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Season Two

The 37s*

Stardate 48975.1: The Voyager finds a number of humans in suspended animation on an alien world: among them is Amelia Earheart. (The Earth year is 2371.)

Amelia Earheart Sharon Laurance


Stardate 49005.3: Chakotay leaves Voyager in a shuttlecraft to perform a solitary Indian ritual. However, he drifts into Kazon-Ogla territory and becomes the target of a Kazon youth.

Kar Aron Eisenberg
Razik Patrick Kilpatrick
Haliz Tim de Zarn


Stardate 48992.1: When the Voyager is damaged in a Kazon attack, and the majority of the crew abandon ship, the Doctor leaves sickbay using a remote holo-projection system to help. He begins to suspect he is real and everything else is a hologram.

Lt Barclay Dwight Schultz


Stardate 48921.3: When space-dwelling life forms attach themselves to the Voyager, Kes finds that her reproductive process has accelerated. She prematurely enters the elogium - when Ocampa bodies become fertile. The elogium occurs only once, so if Kes is to have a child this is her only child. She seeks Neelix's advice.

Ensign Clarke Nancy Hower
Crew Gary O'Brien and Terry Correll

Non Sequitur

Stardate 49011.0: Harry Kim wakes up on Earth in contemporary San Francisco. He is working as a design specialist at Starfleet Engineering, and Starfleet records show he was never assigned to the Voyager.

Cosimo Louis Gimbalvo
Libby Jennifer Gatti
Admiral Stricker Jack Shearer
Lasca Mark Kiely


No Log: The Voyager's own structure begins to fold back on itself. As more and more sections of the ship become inaccessible, the crew separate in an effort to find the fault.

Sandrine Judy Geeson
Gaunt Gary Larry A Hanken
Crewman Terry Correll
Baxter Tom Virtue


No Log: Tom Paris falls for Kes, and Neelix becomes jealous. Then when Paris and Neelix share a mission to an M-class planet, their shuttle crashes.

(No guest cast)

Persistence Of Vision

No Log: Preparing to meet the Bothan alien species for the first time, the crew's most deeply buried thoughts surface as they succumb to delusions caused by a strange psionic field.

Lord Burleigh Michael Cumpsty
Mrs Templeton Carolyn Seymour
Mark Stan Ivar
Admiral Paris Warren Munston
Beatrice Lindsey Haun
Henry Thomas Alexander Dekker
Bothan Patrick Kerr
T'Pel Marva Hicks


No Log: Disturbing the inhabitants of a village on a moon while drilling for minerals, a regretful Chakotay thinks back to when, as a 15 year-old, he caused his father disappointment by not following the traditions of his tribe.

Kolopak Henry Darrow
Alien Richard Fancy
Young Chakotay Douglas Spain
Ensign Wildman Nancy Hower
The Chief Richard Chaves

Cold Fire

No Log: Ocampa colonists lead the crew to the female mate of The Caretaker who may be able to send them home. Tuvok realises that Kes's rapidly maturing mental powers have been extremely underestimated.

Tanis Gary Graham
The Girl Lindsay Ridgeway
Ocampa Man Norman Large


Stardate 49208.5: The manoeuvres of the title concern the traitorous Seska. She  masterminds a Kazon scheme to unite rival sects and conquer Voyager. To ensure Chakotay's cooperation, she tells him of the child she is carrying - his child.

Seska Martha Hackett
Cullah Anthony DeLongis
Haron Terry Lester
Kelat John Gegenhuber


No Log: Whilst bargaining for supplies, Tuvok and Torres are taken prisoner by the Mokra and Janeway has to enlist the help of Caylem, a native of the primitive city who believes her to be his daughter.

Caylem Joel Grey
Augris Alan Scarfe
Darod Tom Todoroff
Guard Glenn Morshower


Torres reactivates a robot found floating in space, and finds it is one of a race of robots locked in a war with identical robots that was begun by their now extinct humanoid creators.

3947/001 Rick Worthy
6263/122 Hugh Hodgin


Stardate 49337.4 to 49342.5: Following the death of a crewman during a Kazon attack, Janeway attempts to form an alliance with several Kazon factions to strengthen her position within the quadrant.

Mabus Charles O Lucia
Cullah Anthony de Longis
Seska Martha Hackett
Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge
Rettik Mirron E Willis


Stardate 49373.4: Paris is pronounced dead after he becomes the first man to travel at Warp 10 in a shuttlecraft. Needless to say, he makes a full recovery.

Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge
Rettik Mirron E Willis


No Log: Tuvok finds himself involved in a murder-mystery when a crewman becomes a killer, and he has to make a rather unusual mind-meld to solve it. Afterwards, he no longer seems to be the Vulcan he once was.

Ensign Suder Brad Dourif
Ricky Angela Dohrman
Hogan Simon Billig


Stardate 49447.0: A Cardassian missile originally intercepted by Torres in her Maquis days has found its way into the Delta Quad-rant and is heading for a heavily populated planet. It has to be defused.

Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge
Ensign Wildman Nancy Hower
Lorum Michael Spound
Kellan Dan Kern

Death Wish

No Log: Courtroom drama in which the tables are turned on Q with the entity having to defend the Q Continuum when a rebel Q seeks asylum on Voyager. Riker is called in to testify on Q's behalf.

Q John de Lancie
Q2 Gerrit Graham
Isaac Newton Peter Dennis
Wil Riker Jonathan Frakes
Maury Ginsberg Herself


Stardate 49504.3 to 49507.2: The holographic doctor has to treat the Phage disease on a dying Vidian by transferring her consciousness into a pre-Phage holographic form, whilst Jonas and Seska are involved in espionage.

Dr Danara Pel Susan Diol
Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge
Seska Martha Hackett
Lorum Michael Spound


Stardate 49485.2: Neelix suddenly acquires journalistic inclinations and produces a Daily Briefing Show for the crew. He learns that a crew member has become dissatisfied with Starfleet. Is Tom Paris going to defect to the Kazon?

Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge
Laxeth Jerry Sroka
Hogan Simon Billig


Stardate 49548.7: The ship is violently disabled, costing Ensign Wildeman her new-born baby's life. Many of the crew are killed or disappear, including Kes, who finds herself on an identical Voyager which has somehow split off from the original. And then the Vidians arrive and prepare to board the ship.

Ensign Wildman Nancy Hower
Hogan Simon Billig
Vidian Surgeon Bob Clendenin
Vidian Commander Ray Proscia


No Log: Tuvok finds himself trapped with a group of children who have been sent to die at the hands of a monster in a nearby cave. Tuvok scorns the legend of the creature, but when the children start to vanish in the night, he is faced with the possibility that the legend is true.

Alcia Marnie McPhail
Tressa Tiffany Taubman
Ensign Benett Richard Garon

The Thaw

No Log: An ancient distress call draws Harry and Torres into a cryogenically-created dreamscape, where fear is manifested in the form of a malignant clown.

The Clown Michael McKean
Viorsa Thomas Kopache
Spectre Carel Struycken
Programmer Shannon O'Hurley


Stardate 49678.4: A transporter malfunction merges Neelix and Tuvok into a new being. Kes must come to terms with the loss of both her beloved and her teacher, but when a way to reverse the process is found, the new being declares he doesn't want to die.

Tuvix Tim Wright
Hogan Simon Billig
Swinn Bahni Turpin


Stardate 49690.1 to 49694.2: Chakotay and Janeway contract a terminal disease while surveying an uninhabited planet, and are unable to leave. Supplied by Voyager, they plan to live out their days there, and discover their previously suppressed feelings for each other.

Danara Pel Susan Diol
Hogan Simon Billig
Swinn Bahni Turpin

Basics (Part 1)

No Log: The Kazon make their final move and eventually gain control of Voyager. Seska and Cullen's only decision after such a victory is to work out what to do with the captured humans - and the best they can come up with is to leave them stranded on another uninhabited planet.

Seska Martha Hackett
Cullen Anthony de Longis
Suder Brad Dourif
Kolopak Henry Darrow


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