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Season Six

Equinox (Part 2)

No Log: Ransom leads his crew in rebellion against Janeway, but when it comes to the crunch he realises the error of his ways, especially once his own first officer has relieved him of duty.

Captain Ransom John Savage
First Officer Maxwell Burke Titus Welliver
Ensign Gilmore Olivia Birkelund
Crewman Lessing Rick Worthy
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers

Survival Instinct

Stardate 53049.2: Seven of Nine meets three of her former Borg collective colleagues. Although they have all forgotten the incident, it seems Seven may have been instrumental in linking the three telepathically, and now they want her to reverse the process.

Two of Nine Vaughn Armstrong
Three of Nine Bertila Damas
Four of Nine Tim Kelleher
The Dying Borg Jonathan Breck
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers

Barge Of The Dead

No Log: B'Elanna experiences a near-death encounter in which she is travelling on the Klingon Barge of the Dead. Just as she is recovering back to consciousness, and leaving the barge, her disgraced mother arrives. Now she has to find a way back to the barge.

Kotar Eric Pierpoint
Hij'Qa Sherman Augustus
Miral Karen Austin
Brok'Tan John Kenton Shull

Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

No Log: During an operatic rendition to a captive audience, the Doctor saves Tuvok from the ravages of Pon'Farr - but its only a daydream. He's added this ability to his program, and when an alien starts monitoring him with a view to taking over Voyager, the program starts to take over. Now neither alien nor Doctor can tell which is truth or fiction.

Phlox Jay Legget
The Overlooker Googy Gress
Devro Robert Greenberg


No Log: Paris discovers a derelict alien shuttlecraft which he lovingly brings back to its original condition. Then he discovers the shuttle has a mind of its own which tailors its outward personality to its current pilot - now Tom Paris himself. "Alice" persuades Tom that he doesn't need Voyager, and should instead pilot her towards her ultimate destination.

Alice Claire Rankin


Stardate 53263.2: Tuvok sustains brain damage during an alien attack on his shuttlecraft. Neelix, his companion on the flight, feels duty- and friendship-bound to help him recover, but the Tuvok who comes round has lost some of his inhibitions.

Deputy Investigator Neroq Mark Moses

Dragon's Teeth

Stardate 53167.9: A conquering species was attacked and believed destroyed 890 years ago, but while on the run from the descendants of those attackers, Voyager lands on the desolate planet and finds some of its inhabitants have survived in suspended animation. Unfortunately, in reviving the first of them, Seven of Nine may have set free a new enemy.

Gedrin Jeff Allin
Morin Ron Fassler
Gaul Robert Knepper
Turei Bob Stillman
Jisa Mimi Craven
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers 

One Small Step

Stardate 53292.7 to 53301.2: In AD 2032, American Astronaut Lieutenant John Kelly meets a subspace gravitron burst which causes him to disappear from history. The burst reappears in Voyager's path and Seven of Nine discovers what it means to be a hero.

Lieutenant John Kelly Phil Morris

The Voyager Conspiracy

Stardate 53329.0: Janeway negotiates assistance to Tash, an alien who is repairing a kind of galactic slingshot which could knock some years off Voyager's journey home. Seven of Nine is experimenting with a faster download system which results in her assimilating huge amounts of data at once. She begins to turn the raw information into countless conspiracies and manages to divide the ship's crew, almost to the point of civil war.

Tash Albie Selznick
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers


No Log: Back on Earth, ex-Enterprise engineer Reg Barclay is obsessed with communicating with Voyager. By creating very realistic holo-simulations of the ship and its crew he believes he can better understand them, but also ends up more reliant on them than his workmates at the Pathfinder Project. Despite getting himself kicked off the project, he finally ensures its success.

Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis
Reg Barclay Dwight Schultz
Admiral Paris Warren Munson

Fair Haven

No Log: The crew enjoy some quiet time in Tom Paris' cod-Irish village setting on the holodeck, but Janeway, reluctant to become involved at first, finds herself becoming very involved when she finally meets the town's publican.

Michael Fintan McKeown
Seamus Richard Riehle
Maggie Henriette Ivanans
Grace Duffie McIntire
Frannie Jan Claire

Blink Of An Eye

No Log: (In a kind of Son-Of-The Inner Light) Voyager becomes stuck in the orbit of a planet with a time-displaced civilisation which rises from primitiveness to early space age in the few days the ship is there. Eventually they make a contact with a young astronaut who, when returned home, finally watches the ship depart while in old age.

Shaman Melik Malkasian
Tribal Alien Walter H McCready
Protector Obi Ndefo 
Cleric Olaf Pooley
Astronomer Daniel Zacapa
Technician Jon Cellini
Pilot Daniel Dae Kim
Astronaut Kat Sawyer-Young


Stardate 53556.4: When Janeway supplies the crew of a stricken vessel with medical aid, she discovers that they have no knowledge of music. After a demonstration, the Doctor becomes an over-night sensation on their planet, but his sudden fame causes him to question his most important relationships on board Voyager.

Tincoo Kamala Dawson
Abarca Ray Xifo
Koru Paul Williams
Azen Marie Caldare
Vinka Nina Magnesson


No Log: Tom's new antique television set allows him to view not only ancient television programmes, but he himself taking part in a battle of which he has no memory. After a long away mission, Tom, Kim, Chakotay and Neelix all begin to experience visions of taking part in a massacre.

Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers


Stardate 53447.2 to 53529.4: The crew are taking some shoreleave and enjoying the local sport of Tsunkatse. Seven and Tuvok, on a recreational survey, are taken prisoner by the organisation behind the "sport" - all of the contenders are in fact forced to fight, quite often for their lives. When Chakotay recognises Seven in the ring, he must work out how to rescue his crewmates.  

Champion The Rock
Penk Jeffrey Combs
Hirogen Hunter J G Hertzler

Collective (aka Children Of The Borg)

No Log: The Delta Flyer is captured by a Borg Cube. However, there has been a drastic systems crash which has killed all the crewmembers. The only survivors are a small bunch of adolescents who are in no position to adequately control the Cube. Janeway finds that negotiating with them is as hard as facing fully grown Borg, but she is determined to free them from the Collective if possible.

Boy One Ryan Spahn
Boy Two Manu Intiraymi
Borg Girl Marley S McClean
Boy Three Kurt Wetherill
Boy Four Cody Wetherill

Spirit Folk

No Log: The crew of the Voyager have to undergo more cod-Irish capers. Running the holodeck non-stop means the townsfolk of Fair Haven begin to fear they are surrounded by faerie folk. Matters are not helped by Tom turning Harry's date into a cow.

Maggie Henriette Ivanans
Seamus Richard Riehle
Michael Fintan McKeown
Milo Ian Abercrombie

Ashes To Ashes

Stardate 53679.4: Seven of Nine is finding that her new role as surrogate parent to the four ex-Borg children is not an easy one to fulfill. The children just will not follow her directives properly. Meanwhile, Harry Kim rediscovers the love he had for the deceased Ensign Lindsay Ballard (killed on an Away Mission with Kim on Stardate 51563), when she returns to Voyager, fully alive, and being pursued by the race who "reanimated" her corpse and re-engineered her to be one of them. Struggling to shrug off their programming, she endeavours to return to being human, but it is a far harder process than she could have imagined.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Yifay Tracey Ellis
Leucon Mark A Sheppard
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers

Child's Play

No Log: Seven of Nine is getting to know the Borg children now safely aboard ship, but when the parents of one of them are discovered, Seven discovers her maternal instinct is better developed than she thought. The Brunali have been dabbling in a little genetic manipulation in order to protect themselves from Borg attacks.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Yifay Tracey Ellis
Leucon Mark A Sheppard
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers

Good Shepherd

Stardate 53753.2 to 53764.3: Janeway discovers three lesser mortals amongst her crew, crewmembers who don't excel or who don't wish to explore beyond the confines of their immediate duties. Of course, she forces them to do just that and, in an away mission on the Delta Flyer, they become true Starfleet heroes... of a kind.

Mortimer Harren Jay Underwood
William Telfer Michael Reisz
Engineer Kimble Jemison
Tal Celes Zoe McLellan

Live Fast And Prosper

Stardate 53849.2: Paris and Neelix are suckered by a pair of confidence tricksters into helping "the poor orphans". With the captain's help they are able to prove they really haven't lost their own talents for deception by organising a counter-sting of their own.

Dala Kaitlin Hopkins
Mobar Gregg Daniel
Zar Francis Guinan
Varn Ted Rooney
Miner One Scott Lincoln


Stardate 56896.0 to 53918.0: The shuttle carrying Torres and Kim crash-lands on a planet whose society is still at the level of the Middle Ages. Kim is missing, presumed dead and Torres is "persuaded" to help a struggling playwright to impress his patron, a dangerous warlord. (Kelly Waymire, who played Lanya, later appeared as Crewman Elizabeth Cutler in Star Trek: Enterprise Season One episode, Strange New World.)

Kelis Joseph Will
Lanya Kellie Waymire
Chorus Jack Axelrod, John Schuck and Tony Amendola
Jero Michael Houston King
Tanis Kathleen Garrett
Warlord Stoney Westmoreland


No Log: The diminutive and wooden Kes is back - and she's not a pretty sight. Nearing the end of her species' short lifecycle, an embittered Kes blames Janeway for her misfortunes. She plans to alter the past and encourage herself to leave Voyager before events took their course and she was "abandoned".

Kes Jennifer Lien
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Ensign Samantha Wildman Nancy Hower
Vidiian Captain Vaughn Armstrong
Carey Josh Clark
Azan Kurt Wetherill
Rebi Cody Wetherill


No Log: Doctor Zimmerman is dying. During a mailshot contact with Voyager, the ship's Doctor learns the news and finds a potential cure. He arranges to have himself delivered to Zimmerman's labs around Jupiter, and proceeds to save his father figure's life, even if Zimmerman doesn't want to be saved - and certainly not by his greatest failure.

Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis
Reg Barclay Dwight Schultz
Haley Tamara Craig Thomas
Admiral Hayes Jack Shearer

The Haunting Of Deck Twelve

No Log: During a routine passage through a nebula, an energy lifeform gains access to the ship and starts to take over its systems in an effort to get back to its home. Neelix relates this story to the four Borg youngsters in the form of a ghost story.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Tal Celes Zoe McLellan
Mezoti Marley McClean
Azan Kurt Wetherill
Rebi Cody Wetherill

Unimatrix Zero (Part 1)

No Log: Tom Paris is reinstated to the rank of lieutenant. While regenerating, Seven discovers a dreamworld which is used as an escape from Borg life by lucky members of the Collective. Seven meets former friends who are now under threat of discovery by the Borg Queen, and argues that Voyager should help them.

Borg Queen Susanna Thompson
Axum Mark Deakins
Korok Jerome Butler
Laura Joanna Heimbold
Borg Drone Tony Sears
Alien Child Ryan Sparks

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