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Season Five

Redemption (Part 2)

Stardate 45020.4 to 45025.4: The Klingon Civil War is a reality. Worf is now serving with his brother, and their ship barely escapes destruction in a vicious dog-fight. Gowron seems to be losing ground, and Picard realises he must help by blockading the Romulan flow of arms to the Duras forces. Then Picard meets Commander Sila. With hers and Guinan's help he discovers that, after Yesterday's Enterprise, it seems that the Romulans destroyed Enterprise-C twenty-four years ago and took prisoners, including Yar, who became the consort of a Romulan general to spare the lives of her fellow prisoners. She was executed some years later whilst trying to escape. Meanwhile, Gowron is advised to make an all-out attack on the Duras forces which eventually forces the Romulans, and Sila, out into the open and out of the fight. Gowron then cleans up the Klingon opposition. Lursa and B'Etor escape, and Worf is reinstated onto the Enterprise after serving Gowron's forces heroically.

Romulan Commander Sela Denise Crosby
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
(Rest of cast as before)


Stardate 45047.2: The crew of the Enterprise are rendered helpless when they meet the Tamarians, whose method of communication is through metaphorical imagery. Not realising this at first, Picard is trapped on a planet with the Tamarian captain, fighting a semi-invisible creature of ferocious strength. The only advice Captain Dathon can give is "Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra", and Picard must learn the alien method of communication to save both their lives.

Captain Dathon Paul Winfield
Tamarian First Officer Richard Allen
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Ensign Lefler Ashley Judd

Ensign Ro

Stardate 45076.3: Picard suspects a high-level Federation conspiracy when the crew is ordered to locate the leader of a renegade group of Bajorans who are presumed to have destroyed a Federation base. The true culprits were the Cardassians, and they have tricked a Starfleet admiral into providing for the easy disposal of the dispossessed Bajorans whom they themselves are unable to reach. Ro, a Bajoran fired with the justice of her people's cause, is assigned to help Picard on his mission, but her record is far from spotless.

Ensign Ro Laren (intro) Michelle Forbes
Kiv Felor Scott Marlowe
Admiral Kenelly Cliff Potts
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Barber Mott Ken Thorley
Orta Jeffrey Hayenga
Dolak Frank Collison

Silicon Avatar

Stardate 45122.3 to 45129.2: The Crystalline Entity destroys the Federation colony on Melon IV, killing Riker's present amour. The Enterprise tracks the Entity down, assisted by xenologist Kyla Marr. Marr's son was killed on Omicron Theta, where Data was created, and she blames Lore, and by implication Data, for the loss. Still grieving, she subverts Picard's attempts at communication into a mortal blow for the Entity.

Carmen de Vere Susan Diol
Dr Kyla Marr Ellen Geer
Voice of Richard Marr Joe Menosky


Stardate 45156.1: The Enterprise suffers a collision which severely damages it, causing widespread damage throughout the ship, and trapping Picard and three child science project students in a turbolift. Communications are out, the bridge and engineering are inaccessible, and Lt Monroe, officer of the watch, is dead. As highest ranking officer on the bridge, an inexperienced Troi is in command, Worf has to deliver Keiko's baby in Ten-Forward, and Picard makes a crew of the children to get them out of the imperiled turbolift.

Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
Merissa Erika Flores
Ensign Monroe Jana Marie Hupp

The Game

Stardate 45208.2: On Risa for shore leave, Riker is introduced to an addictive VR game by Etana, and he brings it back to the ship. Wesley also arrives whilst on leave, and finds himself getting close to Robin Lefler, a beautiful young engineering ensign. Together, they realise Riker's game is taking over the crew, in preparation for a Katarian invasion of the ship.

Ensign Robin Lefler Ashley Judd
Etana Katherine Moffat
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney
Nurse Patti Yasutake
Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton

Unification (Part 1)

Stardate 45233.1 to 45240.6: Sarek's medical condition is worsening, and Picard receives word that his son Spock seems to have defected to the Romulans. Picard gains the loan of a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey and travels with Data to Romulus. Disguised as Romulans, the two are befriended by peace sympathiser Pardek, and are taken to meet Spock, where Picard must deliver the news of his father's death. (At the episode's opening, a memorial to the death of Gene Roddenberry is screened.)

Ambassador Spock Leonard Nimoy
Fleet Admiral Bracket Karen Hensel
Sarek Mark Lenard
Perrin Joanna Miles
Dokachin Graham Jarvis
Klingon Ambassador B'ljik Erick Avari
Romulan Pro Consul Norman Large
Klingon Cpt K'Vada Stephen D Root
Romulan Ambassador Pardek Malachi Throne

Unification (Part 2)

Stardate 45245.8: Picard learns that Spock is attempting to bring about a reunification between Romulus and Vulcan. Many Romulans are becoming more in tune with Vulcan ideas of logic and peace, and are disenchanted with the policies of confrontation. Upon hearing this, the Romulan Pro Consul, aided by Commander Sela, hatches a plot to invade Vulcan under the flag of peace. Picard, Spock and Data on Romulus, and an observant Riker on the Enterprise, manage to foil the attempt, and Spock elects to remain behind to continue the peace movement.

Ambassador Spock Leonard Nimoy
Romulan Pro Consul Norman Large
Klingon Cpt K'Vada Stephen D Root
Romulan Ambassador Pardek Malachi Throne
Ditan Daniel Roebuck
Sela Denise Crosby

A Matter Of Time

Stardate 45349.1: While investigating an accident on Penthara IV which could lead to a nuclear-winter-effect, Picard and crew have a visitor from the future, the 26th century, to be precise. But the visitor, Rasmussen, is a fake. He stole the time machine when the true owner visited his own 22nd century, and he's looking for some technology that he can take home and 'invent'.

'Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen' Matt Frewer
Dr Mosely Stefan Gierasch
Helm Ensign Sheila Franklyn

New Ground

Stardate 45376.3: While a new method of starship propulsion is being tested, Worf's foster mother and Alexander, his son, arrive on the ship. Worf gets quite a shock when he discovers that his son (born on Stardate 43205) wants to live with him on the Enterprise. The experiment is only a partial success, and endangers a nearby colony, so Worf has his hands full dealing with the emergency and his son's rather disruptive presence.

Helena Roshenko Georgia Brown
Alexander Brian Bonsall
Teacher Mrs Lowry Kyle Jennifer Edwards
Helm Ensign Sheila Franklin

Hero Worship

Stardate 45397.3: A boy who is rescued from a crippled starship takes Data as his role model. His parents were both killed when the ship came under 'attack'. But Picard discovers the survey ship wasn't attacked, instead being battered by reflections of its own power in a cloud of Dark Matter.

Helm Ensign Sheila Franklin
Timothy Joshua Harris


Stardate 45429.3 to 45435.8: The Ulian delegation, a family of three who are visiting the Enterprise, are able to unwrap the long-forgotten memories of willing volunteers. Their son, Jev, is tired of his father's over-bearing attitude and has initiated a little fun of his own. He sends Riker, Troi and Dr Crusher into unexplained comas after being shocked by waking memories that have been altered to include Jev himself.

Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Tarmin David Sage
Jev Ben Lemon
Jack Crusher Doug Wert

The Masterpiece Society

Stardate 45470.1: The Enterprise tries to help a genetically engineered colony whose environment is threatened by the arrival in their system of a stellar core fragment. The society must agree to be evacuated or die, but Hannah Bates, their top scientist, discovers a way of deflecting the fragment, and then realises there is more to life than her 'perfect' society.

Aaron Coner John Snyder
Hannah Bates Dey Young
Martin Benbeck Ron Canada
Helm Ensign Sheila Franklin


Stardate 45494.2: After being probed by an unidentified ship, and suffering a total memory blackout, the crew of the Enterprise come to the mistaken conclusion that they are at war, and Worf thinks he must be the ship's commander. The ship's database has been tampered with to show that the Federation's enemy has a central command vessel that must be destroyed, but Picard has grave misgivings about being on such a mission.

Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
'Exec Officer Commander McDuff' Erich Anderson
Kristin Liz Vassey
Crewman Erick Weiss

Power Play

Stardate 45571.2: After crash-landing on an M-class moon, Troi, Data and O'Brien become host to the disembodied consciousness of alien convicts, trapped on their prison colony. The three convicts attempt to stage a violent mutiny on the Enterprise in an attempt to rescue their fellow prisoners and return to their homeworld. When the plan fails they attack Ten-Forward and take hostages.

Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Security Officer Patricia Tallman
Chief O'Brien Colm Meaney


Stardate 45587.3: When an accident paralyses Worf from the waist down, he decides, controversially, to follow the Klingon tradition of ritual suicide. Then Dr Russell arrives from the Potemkin with some revolutionary research which she is hoping to test on a volunteer. However, her approach to medicine is cavalier and she clashes with Dr Crusher. A decision must be taken: whether or not to allow Dr Russell to try out her experiment and risk Worf's life.

Nurse Patti Yasutake
Alexander Brian Bonsall
Dr Russell Caroline Kava

The Outcast

Stardate 45614.6 to 45620.4: A rescue mission leads to a dangerous liaison between Riker and a rebellious member of an androgynous race. Riker and Soren begin by comparing differences between their species, and become closer as the days pass. But Soren's behaviour has not gone unnoticed, and she is considered a misfit. (The date given for the founding of the Federation is AD 2161.)

Soren Melinda Culea
Krite Megan Cole

Cause And Effect

Stardate 45652.1: Caught in a time loop which leads to collision with another starship and the destruction of the Enterprise, the crew are re-experiencing the same day and events. Eventually, they begin to realise they are repeating themselves, but how can they break the loop? (The present year is reported as being 2358.)

Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
Nurse Ogawa Patti Yasutake
Cpt Morgan Bateman Kelsey Grammar

The First Duty

Stardate 45703.9: Wesley and his classmates are involved in a cover-up when a cadet is killed in what seems to be a flight training accident. Picard investigates and finds the Starfleet Academy team was attempting a dangerous and banned manoeuvre. Will Wesley stand by his classmates or decide that the truth is more important?

Cadet Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton
Admiral Brand Jacqueline Brookes
Cmdr Albert Ed Lauter
Bajoran Cadet Sito Shannon Fill
Cadet Jean Hajar Walker Brandt
Ensign Nick Locarno Robert Duncan McNeill

Cost Of Living

Stardate 45733.6: A metal parasite infects the Enterprise and threatens its vital systems. Troi's unconventional mother shocks the Enterprise crew when she announces her intention to marry. At the same time, she decides to take a hand in the social education of Worf's son.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Alexander Brian Bonsall
Minister Campio Tony Jay
Mr Hom Carel Struycken

The Perfect Mate

Stardate 45761.3 to 45766.1: An empathic metamorph is being shipped as a peace offering in a war between the planets of Krios and Valt Minor. When a rescued Ferengi accidentally breaks Camella's suspended animation capsule, she drifts to Picard for emotional support.

Camella Famke Jansson
Transporter Technician April Grace
Ambassador Briem Tim O'Conner
Ferengi Par Lenor Max Grodénchik
Chancellor Ulric Michael Snyder

Imaginary Friend

Stardate 45852.1: A young girl on the Enterprise is visited by an energy force which befriends her and, ignoring regulations, takes her to restricted places on the ship that she wants to see. Picard soon discovers that what everyone had thought was an imaginary friend is now very real indeed. But is it really a friend?

Clara Sutter Noley Thornton
Nurse Ogawa Patti Yasutake
'Isabella' Shay Astar
Ensign Sutter Jeff Alin
Alexander Brian Bonsall
Helm Ensign Sheila Franklin
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

I Borg

Stardate 45854.2: The Enterprise crew rescue a critically-injured Borg, with surprising consequences. While developing a system virus for the Borg to carry back to the Collective, Geordi begins to discern signs of inquisitiveness and independent thinking. Can Picard still infect the Borg with what may prove a fatal disease?

Hugh Borg Jonathan Del Arco
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg

The Next Phase

Stardate 45897.4: An away team beam over to aid a stricken Romulan ship. When transporting back, Ensign Ro and Geordi suffer an accident and are pronounced dead. But the Romulans were running an experiment with phased cloaking, and the two Starfleet officers find they are shielded from ordinary sight. Their main problem is how to warn Picard that the Romulans have sabotaged the Enterprise to hide any evidence.

Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes
Romulan Science Officer Mirok Tomas Kopache
Chief Petty Officer Brosmer Susanna Thompson 

The Inner Light

Stardate 45944.1: An alien probe transfers Picard's consciousness into the body of a farmer on a drought-stricken, dying planet. There, he lives a full lifetime with his wife and children, with all the pitfalls of such a life, including his own old age. Then, before he is returned to the Enterprise, his loved ones explain that what he experienced was the life of one of the dying planet's people, shortly before its sun went nova, over a thousand years before.

Elleen Margot Rose
Council Leader Batai Richard Riele
Marybor Jennifer Nash
Nurse Ogawa Patti Yasutake

Time's Arrow (Part 1)

Stardate 45959.1 to 45965.3: Data's head is found in diggings on Earth, and its burial is dated to the late 19th century. While investigating the presence of time travelling aliens, he is transported there. He finds that Guinan is also there, but it is a Guinan of 500 years ago, and she only recognises his extra-terrestrial nature when he mentions he is from a starship. Picard leads an away team to the aliens' base, where they are feeding on human life force, and enters the time gate.

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) Jerry Hardin
Jack London Michael Aron
Guinan Whoopi Goldberg
Mrs Carmichael Pamela Kosh
With: Alexander Enberg


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.