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Season Five


Stardate 52081.2: The crew have been crossing a featureless void for fifty-three days, and, depressed by the lack of stimulation, Janeway has isolated herself off from the crew and is blaming herself for Voyager's predicament. Then a race being poisoned by warp core refuse attacks them erroneously and they find themselves bargaining for a quick route out of the void.

Doctor Chaotica Ken Magee
Impk Steven Dennis
Alien Martin Rayner


No Log: The crew encounter the Borg. But the single Borg that quickly evolves on Voyager is different from usual Borg, and is tutored to become an individual - One. When his life is endangered, Seven finds she has developed a barely understood emotional attachment to him.

One J Paul Bohmaer
Mulchahy Todd Babcock

Extreme Risk

No Log: The Malon who menaced Janeway in the season opener are encountered again. One of Voyager's probes has taken refuge from them in the atmosphere of a gas giant and the race is one to see which side can construct a rescue shuttle first, but Paris' effort is hampered by an off-form B'Elanna Torres.

Controller Vrelk Hamilton Camp
Torik Alexander Enberg

In The Flesh

Stardate 52136.4: Species 8472 turns up again, recovered from its defeat in Scorpion. This time a group are encountered on a perfect simulation of part of Starfleet's headquarters on Earth, and Chakotay discovers they are planning a pre-emptive attack on humanity, thinking that they themselves are the victims of human hatred. Janeway rather easily convinces them otherwise.

Valerie Archer Kate Vernon
Ensign David Gentry Zach Galligan
Admiral Bulloch Tucker Smallwood
Boothby Ray Walston

Once Upon A Time

No Log: Ensign Wildman, on board a shuttlecraft with Paris and Tuvok, is trapped during an ion storm on an arid asteroid. Charged with taking care of young Naomi and fending off questions about her mother's whereabouts, Neelix finds himself thinking about his own lost sister.

Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Flotter T Water Wallace Langham
Treevis Justin Louis
Ensign Samantha Wildman Nancy Hower


Stardate 52143.6 to 52163.2: Four years, two months and eleven days after first being stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the Borg-inspired slipstream drive is unveiled on board Voyager, and it is expected to get the crew home almost instantaneously. Fifteen years later, an older Harry Kim and Chakotay find the crashed ship buried in ice, its crew long dead. Fugitives from Starfleet, they have hunted down the wreckage in order to change events when the drive was first triggered, but the captain of USS Challenger has orders to stop them.

Tessa Ormond Christine Harnos
Captain LaForge LeVar Burton

Infinite Regress

Stardate 52356.2: A Borg cube has been destroyed just days after encountering Species 6339. That race is found to have planted a virus in the Borg in an effort to destroy as many of them as possible, but (in what turns out to be a powerful episode) Seven of Nine is also affected, and is in grave danger of having her own personality subsumed beneath the re-emerging pre-absorption personalities of Borg victims.

Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Name Neil Maffin

Nothing Human

No Log: When an injured alien lifeform with no comprehensible means of communication, latches onto B'Elanna, Janeway faces the dilemma of saving her crew member without killing a probably innocent being. The situation worsens when the Doctor recreates a Cardassian medical scientist skilled in xenobiology. One of the ship's Bajoran crewmen recognises him as a war criminal of the Bajoran occupation.

Crel Mosset David Clennon
Lieutenant Tabor Jad Mager

Thirty Days

Stardate 52719.4: While rescuing a water-bound people from recklessly ruining their civilisation by over-mining, Tom Paris breaks the hidebound rules of the stiff-necked Captain Janeway, and is demoted to ensign as a result. The thirty days he spends in prison as the rest of his punishment allows him to relate the story in the form of a letter to his estranged father, while regretting nothing about his worthy actions.

Reager Willie Carson
Consul Berkus Ben Livingstone
Jenny & Megan Delaney (aka The Twin Mistresses of Evil) Alissa and Heidi Kramer


No Log: Avoiding ruthless Dvor police inspections, Janeway is smuggling telepaths to safe space. The Dvor will impose the strictest penalties on any ship found carrying telepaths, and Voyager's Vulcans and Betazoids are included in this group. When a Dvor inspector defects to Voyager, Janeway must trust him to guide her through Dvor traps. But is she becoming too attached?

Inspector Kashik Mark Harelik
Prax J Patrick McCormack
Professor Randy Oglesby
Torik Alexander Enberg
Torat Randy Lowell

Latent Image

No Log: While logging the crew's internal body structure on holograms, the Doctor begins to realise that some of his memories have been wiped. He begins to investigate, and learns that Janeway is behind his memory loss. Eighteen months ago, a young ensign died after a hostile alien attack, and the Doctor blamed himself for not being able to help her, creating, in effect, a psychological problem from which he could not escape. Relearning these facts brings him once again to the verge of a total breakdown.

Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Ensign Jetal Nancy Bell

Bride Of Chaotica!

No Log: The Adventures of Captain Proton continue, but not in the way Paris and Kim expected. A subspace infringement into the holodeck prompts a war between Chaotica and beings from the Fifth Dimension, and Voyager and its crew are stuck in the middle of a monochrome nightmare. (Perhaps for the first time in living memory, lavatories get a mention in Star Trek!) The End…?

Chaotica Martin Rayner
Lonzack Nicholas Worth


Stardate 52438.9: Marooned on a Class D planet, Paris, the Doctor and Tuvok must learn to survive on a hostile world against aggressive aliens. Then they meet Nos, a fellow survivor, who teaches them what to hunt for while they wait for rescue. But Nos becomes attracted to Tuvok, and thinks there is a bond forming between them.

Vulcan Teacher Joseph Ruskin
Young Tuvok Leroy D Brazile
Supervisor Yost Paul S Eckstein
Nos Lori Petty


Stardate 52542.3: Tricked by an intelligent entity surviving in space, the crew of the Voyager find themselves believing they have found a wormhole which will give them instant access to the Alpha Quadrant. While they languish in happy unconsciousness, the entity is slowly dissolving their ship.

Qatai W Morgan Sheppard
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers

Dark Frontier (Part 1)

No Log: Voyager encounters a small Borg probe, and manages to destroy it. From that small success, Janeway gains the urge to heist a transwarp drive from a Borg Cube, and sets about fine tuning her plan on the holodecks. Seven of Nine is forced to sort through the records left by her assimilated parents in order to discover a small advantage. Then she starts hearing the voice of the Borg Queen in her head…

Queen Susanna Thompson
Magnus Hansen Kirk Baily
Mrs Hansen Laura Stepp
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Annika Hansen (Young Seven) Katelin Peterson

Dark Frontier (Part 2)

Stardate 52616.2: Seven is a captive of the Borg Queen and is fighting to retain her recently regained Humanity. While Janeway, prompted by Naomi Wildeman's own report on a possible rescue, hunts for the Borg ship that took Seven away, she also continues to study the data left by the Hansens, little realising that the Borg plan a new assault on Species 5516 - the Human Race.

(Cast as before)


No Log: Harry Kim finds himself falling in love with a member of the Varron generation ship, which is cruising through the Delta Quadrant on a mission of exploration that has lasted 400 years. But elements within the xenophobic society have tired of such a restrictive lifestyle, and plan to break up the ship so that their people have a choice of where they go. Harry's love is caught up in the plot and he finds himself disobeying captain's orders to continue his relationship.

Taol Musetta Vander
Stowaway Christopher Liam Moore
Varron Leader Charles Rocket

Course: Oblivion

Stardate 52586.3 to 52597.4: The crew gathers to celebrate the marriage of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres. Ensign Harper becomes the second mother aboard the ship, and all seems to be going well. But events conspire to make the crew aware that they are merely replicas of the real Voyager's crew, products of a "Y" Class, Demon Planet, and the molecular structure of the ship and all its contents is now breaking down.

(No guest cast)

The Fight

No Log: The ship becomes trapped in a region where normal space is fractured. Name Chaotic Space by the Borg, it seems to be virtually impossible to make an escape. But Chakotay, a recent holodeck programme involving a boxing match still strong in his mind, is contacted by aliens who live within Chaotic Space on a subliminal level, using the boxing match to try and find a common reference point.

Grandfather Carlos Palomino
Alien Pilot Ned Romero
Boothby Ray Walston

Think Tank

No Log: Bounty Hunters, the Hazari (Species 4228) plan to trap Voyager, but their first attempt fails. They have been hired for the job, and have put their full resources towards completing the task. While Janeway is trying to plot a course that will avoid further traps, she is contacted by a "think tank", a group of brilliant minds which finds reward from the challenge of solving other peoples' complex problems, but they also demand a stiff price for their help.

Kurros Jason Alexander
Fenim Christopher Darga
Hazari Leader Christopher Shea


No Log: While Torres is being lectured on controlling her inner anger, a stricken Malon waste vessel is in trouble when its systems start shutting down. The crew abandon ship with the tale of a creature aboard that feeds on the radiation, but Janeway forces them to go back with an Away Team to avoid the risk of a massive explosion that will wipe out all life within three light years. Torres ends up leading the fraught mission.

Controller Fesek Ron Canada
Pelk Lee Arenberg
Core Worker Scott Klace

Someone To Watch Over Me

Stardate 52647.0 to 52648.0: Seven of Nine is studying human relationships in detail, to the extent of following Tom and B'Elanna around and taking comprehensive notes on their activities. While Janeway is distracted by a diplomatic meeting with the Kali, the Doctor educates Seven in the art of dating, while ensuring that prospective partners remain free from injury on any date.

Ambassador Tomin Scott Thompson
Holiness Ian Abercrombe
Steven Price David Burke
Lt William Chapman Brian McNamara


No Log: Shannon O'Donnell, Janeway's distant ancestor, was a member of the space program in the old USA, until she left after failing to secure a mission place. The way Voyager's captain remembers the story, O'Donnell's car broke down on the way to Florida, shortly before New Year's Day, 2001, and she found herself in a town that will be replaced by the forward-thinking "Millennium Tower". Shannon teamed up with bookshop owner Henry Janeway and his son, Jason, and a new dynasty was formed…eventually.

Henry Janeway Kevin Tighe
Jason Janeway Bradley Pierce
Moss John Carroll Lynch


Stardates 48100 (approximately), 49123.0, 52861.2, Present Day, & 500 years into the future: Seven of Nine is selected by the commander of USS Relativity (a certain Captain Braxton, from the double Season Three episode, Future's End, although played by a different actor), to perform a time travelling clean-up when an unknown saboteur attempts to destroy Voyager. To complete her mission, Seven must not only foil the ever-meddling Captain Janeway in four different time zones, but also discover the identity of the saboteur. Difficult when, apparently, he can also travel in time.

Admiral Bruce McGill
Lieutenant Dakin Matthews
Captain Braxton Jay Karnes


No Log: An SOS message leads Ensign Kim's away team to a stranded artificial intelligence which is suffering from amnesia. When Torres attempts to separate the AI from its "body" - a bomb capable of mass destruction - it quickly recovers and transfers its program into the Doctor. Taking control of the ship, it is still intent on reaching its target.

Ensign Jenkins McKenzie Westmore
Alien Steve Dennis

Equinox (Part 1)

No Log: The USS Equinox, a planetary research starship, has been trapped in the Delta Quadrant by the same circumstances that placed Voyager there. But the experiences of Equinox's crew has been much less pleasant, and Voyager rescues them from an alien attack which has reduced them to a handful of survivors. Then the sinister reason behind the attack becomes apparent, resulting in a massive attack on Voyager itself.

Captain Ransom John Savage
First Officer Maxwell Burke Titus Welliver
Ensign Gilmore Olivia Birkelund
Crewman Lessing Rick Worthy
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers


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