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Season Two

The Child

Stardate 42073.1: Season changes include a newly bearded Riker, Geordi is now Chief Engineer, Worf is the new Head of Security, Beverly Crusher has been posted as Head of Starfleet Medical, with brash Dr Pulaski as her replacement, and Wesley is now an official pre-Academy trainee crew member. In this episode, a disembodied intelligence decides to experience life from the human point of view - from birth to death and in a few days. It chooses Deanna Troi as its 'mother'.

Dr Kate Pulaski (intro) Diana Muldaur
Guinan (intro) Whoopi Goldberg

Where Silence Has Lease

Stardate 42193.6: Enterprise encounters an intelligent 'hole' in space that tries to engulf the ship, trying to learn the ways of human life - and death.

Navigation Ensign Earl Boen
O'Brien (intro) Colm Meaney

Elementary, Dear Data

Stardate 42286.3: While in disguise, Data and Geordi play Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck, and find a Moriarty intelligent enough to work out he isn't real.

Professor Moriarty Daniel Davis
Lt Clancey Ann Elizabeth Ramsey
Inspector Lestrade Alan Shearman

The Outrageous Okona

Stardate 42402.7: Data gains an education in comedy by using the holodeck, whilst the Enterprise goes to the aid of a disabled cargo ship and the crew meets its unusual captain - a handsome, dashing rogue with a price on his head.

Cpt Okona William O Campbell
Debbin Douglas Rowe
Secretary Kuchel Albert Stratton
Ynara Rosalind Ingledew (aka Rosalind Allen)
The Comic Joe Piscopo
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Transporter Technician Teri Hatcher

The Schizoid Man

Stardate 42437.5: When the brilliant but egocentric Doctor Graves dies of an incurable illness, Data suffers a split personality problem. Is Graves really dead, or did he perfect his method of transferring mind into machine?

Doctor Graves W Morgan Sheppard
Vulcan Lt Sela Suzie Plakson
Karine Briannan Barbara Alyn Woods

Loud As A Whisper

Stardate 42477.2: A deaf peace mediator loses his telepathic mouthpieces in an incident between warring factions. He has to come to terms with the loss and work out a way of continuing his job.

"Harmony" Marnie Mosiman
"The Scholar" Thomas Ogleby
"Passion" Leo Damian
Riva Howie Seago

Unnatural Selection

Stardate 42494.8: Pulaski catches a disease that threatens to kill her in a matter of hours. The mysterious disease, which accelerates the ageing process, is communicated to the ship when it answers an emergency call from a fellow starship, only to find the crew have all died of causes related to old age.

Dr Kingsly Patricia Smith
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

A Matter Of Honor

Stardate 42506.5: In an officer exchange program, Riker becomes temporary first officer on a Klingon ship, and has to stay alive long enough to see it through.

Benzite Ensign Mendon John Putch
Klingon Captain Kargan Christopher Collins
Klingon No.2 Brian Thompson
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

The Measure Of A Man

Stardate 42523.7: Data is wanted by Starfleet scientists so they can disassemble him and see what makes him tick. Picard is determined to arrange for a trial to show Data's right to life.

Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Cpt Philippa Louvoure Amanda McBroom
The Admiral Clive Katsutsu
Cmdr Bruce Maddox Brian Brophy

The Dauphin

Stardate 42568.8: Wesley falls in love with Salya, a young girl on her way to cement peace between two warring planets in marriage. Unfortunately, he doesn't realise that she is a shapeshifter.

Salya Paddi Edwards
Anya Jamie Hubbard
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Ensign Gibson Jennifer Barlow 


Stardate 42609.1: Going to the aid of its stricken sister-ship, which is searching for the homeworld of an ancient lost civilisation, Enterprise suffers the ill-effects of a computer virus that puts it out of action - then the Romulans show up looking for trouble, only to suffer the same problems.

Cpt Varley Thalmus Rasulala
Romulan Sub-Comm Tauras Carolyn Seymour
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

The Royale

Stardate 42625.4: The discovery of an ancient Art Force insignia leads Riker and the away team to enter a fake gambling casino, and they find the revolving exit doors only lead back inside.

Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Texas Nobel Willingham
Assistant Manager Sam Anderson
Vanessa Jill Jacobson

Time Squared

Stardate 42679.2: Enterprise encounters Picard's future double escaping from an identical Enterprise which is then destroyed. How can Picard avoid making the same mistake again.

Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

The Icarus Factor

Stardate 42686.4: Riker is offered the chance to command his own starship. But when his father, with whom relations are at best strained, arrives, torn loyalties are made even worse. Also, Worf is celebrating his tenth anniversary as an adult in typical Klingon fashion.

Kyle Riker Mitchell Ryan

Pen Pals

Stardate 42695.3 to 42741.3: Data discovers that a child on a dying volcanic planet is signalling into space for help, but the Federation can't show itself to a civilisation at this one's stage of development.

Ensign Davis Nicholas Cascone
Sarjenka Nikki Cox
Ensign Ann H Gillespie
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

Q Who?

Stardate 42761.3: Q takes Enterprise seventy light years into unexplored space and makes Picard face a new threat in the Borg. Guinan reveals the Borg destroyed her planet and scattered her people. The attractive Ensign Gomez is new to engineering and a bit on the nervous side.

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Q John de Lancie
Ensign Sonia Gomez Lycia Naff
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

Samaritan Snare

Stardate 42779.1: While undergoing a heart-valve replacement operation, Picard fights for his life in surgery. Elsewhere, LaForge performs a good deed for a crew of Paclids, apparently dimwitted spacefarers but with a streak of simple-minded ambitiousness, and the engineer is held hostage for his pains. All this serves to make Wesley's Starfleet exams seems vastly unimportant.

Ensign Sonia Gomez Lycia Naff
Reginard Leslie Morris
Surgeon Daniel Benzali

Up The Long Ladder

Stardate 42823.2: When a missing group of Earth colonists, Irish settlers stuck on a barely habitable planet since 2123, are rescued, and a second group of colonists have cloning problems, the crew find themselves caught in a culture clash between two races fighting for survival. But the Irish are a bit on the traditional side, and they won't give up their customs easily. One of them, Brenna O'Dell, takes a fancy to Riker.

Daniel O'Dell Barrie Ingham
Brenna O'Dell Rosalyn Landor
Prime Minister Jan de Vries
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney


Stardate 42859.2: Troi's mother, now an ambassador, beams aboard the ship, and is looking for a husband. She casts her eye on Picard. He escapes by emerging himself in another Dixon Hill escapade on the holodeck.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Mr Hom Carel Struycken
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Scarface Robert O'Reilly
Madelaine Rhonda Aldrich
Rex Rod Arrants
Ambassadors Robert Costanzo and Mick Fleetwood

The Emissary

Stardate 42901.3: A 75-year old Klingon ship is encountered, and they don't know that hostilities have ceased. Worf's half-human half-Klingon former love who is sent to re-educate them adds to the complications.

K'Ehleyr Suzie Plakson

Peak Performance

Stardate 42923.4: Riker commands a junk heap of a wargames ship, designed to give the Enterprise a work out. But the arrival of a Ferengi battleship disrupts events.

Seerla Kolrami Roy Brocksmith
Ferengi Armin Shimmerman

Shades Of Grey

Stardate 42976.1: Riker is in a coma after being stung by a poisonous alien plant, the poison of which enters his central nervous system. While he is slowly dying, his mind dreams of past episodes and events, and even manages a few clips from the films.

(No guest cast)


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