh, by a rogue trader, and immediately sets off on a mission to free the Klingons taken prisoner during the attack on Khitomer which supposedly made him an orphan.

Dr Julian Bashir Siddig El Fadir
Jeglam Shrek James Cromwell
Gi'ral Cristine Rose
Ba'el, Tocath's daughter Jennifer Gatti
L'Kor Richard Herd
Dr Noonian Soong Brent Spiner

Birthright (Part 2)

Stardate 46579.2: Worf has been captured by the Romulans on the prison planet. But the situation is an odd one; the Khitomer prisoners would be disowned by their people if it was known they had been taken alive, so they live in relative peace with their Romulan 'captors'. Worf, however, has no intention of living his days as a prisoner and sets about inciting rebellion among the prisoners' children by instilling pride of their heritage into them. The system, which had survived for 23 years, breaks down, and the young are allowed to leave with Worf, on condition that they never reveal the existence of the planet or its Klingon prisoners.

Romulan Cmdr Tokath Alan Scarfe
Klingon Toq Sterling Macer Jnr
(Rest of cast as before)

Starship Mine

Stardate 46682.4: During a spell in drydock, Picard stumbles on a plot to steal Trilithium Resin from the empty starship's engines. This is a highly toxic and volatile waste product created by the warp engines.

Cmdr Hutchinson David Spielberg
Orton Glen Morshower
Kelsey Marie Marshall
Neil Tom Nibley
Kiros Patricia Tallman
Devor Tim Russ


Stardate 46693.1 to 46697.2: Picard is attracted to the new head of the ship's stellar cartography section, Lieutenant Commander Nella Darren. Picard's musical education with his new love features his link with a former life in The Inner Light. But can Picard continue to function dispassionately when Darren is heading an away team on a dangerous mission?

Lt-Cmdr Nella Darren Wendy Hughes

The Chase

Stardate 46731.5: Picard's old archaeologist friend and mentor Professor Galen invites him to join an expedition in search of a mysterious artifact. He has discovered that, when joined, certain fragments of DNA from many different worlds would form a four-and-a-half billion year-old computer programme. Unfortunately, the Cardassians, Klingons and Romulans have also learned of Galen's research.

Romulan Captain Maurice Röeves
Cardassian Gul Ocett Linda Thorson
Professor Galen Norman Lloyd
The Genetic Ancestor Salome Jens
Klingon Cpt Nudak John Cothran

Frame Of Mind

Stardate 46778.1: Riker is cast as a mental asylum inmate in one of Crusher's plays. But his participation in the play is simply a memory of the previous day, and he is now a prisoner in a real asylum on Tilonius IV, a planet which is lurching towards civil war. His main concern, while his captors use drugs to confuse his mind, is to work out just how much he sees is reality, and how much is simply related to his frame of mind.

Lt/Mr Soona David Selburg
Dr Cyrus Andrew Prine
Orderly Mavek Gary Werntz
Cmdr Bloom / Lyia Susanna Thompson


Stardate 46830.1: When an experimental shielding designed to enable vessels to make a closer approach to suns seems to fail, Beverly is suddenly accused of two murders, including that of a Ferengi scientist, and when she attempts to clear her name and investigate, she finds herself even more guilty and ends up facing the prospect of being court-martialled.

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Nurse Alicia Ogawa Patti Yasutake
Klingon Kurak Tricia O'Neal
Jobril James Huran
Ferengi Dr Reyga Peter Slutsker
Dr Christopher John S Ragin
Vulcan T'Pan Joan Stuart Morris

Rightful Heir

Stardate 46852.2:Worf goes to a Klingon spiritual world to seeks some answers and finds that the Klingon deity Kahless, the greatest Klingon warrior, seems to have returned from the dead and wants to rule the Empire again. Kahless turns out to be a clone produced from the physical remains of Kahless to challenge the rulers of the Klingon Empire. A compromise seems to be the only way to avoid another civil war.

Korath Alan Oppenheimer
Gowron Robert O'Reilly
Kahless Kevin Conway

Second Chances

Stardate 46915.2 to 46920.1: The Riker/Troi romance is finally dealt with when a duplicate of Riker is found stranded on a planet after a transporter mishap eight years before. The duplicate, still ranked lieutenant, has never fallen out of love with Troi, and immediately sets about romancing her. Commander Riker is none too pleased at this new arrival on the ship. The lieutenant adopts his middle name of Thomas to avoid confusion, and Troi is very taken by his charm.

Lt Thomas Riker Jonathan Frakes


Stardate 46944.2: Returning by shuttlecraft from an assignment, Troi, Geordi, Data and Picard find the Enterprise is frozen in time at the moment just before it will be destroyed whilst aiding a stricken Romulan warbird. Only the returning away team can possible aid the ship.

1st Alien Michael Bofshaver
2nd Alien Patricia Tallman

Descent (Part 1)

Stardate 46982.1: The Borg attack a Starfleet outpost and set an ambush for an Enterprise away team. But these are no ordinary Borg; they have a sense of identity, and their reactions, methods and emotions are far closer to human patterns than to the Borg collective consciousness. During the attack, Data also finds himself experiencing an emotion, that of anger, when he loses his temper and kills a Borg with his bare hands. In reaction to the new threat Starfleet sets up a strike force in the quadrant, led by a female Starfleet admiral, with a sub-team of three ships under Picard's command. They wait for an emergency call from one of the nervous Federation colonies, but when it comes, it is merely a ruse to draw the Enterprise away and plant a Borg on the ship who uses a built-in upgrade to initiate emotional responses in Data, so that he becomes confused. Data and the Borg, Crosis, leave the ship in a shuttlecraft and head for the Borg base planet. When Picard and his away team find it, they walk into a trap set by Lore, who has used his own emotion chip to reconfigure the Borg under his control, and also has control of Data. The final shot is of Picard, Geordi and Troi, standing back to back, surrounded by advancing Borg.

Professor Stephen Hawkins Himself
Sir Isaac Newton John Neville
Professor Albert Einstein Jim Norton
Admiral Nechayev Natalija Nogulich
Crosis Borg Brian J Cousins
Lore Brent Spiner


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.