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Season Four

Scorpion (Part 2)

Stardate 51003.7: The crew rescue a Borg-assimilated human when her Borg cube is destroyed by Species 8472. Then they must concentrate on negating the deadly threat faced by the invasion of that species.

Seven of Nine (intro) Jeri Ryan
The Father David Anthony Marshall
The Mother Nikki Tyler
Little Girl Erica Bryan

The Gift

No Log: Kes finally leaves the ship much to the heartfelt relief of all viewers, as she "grows" and moves off into another dimension, cheers of "best place for her!" ringing in her ears.

(No guest cast)

Day Of Honor

No Log: Torres does her best to ignore the Klingon Day of Honour, an ancient ritual designed to examine her worth as a warrior. That distraction leaves her and Paris stranded in space when what should be a simple repair goes wrong.

Vorik Alexander Enberg
Lumas Alan Altshuld
Rahmin Michael Krawic
Mokior Kevin Stillwell


Stardate 51082.4 to 51096.5: Chakotay is tricked into fighting an alien race by carefully managed propaganda, and it is up to Tuvok to try and persuade him that the people he is killing are actually harmless.

Brone Michael Mahonen
Rafin Matt E Levin
Commandant Pete Vogt
Penno Booth Colman
Karya Meghan Murphy
Namon Nathan Anderson
Ambassador Treen Terrance Evans
Vori Woman Marilyn Fox
Kradin Soldier Pancho Demmings


Stardate 51186.2: The Doctor and Torres answer a distress call from an alien ship. The crew are found to be dead, but the ship's holographic sanitation programme is still operational, and highly dangerous.

Dejaren Leland Orser

The Raven

No Log: Seven of Nine escapes from Voyager when she believes she is being summoned by the Borg.

Father David Anthony Marshall
Mother Nikki Tyler
Dumah Mickey Cottrell
Little Girl Erica Bryan

Scientific Method

Stardate 51244.3: The romance between Paris and Torres continues amid alien experiments on the crew.

Takar Annette Heide
Alzen Rosemary Forsyth

Year Of Hell (Part 1)

Stardate 51268.4: The crew encounter the Krenim's ultimate weapon, a device capable of altering the time lines and preventing entire races from existing.

Obrist John Loprieno
Annorax Kurtwood Smith
Krenim Commandant Peter Slutsker
Zahi Rick Fitts
Ensign Lang Deborah Levin
Ensign Brooks Sue Henley

Year Of Hell (Part 2)

Stardate 51425.4 to 51682.2 to 51252.3: When the Krenim ship is sabotaged, Voyager's crew face a typical cop-out resolution as all is well and good in the end.

(Cast as before)

Random Thoughts

Stardate 51367.2: A telepathic species have outlawed even the thought of crime, so when Torres lets her mind wander, her Klingon side does more damage than she could imagine.

Nimira Gwynyth Walsh
Guill Wayne Pere
Talli Rebecca McFarland
The Woman Jeanette Miller
Malin Ted Barba
Frane Bobby Burns

Concerning Flight

Stardate 51386.4 to 51408.3: Leonardo da Vinci finds release from his holodeck programme and sets about discovering the secrets of the new age in which he finds himself.

Leonardo Da Vinci John Rhys-Davies
Tau John Vargas
Alien Visitor Don Pugsley

Mortal Coil

Stardate 51449.2: Neelix dies on an away mission, but Seven's Borg knowledge means that even after eighteen hours, his body can be resuscitated.

Ensign Wildman Nancy Hower
Alixia Robin Stapler
Naomi Brooke Ashely

Waking Moments

Stardate 51471.3: Janeway encounters a species that lives on the level of thought, and are fighting back against those who would invade their world while they are asleep and dreaming.

Dream Alien Mark Colson
The Ensign Jennifer Grundy

Message In A Bottle

No Log: While Torres approaches Chakotay to discuss her worries about Seven, the Doctor goes on a mission to contact a Starfleet vessel on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, and finds himself locked in battle with Romulans.

EMH-2 Andy Dick
Rekar Judson Scott
Nevala Valerie Wildman
Idrin Tiny Ron
Starfleet Officer Tony Sears


Stardate 51501.4: Seven of Nine and Tuvok are taken prisoner by a Hirogen hunter who decides that Voyager would make a worthwhile addition to his collection of trophies.

Alpha-Hirogen Tiny Ron
Beta-Hirogen Roger Morrissey


Stardate 51651.3: Seven practices her bedside manner while the Hirogen suffer at the hands of a lone member of Species 8472.

Alpha-Hirogen Tony Todd
Hirogen Hunter Clint Carmichael


Stardate 51658.2: Seven believes she has been violated by an arms dealer who apparently extracted Borg biodata from her. When she fails to find any concrete proof, Janeway begins to have doubts about her reliability.

Kovin Michael Horton
Magistrate Adrian Sparks
Scham Michelle Agnew

The Killing Game (Part 1)

No Log: The Hirogen have taken over the ship and programmed the crew into believing a series of holodeck exercises are real. In World War II, a US invasion of German-held France causes so much damage it threatens the safety of the ship.

Alpha Hirogen Danny Goldring
Hirogen Medic Mark Metcalf
Hirogen SS Officer Mark Deakins
Kaptain J Paul Boehmer
Young Hirogen Paul Eckstein
Klingon Peter Hendrixson

The Killing Game (Part 2)

Stardate 51715.2: Full scale war between holodeck armies and Voyager crew has erupted throughout the ship, and only Janeway and Seven have their memories intact.

(Cast as before)

Vis Vis

Stardate 51762.4 to 51775.2: A DNA-swapping alien takes Tom's place on the ship and sets about enjoying himself at the expense of Tom's reputation.

Steth Dan Butler
Daelen Elizabeth McGlynn

The Omega Directive

Stardate 51781.2: The crew stumbles across an incredibly potent and dangerous particle.

Alios Jeff Austin
Alien Captain Kevin McCorkie


Stardate 51813.4: Chakotay meets a woman he fell in love with. At least, that's what she says. He can't remember ever meeting her before, and now she's asking for sanctuary from her hunters.

Kellen Virginia Madsen
Curneth Michael Canavan

Living Witness

No Log: 700 years in the future, the Doctor is reactivated in a museum which depicts the Voyager crew as hostile warmongers. The Doctor decided to rectify this image.

Quarren Henry Woronicz
Daleth Rod Arrants
Vaskan Arbiter Craig Richard Nelson
Kyrian Arbiter Marie Chambers
Tedran Brian Fitzpatrick
Vaskan Visitor Morgan Margolis


No Log: Running low on power, the crew take a risk on investigating a hostile planet for fuel sources, and encounter a lifeform eager for companionship.

(No guest cast)


Stardate 51929.3 to 51932.4: Seven has to maintain the ship alone while Voyager passes through a radioactive nebula which forces the rest of the crew into stasis. She finds solitude is not all she expected it to be.

Trajis Lo-Tarik Wade Williams

Hope And Fear

Stardate 51978.2 to 51981.6: USS Dauntless, an experimental starship powered by slipstream warp energy, may not be the dream ticket home that the crew hope. Seven has to face an uncertain future on Earth, or decide to rejoin the Borg.

Arturis Ray Wise
Starfleet Admiral Hayes Jack Shearer


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