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Season Seven

Unimatrix Zero (Part 2)

Stardate 54014.4: Janeway's Borg rescue plan seems to have gone drastically wrong. She, Tuvok and Torres have all been assimilated and Unimatrix Zero is under constant attack by unaffected drones. Seven, who has discovered that one of her former friends was in fact her lover, fights to protect the individuals who visit the dreamworld while Janeway is questioned by the Borg Queen. (Tuvok, we discover, was born on Stardate 38774 on Volcanis Lunar Colony.)

(Cast as before)


Stardate 54129.4: Some time has passed since Seven saw the last of Unimatrix Zero, and foster parents have been found for the three youngest of the Borg children. Only Echeb remains on Voyager, and he wishes to sit the Starfleet entrance exam. Seven, however, has worries in that her Borg implants seem to be failing. Pride and a reluctance to rely on others makes her refuse help, but Echeb is determined to save her and takes drastic action to force Seven to accept surgery.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Mezoti Marley McClean
Azan Kurt Wetherill
Rebi Cody Wetherill


Stardate 54058.6: Tom gets the rebuilt Delta Flyer entered into an interstellar rally. This conflicts with B'Elanna's holiday plans so she grabs the co-pilot's seat for herself, to be in place to discuss their relationship problems. Unfortunately, local political in-fighting could sink fair play, and the possibility of a wedding.

Irina Cyia Batten
O'Zaal Brian George
Assan Patrick Kilpatrick
Joxom Robert Tyler
Assistant Chris Covics


Stardate 54101.0: Seven years before (we suddenly learn), Tuvok was the captive of a Maquis mind-control experimenter. Now, via the Earth-Voyager mailshots he is being controlled.

Teero Keith Szarabajka
Chell Derek McGrath
Tabor Jad Mager
Jor Carol Krnic
Yosa Mark Rafael Truitt
Sek Ronald Robinson
Doyle Scott Alan Smith

Critical Care

Stardate 54090.4: The Doctor has been "stolen" and sold to a low-technology society where he has to fight to bring equal health rights to all. Along the way he teaches his fellow medics how to buck a system that caters mainly for the computer-determined cream of society.

Gar John Kassir
Dysek Gregory Itzin
Voje Paul Scherrer
Tebbis Dublin James
Chellick Larry Drake
Level Blue Nurse Christinna Chauncey

Inside Man

Stardate 54208.3: Reg Barclay has been experimenting with a hologram version of himself which is programmed with vital information for Voyager on one of the monthly postings. Unfortunately, the hologram delivery gets intercepted by some profit-hungry Ferengi, who then alter the program to lure Voyager into a deadly trap.

Barclay Dwight Schultz
Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis
Admiral Paris Richard Herd
Commander Pete Harkins Richard McGonagle
Leosa Sharisse Baker-Bernard
Gegis Frank Corsentino
Yeggie Christopher Neiman
Rivkin (Nunk) Michael William

Body and Soul

Stardate 54238.3: While Tuvok undergoes Pon'Farr, an away team comprising of the Doctor, Seven and Harry is captured by a race of people who are on a hunt. Their own hologrammatic creations started a violent rebellion against them and are now being destroyed. Hiding out in Seven's body, the Doctor discovers several new and exciting sensations.

Ranek Fritz Sperberg
T'Pel (Tuvok's Wife) Marva Hicks
Jaryn Megan Gallagher


Stardate 54274.7 to 54282.5: Harry Kim is duped into aiding a stricken 'medical' vessel while Voyager is undergoing repairs. When he discovers that the ship has military aims he finds his first captaincy is much harder work than he had anticipated.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Loken Ron Glass
Dayla Beverly Leech
Geral Paul F O'Brien
Terek Scott Miles

Flesh and Blood, Part I

No Log: The Hirogen have misused the hologram technology given to them by Janeway three years before. The hunting scenario they created has now turned against them and is proving far more deadly than the hunters themselves. Now Voyager is roped in to help the Hirogen hunt down their escaped holographic humanoids.

Iden Jeff Yagher
Donik Ryan Bollman
Beta-Hirogen Michael Wiseman
Kejal Cindy Katz
Weiss Spencer Garrett
Alpha-Hirogen Vaughn Armstrong
New Alpha-Hirogen Paul Eckstein
Hirogen One Todd Jeffries
Hirogen Two Chad Halyard
Hirogen Three Don McMillan
Nuu'Bari Miner David Doty
Nuu'Bari Hologram Damon Kirsche

Flesh and Blood, Part II

Stardate 54337.5: The enlightened leader of the holograms suddenly becomes a megalomaniac killer, so the Doctor decides to change sides again. His main aim now is to try and preserve the lives of the other holograms without their harming any more Hirogen.

(Cast as before)


No Log: Voyager passes through a gaseous cloud and is fractured into thirty-seven differing time fragments. Only Chakotay, stunned by a circuit overload at the critical instance, is immune as he finds he can pass at will through the fragments> It doesn't make his task of solving the situation, however, as Seska and her allies have control of Engineering.

Doctor Chaotica Martin Rayner
Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Lonzak Nicholas Worth
Seska Martha Hackett
Adult Icheb Mark Bennington
Adult Naomi Vanessa Branch
Rulat Anthony Holiday
Andrews Terrell Clayton


Stardate 54452.6: B'Elanna Torres is pregnant and finding morning sickness a little hard to get used to. The Doctor uses holographic technology to project an image of the baby after its birth, and B'Elanna is horrified to learn that her daughter will take after her in appearance. She believes she suffered unduly during childhood because of her Klingon looks and will go to any length to spare her offspring the same humiliation. 

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
John Torres Juan Garcia
Young B'Elanna Jessica Gaona
Carl Torres Javier Grajeda
Dean Torres Paul Robert Langdon
Elizabeth Torres Nicole Sarah Fellows
Michael Torres Gilbert R Leal


No Log: The crew face a moral dilemma when they rescue some convicts - who have been condemned to death - from a critically damaged prison vessel. After briefly being help hostage by one of them, Seven helps the Doctor cure a brain disorder and restores the man he should have been - a far cry from a convicted murderer.

Iko Jeff Kober
Yediq Tim deZarn
Joleg F J Rio
Voyager Security Officer Greg Poland


Stardate 54518.2 to 54529.8: Voyager is set-upon by a Klingon warship of over 100-years' vintage. A Klingon sect have been searching the galaxy for the saviour of their race for four generations and now they have discovered B'Elanna and her unborn child. The Klingon leader, desperate for an end to the pointless quest, declares that B'Elanna carries the saviour and orders the destruction of his ship.

T'Greth Sherman Howard
Morak Paul Eckstein
Captain Kohlar Wren T Brown
Ch'Rega Peggy Jo Jacobs

The Void

Stardate 54553.4 to 54562.7: Trapped in a void in space from which their is scant chance of escape, Janeway declares that forging alliances with the other trapped peoples is the only way to escape. Some of her new enemies have other ideas: Voyager would be an excellent ship to capture. Pooling resources is far from top of their agendas.

Valen Robin Sachs
Loquar Paul Willson
Garon Scott Lawrence
Fantome Jonathan Del Arco
Bosaal Michael Shamus Wiles

Workforce (Part One)

Stardate 54584.3 to 54597.9 to 54608.6: Janeway has found herself an honest job. It transpires that the crew were forced to evacuated Voyager and were captured, brainwashed, and put to work with a huge industrial labour force. Only Tuvok has some memories of being captured, and he is declared to be ill. Luckily (as usual) there was an away mission that now returns to an empty Voyager, repair the damaged vessel and come to the rescue.

Jaffen James Read
Kadan Don Most
Quarren Ambassador John Aniston
Umali Iona Morris
Supervisor Tom Virtue
Coyote Michael Behrens
Security Officers Matt Williamson and Robert Mammana
Med Tech Akemi Royer

Workforce (Part Two)

Stardate 54622.4: After a partially successful snatch of Torres, Chakotay is stranded planetside and on the run. His attempts to reunite Voyager's crew is proving to be hard work - their memories have been drastically altered. He decides to hide out in Janeway's empty quarters while she moves in with her new boyfriend, and then gets caught.

Yerid Robert Joy
Ravoc Jay Harrington
Alien Surgeon Damara Reilly
(rest of cast as before)

Human Error

No Log: Seven neglects her duties to spend ever increasing amounts of time on the holodeck, exploring different aspects of her humanity. The focus seems to be on relationships and social interaction. However, in doing so, she may be putting her crewmates in deadly danger.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi


Stardate 54704.5: Q dumps his son on Voyager in order to take a break - and of course teach the brat some of Voyager's good habits. Unfortunately, it takes the removal of Q2's powers and a period of abandonment before he really starts to learn anything, and his father really starts to care about him.

Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Q John de Lancie
Q2 Keegan de Lancie
Alien Commander Michael Kagan
Q-Judge Lorna Raver

Author, Author

Stardate 54732.3 to 54740.8 to 54748.6: The Doctor has written a holo-novel. It exposes in dramatic form the inequality of being a hologrammatic person on board a certain starship which bears absolutely no resemblance to Voyager whatsoever. The trouble starts when his crewmates aren't reassured by this. Now that Reg Barclay has perfected Earth-Voyager communications, the Doctor has found a publisher back on Earth and plans to release his novel. Amongst the other communications home, Seven discovers she has a surviving aunt who cares very much that Annika Hansen is alive and well.

Barclay Dwight Schultz
Admiral Paris Richard Herd
Broht Barry Gordon
Arbitrator Joseph Campanella
Irene Hansen (Seven's Aunt) Lorinne Vozoff
John Torres (B'Elanna's Father) Juan Garcia
John Kim (Harry's Father) Robert Ito
Mary Kim (Harry's Mother) Irene Tsu

Friendship One

Stardate 54775.4: Friendship One was a human-built probe launched in 2067, four years after Zephram Cochrane's successful first warp engine test flight. Sent into deep space it ended up in the Delta Quadrant. The information it contained was used to accelerate the development of a society to the point where it could start its own nuclear war. Now, Voyager arrives to find the radiation-filled atmosphere is killing the war's survivors, and those very survivors blame all humans for their woes.

Verin Ken Land
Otrin John Prosky
Brin Bari Hochwald
Admiral Hendricks Peter Dennis
Yun Ashley Edner
Lieutenant Carey Josh Clark

Natural Law

Stardate 54827.7: Chakotay and Seven are stranded on a planet inhabited by primitive humanoids. They are protected by an ancient force barrier which prevents any access. Managing to lower it themselves, they discover they have jeopardized the peaceful existence of the friendly natives there.

Healer Paul Sandman
Girl Autumn Reeser
Ambassador Robert Curtis Brown
Kleg Neil C Vipond
Barus Ivar Brogger
Port Authority Officer Matt McKenzie


Stardate 54868.6: The Delta Flyer crash-lands on an asteroid where a group of Talaxians are being forced out of their new homes by the miners who lay claim to the area. Neelix manages to concoct a successful defence for the Talaxians and finds the prospect of romance with Dexa is more of a lure than a potentially lonely existence on Earth. Janeway offers him the post of Delta Quadrant Ambassador for Starfleet, and there follows a touching farewell for the Talaxian as he leaves Voyager for the last time.

Oxilon Rob Labelle
Dexa Julianne Christie
Brax Ian Meltzer
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
Nacona John Kenton Shull
Miner Christian R Conrad

Renaissance Man

Stardate 54890.7 to 54912.4: Janeway is taken hostage and the Doctor is forced to act against his crewmates in order to secure her release. He organises the successful stealing of Voyager's warp core and hands it over, only to find he has been duped all along. His program is overloaded with data and it seems like it will irreversibly crash, so he makes a series of deathbed confessions, which include revealing the full extent of his love towards Seven.

Vorik Alexander Enberg
Nar Andy Milder
Zet Wayne Thomas Yorke
Alien David Sparrow
Tactical ND Tarik Ergin
Overlooker J R Quinonez

Endgame (Part 1)

No Log: Ten years after Voyager's return to Earth, Janeway sets about changing the past, unhappy with the version of events that saw her spend twenty-three years in the Delta Quadrant. Back in the present, B'Elanna goes into labour... or not, as the case may be, and Seven and Chakotay are on their third date. Peace is disrupted when the future Janeway travels through a temporal rift. She immediately orders her past self to close the rift and allow her on board. And the Borg Queen is watching...

Barclay Dwight Schultz
Admiral Paris Richard Herd
Neelix Ethan Phillips
Borg Queen Alice Krige
Korath Vaughn Armstrong
Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Miral Paris Lisa Locicero
Lana Amy Lindsay
Sabrina Ashley Sierra Hughes

Endgame (Part 2)

Stardate 54973.4: B'Elanna goes into labour, Chakotay secures his ongoing relationship with Seven, and the Borg transwarp hub, hidden in a stellar nebula, becomes the future Janeway's target for getting Voyager home more safely than she did it last time. She has kitted the ship with armour and torpedoes from her own time, but the young Janeway is determined to destroy the hub, whether it gets her home or not. The Paris baby is born during the fight to reach Earth and complete Voyager's mission.

(Cast as before)

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