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Season One

The Caretaker

Stardate 48315.6: The Voyager, chasing a Maquis ship with a Starfleet agent on board, is thrown into the Delta Quadrant. The crew depleted by the violent experience, Captain Janeway is forced to take the surviving Maquis on board as they discover the Caretaker, a powerful alien who is acting as guardian to a ravaged planet and its inhabitants. He is dying, and he is their only way of returning home.

Gul Evek Richard Poe
Quark Armin Shimmerman
The Caretaker Basil Langton
Jabin Gavan O'Herlihy
Lt Stadi Alicia Coppola
Doctor Jeff McCarthy
Mark Stan Ivar
Toscat David Selburg
Ocampa Doctor Bruce French
Ocampa Nurse Jennifer Parsons


Stardate 48439.7: As the Maquis and Starfleet crews quarrel over rank, the ship is drawn towards a Quantum Singularity, and another ship appears to be calling for help. The ship appears strangely familiar, though.

Seska Martha Hackett
Lt Carey Josh Clark
Jarvin Justin Williams

Time And Again

Stardate 48498.7: Paris and Janeway find the remnants of a civilisation, destroyed completely by a recent detonation. Suddenly they are caught in a temporal rift and transported back a few days to share the doomed civilisation's last days.

Makull Nicholas Surovy
Terla Joel Polis
Litka Brady Bluhm
Shopkeeper Ryan McDonald
Officer Steve Vaught


Stardate 48532.4: On an exploratory mission in search of new fuel stocks, Neelix is kidnapped and then returned by the alien Vidians, minus his lungs. While the Doctor fights to keep him alive, Janeway must negotiate for the return of his organs.

Seska Martha Hackett
Dereth Cully Fredrickson
Motura Stephen B Rappaport

The Cloud

Stardate 48546.2: The Voyager enters a nebula in search of fuel, only to discover it is a life form which they have injured. They must effect surgery on it to save its life.

Gaunt Gary Larry A Hankin
Ricky Angela Dohrmann
Sandrine Judy Geeson
The Gigolo Luigi Amodeo

Eye Of The Needle

Stardate 48579.4: Hopes are high when a small wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant is discovered. The crew are able to make contact with a Romulan ship on the other side, but the wormhole is too small to travel through. (The year is 2371.)

Lord Burleigh Michael Cumpsty
Mrs Templeton Carolyn Seymour
Baxter Tom Virtue
Telek Vaughn Armstrong

Ex Post Facto

Stardate 48610.1: Though wrongly accused of a scientist's murder, Paris is sentenced to keep reliving it as the victim. Tuvok determines to discover the truth.

Lidell Robin McKee
Minister Kray Francis Guinan
Doctor Aaron Lustig


Stardate 48623.5: Finding what appears to be a burial site, Kim is accidentally transported to their planet of origin. The locals believe in an afterlife, assuming that the Federation officer is some sort of reincarnation.

Seska Martha Hackett
Dr Neria Jerry Hardin
Hatil Jeffrey Alan Chandler
Hatil's Wife Robin Groves
Ptera Cecile Calan

Prime Factors

Stardate 48635.8: The Voyager crew discover a race with an astonishing transporter system that could significantly reduce their time in the Delta Quadrant.

Seska Martha Hackett
Carey Josh Clark
Gath Ronald Guttman
Eudana Yvonne Suhor
Jaret Andrew Hill Newman

State Of Flux

Stardate 48658.2: Someone on the ship is selling Federation technology to the Kazon in an attempt to barter a quick way home. Janeway and Chakotay are forced to examine the loyalties of their respective crews.

Seska Martha Hackett
Carey Josh Clark
Kazon Anthony DeLongis

Heroes And Demons

Stardate 48693.2: Kim is re-enacting the Beowulf poem on the holodeck when he disappears, apparently a victim of Grendel. It seems the only person who can safely operate on the malfunctioning holodeck is the Doctor, who undertakes his first 'away mission' with pride.

Freya Marjorie Monaghan
Unferth Christopher Neane
Hrothgar Michael Keenan


Stardate 48734.2: Chakotay and Tuvok return to the ship after an accident in Space, leaving the commander in a coma. As he seems to slip away, an alien force boards the ship and begins to take over each of the crew in turn.

Durst Brian Markinson
Lord Burleigh Michael Cumpsty
Mrs Templeton Carolyn Seymour


Stardate 48784.2: Paris, B'Elanna and Durst are captured by the phage-infected Vidians. A Vidian scientist discovers a way to split B'Elanna's DNA, separating her into two people, one full human and one full Klingon. But can the two new B'Elannas survive without each other?

Durst Brian Markinson
Talaxian Prisoner Rob LaBelle
Overseer Barton Tinapp


Stardate 48832.1: The Haakonian scientist responsible for the destruction of thousands of Talaxians arrives on board. He informs an embittered Neelix that the cook has a disease as a result of his exposure to dangerous radiation. Neelix not only distrusts Jetrel's motives but has to face his own demons as he comes to terms with the past.

Jetrel James Sloyan
Gaunt Gary Larry Hankin

Learning Curve

Stardate 48846.5: Despite Janeway's best intentions, certain Maquis crewmembers still resist the enforced joining of the two teams. Tuvok offers to put four particularly independent Maquis through Starfleet training, but in the end realises that adapting to another's set of rules and regulations involves far more compromise than the Vulcan is prepared for.

Dalby Armand Schultz
Chell Derek McGrath
Geron Kenny Morrison
Henley Catherine MacNeal
Lord Henry Thomas Dekker
Lady Beatrice Lindsey Haun


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