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Season Four

The Best Of Both Worlds (Part 2)

Stardate 44001.4: Starfleet musters at Wolf 359, with the Klingons sending warships to aid them. 40 ships in all collect to confront the Borg, but the first battle goes to the enemy, with Starfleet suffering heavy casualties, including some of their best and biggest ships. After the loss of Picard, Riker is given a field promotion to captain, and decides to mount his own surprise raid to snatch the converted Picard back. The raid succeeds, but the Borg head on to Earth. Data has to hurriedly link up with Picard and use his link with the Borg to force them to shut down and eventually self-destruct. Picard is re-humanised in surgery. The emergency now over, Commander Riker decides to refuse a Starfleet captain's commission and stay on the Enterprise.

(Cast as for Part 1) 


Stardate 44012.3: While Enterprise is being repaired in Earth orbit, the crew take a rare opportunity for some home leave. Picard visits his elder brother on the family estate in France, but they haven't got along for years, and old tensions resurface. All the time Picard is suffering from delayed shock due to the severity of his Borg encounter and matters reach a head when he finds himself being coerced into leaving Starfleet and taking up a sub-oceanic terraforming post. Meanwhile, Worf is visited on the ship by his human foster parents, much to his initial embarrassment, and Wesley finds a message from his late father, made at the time of his birth.

Robert Picard (brother) Jeremy Kemp
Marie Picard (sister-in-law) Samantha Eggar
Rene Picard (nephew) David Tristan Birkin
Jack Crusher (father) Doug Wert
Sergei Roshenko Theodore Bikel
Helena Roshenko Georgia Brown
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney


Stardate 44085.7: As the Enterprise is rushing a dying boy to a nearby Starbase, Data inexplicably takes over the controls and sends the ship in the opposite direction. Without being consciously aware of doing so, he is answering the call of his creator, Dr Noonian Soong, who has created a chip that will give Data emotions. But Data's brother, Lore, has also been forced to come, and he tricks his way into Data's place, stealing the chip and mortally wounding Dr Soong.

Dr Soong/Lore Brent Spiner
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney

Suddenly Human

Stardate 44143.7: War with the Talarians looms as Picard deliberates over whether to return a human boy to the Talarian step-father who has apparently been abusing him. The boy was one of the few survivors of a Talarian attack on a Federation colony many years ago, and now his surviving relatives are looking forward to his return. But by his very upbringing he is now a Talarian in all but appearance. The final choice can only be his.

(Guest cast unknown)

Remember Me

Stardate 44161.2: Wesley's experiment with warp fields goes disastrously wrong when he accidentally encapsulates his mother in a slowly collapsing warp bubble. All Beverley knows is what was created in the warp bubble at the time she was trapped there, a replica of the real Enterprise, but influenced by her thoughts so that people keep disappearing. Stage by stage, she works out what is happening, and by the time her prison is on the verge of total collapse, she finds there are only minutes for a desperate Wesley to rescue her. He finds that the return of The Traveller is all the help he needs.

Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
The Traveller Eric Menyuk


Stardate 44215.2: A rescue mission leads the crew of the Enterprise to the hostile home planet of their late comrade, Tasha Yar, where they encounter her mysterious sister, Ishara. A member of one of the two main warring factions on the planet, she uses Data's trust of her to attempt to strike a mortal blow against the other side. It is up to Data to stop her, but will his friendship with her weaken him?

Ishara Yar Beth Toussaint
Hayne (Coalition Leader) Don Mirault


Stardate 44246.3: Kimpek, the leader of the Klingon Empire is dying, poisoned by one of the two claimants to his position. Before he dies he chooses Picard to mediate between the two, and discover who is the murderer. He must choose correctly between the two, or the Empire could be plunged into civil war. The Klingon Ambassador to the Federation, and former mate of Worf's, K'Ehleyr (last seen in the Season 2 episode The Emissary), is also present, and has brought with her Worf's son, Alexander. K'Ehleyr is mortally wounded by the murderer, Duras, but before she dies she gives Worf responsibility for Alexander's upbringing. Worf then seeks out Duras and, in accordance with Klingon law, fights and kills him in combat.

Duras Patrick Massett
Gowron Robert O'Reilly
K'Ehleyr Suzie Plakson
Alexander Brian Bonsall

Future Imperfect

Stardate 44286.5: After contracting Alterian Virus whilst part of an Away Team, Riker collapses and awakes to find that sixteen years have passed him by. He is now Captain Riker and mediating in a peace solution with the Romulans. But things don't look right, and he eventually realises it's a trick. He is in a Romulan holodeck simulation and is a Romulan prisoner. He is helped to escape only to find that this, too, is a fantasy, created by a young alien, a refugee from a Romulan attack, whose loneliness has made him trap Riker.

Ambassador Tomalok Andreas Katsulas
Transporter Chief Hubbell April Grace
Nurse Patti Yasutake

Final Mission

Stardate 44307.3: Wesley gains a position at Starfleet Academy in the year's intake he was meant to be joining in Ménage à Troi, and, before his departure, Picard takes the boy on his final mission, to mediate between separate mining bases. But the shuttlecraft, belonging to a miner called Dirgo (played by Space: 1999's Nick Tate), goes out of control and crashes on an arid moon. Wesley finds himself struggling to keep a badly injured Captain Picard alive.

Captain Dirgo Nick Tate
Chairman Son Gee Kim Hamilton
Ensign Allenby Mary Kohnert

The Loss

Stardate 44356.9: While the Enterprise struggles to contend with a mysterious, two-dimensional life form that seems to be dragging it towards a hole in space, Troi inexplicably loses her empathic powers. This badly affects her ability to do her job, as her attempts to counsel Ensign Brooks after the death of the woman's husband prove.

Ensign Janet Brooks Kim Braden
Ensign Allenby Mary Kohnert
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

Data's Day

Stardate 44390.1: Data is compiling a report on an 'average' day on the ship for one of the scientists monitoring his development. A friend's impending wedding compounds Data's confusion about the complexities of human feelings. The friend is Keiko Ishikara, and the man she is marrying is Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward O'Brien, but there are complications. Data introduced the couple to one another, and is to give the bride away, so he feels responsible for sorting out the problems. Meanwhile, Picard has been duped into delivering a Romulan undercover agent posing as a Vulcan safely to a Romulan warbird in the Neutral Zone. (We also learn that it has been 1,550 days since the Enterprise-D was commissioned.)

Romulan Admiral Mendek Alan Scarfe
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Keiko Ishikara (intro) Rosalind Chao
Vulcan Ambassador T'Pel/Romulan Sierra Pecheur
Transporter Technician April Grace

The Wounded

Stardate 44429.6: The Cardassians have been at war with the Federation for some years, but a recent treaty has secured a tentative peace. Then Picard learns that a renegade Federation ship under the command of Chief O'Brien's former captain has destroyed an unarmed Cardassian science station. It is up to him to attempt to apprehend Starfleet's disgraced vessel and crew. But, with Cardassian assistance, he becomes witness to the destruction of hundreds of Cardassian lives.

Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Captain Ben Maxwell Bob Gunton
Gul Macet Marc Alaimo
Glen Darro John Hancock

Devil's Due

Stardate 44474.5: Answering a call for help from a terrorised planet, Picard finds himself confronting a powerful devil claiming her rights to the souls of all the inhabitants under a 1,000-year-old agreement.

Ardra Marta Dubois
Dr Clarke Paul Lambert
Jared Marcelo Tubert


Stardate 44502.7: After a 30-second blackout caused by a wormhole, the crew are shocked to discover that Data is lying to them. It seems he is only carrying out orders - but whose? Using the available clues, Picard discovers that he gave the orders, and they were meant to prevent the ship's destruction by the rabidly isolationist Pacsons.

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Dixon Hill's Secretary Pamela Winslow
Ensign McKnight Rhonda Aldrich
Nurse Patti Yasutake

First Contact

No Log: Riker is critically injured and stranded on a developing planet during a first contact mission. While he is unconscious. Malcorian doctors discover he is not of their race but decide to keep his presence a secret to avoid panic, believing that neither the citizens nor their rulers are ready to accept the presence of an alien. Then Picard makes an official first contact...

Lanel, the spaceman lover Bebe Neuwirth
Chancellor Durken George Coe
Space Administrator Mirasta Yale Carolyn Seymour
Minister of Security Crola George Hearn

Galaxy's Child

Stardate 44614.6: Geordi is thrilled to meet the woman who designed the ship's engines, but Dr Leah Brahms does not conform to his image. Problems also arise when the Enterprise accidentally kills an alien energy force and becomes the unwilling parent to its offspring.

Leah Brahms Susan Gibney
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Engineering Ensign Jana Marie Hupp
Transporter Technician April Grace

Night Terrors

Stardate 44631.2 to 44642.1: After locating a drifting science vessel with only one survivor on board, the crew of the Enterprise experience unexplained paranoia and hallucinations. The ship has become trapped in an unseen energy-nullifying field near two pulsars, and an alien ship, also trapped, is sending out telepathic messages which is indirectly causing the crews' problems.

Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Ensign Gillespie Duke Moosekian
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Cpt of the Britain Lanei Chapman
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

Identity Crisis

Stardate 44664.5: Geordi finds he was infected by an alien parasite during an away team mission some years ago. Now his former shipmates are disappearing, and only one remains. She transfers onto the Enterprise which investigates the problem, only to find the missing personnel have been mutated into a different species. How can Geordi prevent himself going the same way?

Cmdr Susanna Leijten Maryann Plunkett
Nurse Patti Yasutake
Ensign Graham Mona Grudt

The Nth Degree

Stardate 44704.2: Shy Lieutenant Barclay amazes his colleagues by becoming decisive and saving the ship from destruction. Suddenly it seems he is superhuman, with startling intellectual capacity. His powers have been granted him by an alien probe, but he ends up threatening the safety of the ship.

Lt Reg Barclay Dwight Schultz
Holodeck Einstein Jim Norton
Lt Curson Kay E Kuter


Stardate 44741.9: After a reunion with an old flame, Vash (whom he met in Captain's Holiday), Captain Picard realises he is still in love, but he won't admit it. So Q transforms him into Robin Hood and his beloved into Maid Marion, and sends them both, with assorted crew members, to Sherwood Forest. While Worf makes his feelings felt about his new costume, announcing, "I protest! I am not a Merry Man!", Picard has to decide if he will endanger the lives of fellow crewmen to rescue a Marion he claims he does not care about?

Q John de Lancie
Vash Jennifer Hetrick
Sir Guy Clive Revill
Servant Joi Stanton

The Drumhead

Stardate 44769.2 to 44780: An explosion aboard the Enterprise sparks a witch-hunt for a traitor hiding amongst the crew. A Klingon exobiologist on attachment admits guilt, having been passing secrets to the Romulans. There is a Klingon faction who think the Romulans would make better allies than the Federation. But a visiting Starfleet admiral takes matters much further, eventually declaring that she suspects Picard himself of being a traitor. He must prove that the admiral is being more than enthusiastic in her job.

Admiral Nora Satie Jean Simmons
Betazoid Aide Sabin Bruce French
Crewman Simon Tarses Spencer Garrett
Klingon J'Ddan Henry Woronicz

Half A Life

Stardate 44805.3 to 44812.6: An alien scientist uses the ship in conjunction with helium ignition tests on his homeworld's dying sun, but the first attempt fails, and Dr Timicin must return home to commit suicide - he has reached his planet's decreed maximum age of sixty years. Mrs Troi is also on the ship and tries her utmost to persuade him to rebel against the system.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Dr Timicin David Ogden Stears
Dara Michelle Forbes
Mr Hom Carel Struycken

The Host

Stardate 44821.3: Dr Crusher has fallen in love with Trill Ambassador Odan, who is mediating between the belligerent inhabitants of a world's two moons. When the ambassador's shuttlecraft comes under attack and he is critically injured, Beverly makes a shattering discovery which she doubts she will ever be able to come to terms with. This episode serves to introduce the Trill race better associated with Jadzia Dax of Deep Space Nine.

Ambassador Odan Franc Luz
Leka Barbara Tarbuck
Kareel (Odan) Nicole Orth-Pallavicini
Nurse Patti Yasutake

The Mind's Eye

Stardate 44885.5 to 44896.9: Geordi is kidnapped by Romulan forces and subjected to days of horrific brainwashing. Klingon Ambassador Kel is on the Enterprise tracking Klingon rebels who have attacked ships in a border area. Together with Picard, the ambassador discovers the Romulans are arming the rebels with weapons built to resemble those of the Federation to ferment disruption in the Federation-Klingon Alliance, the first whisperings of such reverberating from the episode The Drumhead. Geordi has been programmed to kill a Klingon governor and start a war which will enable the Romulans to cement relations with the Klingons and destroy the Federation.

Klingon Ambassador Kel Larry Dobkin
Romulan Commander ?
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Klingon Governor Varg Edward Wiley

In Theory

Stardate 44932.3: Ensign Jenna DeSaura falls for Data whilst on the rebound, and Data constructs a programme to deal with romance and relationships with her in mind. It takes a while to fine-tune the programme, and Data's mistakes are an education in themselves. Meanwhile, Dark Matter pockets within a stellar nebula are causing fatal instabilities in the ship's structure.

Ensign Jenna DeSaura Michele Scarabelli
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Ensign McKnight Pamela Winslow
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

Redemption (Part 1)

Stardate 44995.3 to 44998.3: Captain Picard is drawn into an argument which threatens to cause civil war in the Klingon Empire. Gowron, who won the race for nomination as leader of the Klingon Empire when Worf killed his rival, Duras, in Reunion, is being seriously challenged by Duras' sisters, Lursa and B'Etor. They plan to use their large element of support to militarily challenge the new leader in a civil war, their real backing coming from the Romulans, headed by a Commander who bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Lt Tasha Yar. Worf is also drawn into the fight and, when Picard refuses to become involved, resigns his commission to become weapons officer on Gowron's flagship, regaining his family honour in the process.

Gowron Robert O'Reilly
Romulan Commander Denise Crosby
Kurn (Worf's Brother) Tony Todd
Lursa Barbara March
B'Etor Gwynyth Walsh
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg


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