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Season Three


Stardate 43125.80: As the crew prepare to launch a research unit to study a predicted starburst, microscopic Nanites (self-replicating robots created by nano-technology that are small enough to enter living cells) invade the ship's computer core. In a minor re-launch and change of style, the series opens with new title graphics. The Starfleet uniforms have the addition of low collars upon which are displayed their rank markings, and Beverly Crusher returns to sickbay.

Dr Stubbs Ken Jenkins
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Nurse Mary McCusker

The Survivors

Stardate 43152.4: The entire 11,000 inhabitants of the planet Rana have been destroyed with two old people surviving in a miraculously untouched patch of land. One turns out to be a superbeing in disguise who has maintained the image of his mate after her death. In his rage he destroys not only the planet's attackers, but their entire species.

Kevin Uxbridge John Anderson
Richan Uxbridge Anne Haney

The Ensigns Of Command

No Log: Starfleet has to make a treaty with hostile neighbours that includes giving up a planet settled 93 years before by humans. Data tells them they must leave or be destroyed by the new owners.

Marjory MacKenzie Eileen Seely
Gauchavon Mark L Taylor
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

Who Watches The Watchers?

Stardate 43173.5: Picard is god-worshipped by a primitive Vulcan-type people whose saviour they think he is. They capture Troi and plan to sacrifice her to him.

Oarji Kathrynn Leigh Scott

The Bonding

Stardate 43198.7: When the ship's archaeologist, Marla Astor, is killed on a mission led by Worf, the Klingon feels responsible for the son she left behind. But then a force on the planet generates a likeness of Marla to her son, offering protection and care forever.

Lt Marla Astor Susan Powell
Jeremy Astor Gabriel Damon
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

Booby Trap

Stardate 43205.6: Enterprise is ensnared in a deadly trap which is hidden amongst the rocks of an asteroid field. Geordi uses the holodeck to form the workshop of the ship's design engineer, Dr Leah Brahms, in an effort to find a way to break free of the trap, which is converting the ship's energy into lethal levels of radiation. Then Geordi calls up a holocopy of Leah herself, and finds she is rather attractive. (Enterprise-D's final design was approved in Stardate 40052.)

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Dr Leah Brahms Susan Gibney
Christy Henshaw Julie Warner

The Enemy

Stardate 43349.2: Geordi is stuck on a hostile planet with a stranded Romulan who shouldn't even be there. Rescue by the Enterprise is delayed when it clashes with a Romulan warship.

Commander Tomalok Andreas Katsulas
Centurion Bakhra John Snyder
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

The Price

Stardate 43385.6: A wormhole device for travelling immense distances instantaneously is up for sale. The Ferengi are top bidders but they don't get what they wanted. Troi finds herself swept off her feet by the dashing but conniving human representative of another bidder.

(Guest cast unknown)

The Vengeance Factor

Stardate 43421.9: Clan Wars have caused a young girl to be genetically altered so that she lives long enough to become an assassin and avenge her destroyed people. Picard finds his attempts to mediate between what remains of the two sides are being disrupted.

(Guest cast unknown)

The Defector

Stardate 43462.5: A Romulan defector bringing news that his people have built a base in the Neutral Zone leads the crew into a showdown that could erupt into full-scale war. It's Enterprise versus the Romulans. Fortunately the Klingons provide Picard with backup in a tense stand-off.

Commander Tomalok Andreas Katsulas
Admiral Jarok James Sloyan

The Hunted

Stardate 43489.2: A planet's army has been biologically re-engineered so that its men have become ultimate warriors. The trouble is, now that the war is over, they are considered a menace to society, and are to be imprisoned. One warrior appeals to Picard for help.

Rogar Danar Jeff McCarthy
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

Déjà Q

Stardate 43539.1: While investigating the deteriorating orbit of an asteroid, Enterprise has a visitor. Q has been punished by the Continuum for interfering in human development. The sentence is to live as a human, with absolutely no special powers. But why won't the humans trust him?

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Q John de Lancie

A Matter Of Perspective

Stardate 43610.4: Returning from a routine mission, Riker is accused of murdering a renowned scientist, who had accused him of seducing his wife, by blowing up his satellite research station. A trial is held on Enterprise's holodeck where the events are reconstructed.

Dr Apgar Mark Margolis
Manua Gina Hecht
Krag Craig Richard Nelson

Yesterday's Enterprise

Stardate 43625.2: Enterprise NCC1701-C, lost 24 years before, suddenly appears from a source of spacial disturbance which Enterprise-D under Picard has been monitoring. Suddenly the time lines are altered and the Federation has been at war with the Klingon Empire for over two decades. Picard's vessel is now a front line battleship, and their recent voyages of discovery have not occurred, so Tasha Yar is still alive. Only Guinan recognises the trouble and to correct events, Enterprise-C must re-enter the zone of disturbance and return to its past. The destruction it faces there will end the chance of war. Tasha volunteers to go with them and die in battle rather than cease to exist when time is put back on the rails.

Tasha Yar Denise Crosby
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

The Offspring

Stardate 43657.0: Lieutenant Data becomes a proud father when he creates an android in the shape of a beautiful woman. But small malfunctions begin to occur.

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Lal Hallie Todd

Sins Of The Father

Stardate 43685.2: The honour of Worf and his brother Kurn is called into question when evidence appears on the Klingon homeworld showing that their father was a traitor. The evidence is false and has been manufactured by Counsellor Duras, a contender for the leadership of the Empire.

Duras Patrick Massett
Kurn Tony Todd


Stardate 43714.1: An alien masquerades as Picard while the real Picard is being held with three others as part of a psychological experiment. He works out that one of his colleagues is the jailer, a member of an advanced but irresponsible race.

(Guest cast unknown) 

Captain's Holiday

Stardate 43745.2: Picard is forced to take shore leave on medical grounds. While on holiday he is involved in the hunt for the Utat, a destructive device from the 27th Century. A couple of criminals from the same time pose as officials looking for its return. A nosey Ferengi proves to be an extra hazard. And Picard has a brief affair with a rogue archaeologist called Vash.

Vash Jennifer Hetrick

Tin Man

Stardate 43779.3: A living spaceship is being sought after by the Romulans when it is detected near a sun that is about to go supernova. Enterprise is carrying an extra-sensitive Betazoid who mind-links with the entity and finds that it is lonely.

(Guest cast unknown)

Hollow Pursuits

Stardate 43807.4: Lt Reg Barclay is one of Geordi's engineers, but his work is suffering as he uses the holodeck to live out his fantasies. He becomes obsessed with the world he creates there and puts the ship in danger.

Lt Reg Barclay (intro) Dwight Schultz
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

The Most Toys

Stardate 43872.2: While carrying a dangerous cargo, Data's shuttle explodes. Geordi, unable to accept the death of his friend, suspects foul play and investigates. Data has been kidnapped and is expected by an unscrupulous merchant to be a display piece in his collection.

Farjoe Saul Rubinek
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney


Stardate 43917.4: Now aged 202, Spock's elderly father has re-married. Picard remembers first meeting him at his son's wedding about 25 years before. Now he is ready to retire, just wanting to complete a last diplomatic mission. He is also suffering from Bendai Syndrome, which is slowly robbing him of his Vulcan emotionlessness.

Sarek Mark Lenard
Perrin Joanna Miles
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

The High Ground

Stardate 43510.7: The Enterprise delivers medical supplies to Rutia IV after an outbreak of violent protest by a group of Ansata terrorists demanding autonomy. After a bomb explodes in a busy plaza, Dr Crusher is taken prisoner by the terrorists. Their people are dying because of the transporter technology they are using, but their leader, Finn, won't believe that the Federation are neutral, and mounts an attack on the Enterprise, bringing Picard directly into contact with their political struggle.

The Director of Police Kerrie Keane
Kirrol Finn Richard Cox

Ménage à Troi

Stardate 43939.7: Troi's mother is kidnapped by Ferengi to be used as a sexual plaything for the captain, and Troi and Riker are taken as bargaining chips. While aiding in their rescue, Wesley misses the opportunity to attend the Academy for another year and is given a field promotion by Picard to full ensign.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Damon Tog Frank Corsentino
Mr Hom Carel Struycken


Stardate 43957.2: A survivor of a ship destroyed by its own people is slowly evolving to the next stage of the race's existence - a being of light. Not all are willing to accept the change as a step forward.

Nurse Temple Patti Tippo
John Doe Mark Lamura
Cmdr Soonad Charles Denis
Christy Henshaw Julie Warner
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

The Best Of Both Worlds (Part 1)

Stardate 43989.1 to 43998.5: The Borg arrive in Federation space far sooner than was expected. Its now fight or die for Starfleet. After a dramatic but futile confrontation, Picard is captured in a lightning raid and transformed into the voice of the Borg. Riker has his own problems with Lt Commander Shelby, an ambitious officer who, apart from being an expert on what is known of the Borg, is also after Riker's job.

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Lt Commander Shelby Elizabeth Dennehy
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Admiral Hanson George Murdock


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