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Season Three

Basics (Part 2)

Stardate 50023.7: Will Ensign Suder manage to regain Voyager for the rest of the crew, or are they stranded without hope of rescue? Either way, it's the end for Seska.

Ensign Suder Brad Dourif
First Maje Cullah Anthony De Longis
Seska Martha Hackett
Ensign Samantha Wildman Nancy Hower
Ensign Hogan Simon Billig

Sacred Ground

Stardate 50063.2: Kes is injured and only Janeway can save her - but she must learn the art of religious belief first.

Magistrate Harry Groener
Guide Becky Ann Baker

False Profits

Stardate 50074.5: Two Ferenghi who were trapped in the Delta Quadrant three years before are now treated as gods on a primitive world.


Stardate 50126.4: As Tuvok suffers from disturbing disorientation trauma Janeway manages to mind-meld with him to help unveil the memory that is the cause. In doing so she relives Tuvok's first tour of duty aboard the Excelsior with Captain Sulu (Stardate 9521).

Cmdr Janice Rand Grace Lee Whitney
Valtane Jeremy Roberts
Kang Michael Ansara
Captain Hikaru Sulu George Takei

The Chute

Stardate 50156.2: Paris and Kim are imprisoned in an underground bunker charged with terrorism. The only way out is a protected chute.

The Swarm

Log Unknown: The doctor's program begins to crash, and his memory is the first victim. Outside the ship, an insect species brooks no intruders into its territory.

Opera singer Carole Davis


Stardate 50203.1: Passengers from Enara Prime are picked up and the crew learn of their telepathic ability. Torres begins having intense, sensuous dreams of herself as a young girl involved in a forbidden romance, but the dreams turn to nightmares. Torres realises that the Enarans have concealed part of their history from their descendants and that one of them doesn't want her buried memories to die.

Jareth Bruce Davison
Jor Brel Eugene Roche
Dathan Charles Esten
Jessen Athena Massey
Jora Mirell Eve Brenner

Future's End (Part 1)

No Log: Earth 1967 and a time ship crash lands. 1996 and the crew of the Voyager are trying to find the ship's owner, and in the 24th century the same crew are confronted by a Federation time traveller intent on destroying their ship.

Rain Sarah Silverman
Starling Ed Begley Jr
Captain Braxton Alan G Royal
Ensign Kaplan Susan Patterson

Future's End (Part 2)

Stardate 50312.5: Starling is planning to visit the 29th century, but it is his fumbled handling of the time vessel that will cause the destruction of the Sol System. Not only must Janeway stop him, she must also find a way back to her own time.

(Cast as before)


Stardate 50348.1 to 50361.7: Kes is taken over by the spirit of a bloodthirsty warlord, and goes on the rampage, planning to rebuild "her" empire.

Adin Anthony Crivello
Nori Galyn Görg
Demmas Brad Greenqvist

The Q And The Grey

Stardate 50384.2 to 50392.7: Q appears in Janeway's cabin and begs her to bear a child by him so as to solve an imbalance in the Q Continuum which has led to civil war.

Q John de Lancie
Q Suzie Plakson
Colonel Q Harve Presnell


Stardate 50425.1: A gelatinous lifeform attacks the ship and Janeway has to crawl through the disabled passageways to elude it while the Doctor goes on his first away mission to find the source of the attacking virus.

Tak Tak Albie Selznick
Garan Miner Michael Fiske

Fair Trade

No Log: Neelix becomes unintentionally involved in drug smuggling after bumping into an old 'friend'.

Wixiban James Nardini
Bahrat Carlos Carrasco

Alter Ego

Stardate 50460.3 to 50471.3: Marayna, a holodeck character to whom Harry Kim is attracted, falls for Tuvok, breaks free, and menaces the ship.

Marayna Sandra Nelson
Torik Alexander Enberg


Stardate 50518.6: Janeway's shuttlecraft crashes, and while under attack by the Vidians has several near death experiences during which she meets her father.

Admiral Edward Janeway Len Cariou

Blood Fever

Stardate 50537.2 to 50541.6: The Vulcan Ensign Torik undergoes Pon Farr and chooses B'Elanna Torres as his mate. She, and Tom Paris, have different ideas about the match. An old and deadly enemy is also revealed.

Torik Alexander Enberg
Ishan Bruce Bohne
Ensign Lang Deborah Levin


Stardate 50614.2 to 50622.4: Chakotay encounters a motley group of humanoids who have escaped Borg control and now want to start a more humane Collective of their own.

Riley Frazier Lori Hallier
Orum Iver Broggum
Ensign Kaplan Susan Patterson


Stardate 50693.2: The holographic doctor undergoes a seriously bad personality change when he starts messing around with his programming.

Zahir David Lee Smith
Nakahn Stephen Davies
Gandhi Noel de Sousa
Lord Byron Christopher Clarke
Ensign Susan Henley


Stardate 50698.0: Tuvok and Neelix, not getting along at all well, are stuck with a murderer in a lift which is taking them out of the atmosphere of a planet being devastated by asteroid strikes.

Nezu Ambassador Alan Oppenheimer
Lillias Lisa Kaminir
Sklar Kelly Connell
Dr Vatm Tom Towles
Goth Garry Bullock

Favorite Son

Stardate 50732.4: The Taresians contact Janeway and claims that Harry Kim is a native of their planet, but there is a hidden reason for the claim.

Eliann Cari Shayne
Lyris Deborah May
Taymon Patrick Fabian
Rinna Kelli Kirkland
Malia Kristanna Loken

Before And After

Stardate 56947.0 to 50973.0: An experiment to slow the Ocampan aging process goes awry and Kes wakes up in sickbay as an old woman who is being dragged back through her life to the point of conception.

Linnin Jessica Collins
Young Kes Janna Michaels

Real Life

Stardate 50836.2: The Doctor starts the perfect holofamily with a wife and kids, but after a particularly syrupy dinner party, Torres augments the programme to make it more authentic.

Charlene Wendy Schaal
Jeffrey Glenn Walker Harris
Belle Lindsey Haun

Distant Origin

No Log: A race of dinosaur-descended aliens believe that the Alpha Quadrant contingent on board Voyager are related to them and they take Chakotay prisoner as a research subject.

Gegen Henry Woronicz
Veer Christopher Liam Moore
Hulak Marshall Teague
Minister Odala Concetta Tomei


Stardate 50912.4 to 50929.6: One by one the crew mysteriously disappear and are substituted by aliens who are free to take over the ship and confine the crew to a lifelong imprisonment. All the while, Tom and B'Elanna are getting closer together.

Ensign Lang Deborah Levin
Jarlath Mark L Taylor
Rislan James Noah

Worst Case Scenario

Stardate 50953.4: A holographic novel depicting Seska and the Maquis over-running Voyager shocks the crew. And what is more, Seska booby-trapped the program.

Seska Martha Hackett
Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge

Scorpion (Part 1)

Stardate 50984.3: Preparing from their second confrontation with the Borg, Captain Janeway and her crew are surprised to find the cyborgs on the run from an even deadlier enemy - Species 8472, whose battle cry is "the weak will perish". Janeway faces the daunting prospect of uniting with the Borg to defeat a far greater threat.

Leonardo Da Vinci John Rhys Davies


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